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Medeski Martin & Wood 01/23/99
NPR "Anthem" - The Magic Shop (SoHo), New York, NY
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Medeski Martin & Wood
"Anthem" - National Public Radio
w/ Hosts: Renee Montagne & Rick Karr
The Magic Shop, NYC (SoHo), NY
January 23/1999 (Saturday)

Source: FM > ? > CDR

Note: Renamed tracks to etree standard and adjusted md5 accordingly.
-dug (rshannon AT unb DOT ca) 9/8/2005

01.  [01:26] - 'Radio Host Intro'
02.  [00:51] - 'radio hosts talking'
03.  [03:13] - Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
04.  [00:39] - 'radio hosts talking'
05.  [06:03] - 'Medeski shows his instruments'
06.  [02:04] - Jimmy Smith - A Night In Tunisia
07.  [09:21] - 'Bob Beldin talks'
08.  [01:41] - 'talking w/ MMW'
09.  [04:02] - Olde Wyne
10.  [00:36] - 'talking w/ MMW'
11.  [00:28] - 'radio hosts talking'
12.  [04:36] - Sugar Craft
13.  [03:10] - 'talking w/ MMW + DJ Logic'
14.  [01:02] - Logic solo
15.  [03:09] - 'talking w/ MMW + DJ Logic'
16.  [04:05] - Night Marchers
17.  [01:33] - 'radio hosts talking'
18.  [13:47] - 'listening booth with DJ John Darin Murph'
19.  [04:42] - 'talking w/ MMW'
20.  [05:23] - Improv
21.  [02:24] - 'talking w/ MMW'
22.  [04:27] - Bubblehouse

NOTE: tracks 6, 7, and 18 have nothing to do with MMW

Detailed Info:
(NOTE: The numbering below is NOT in reference to the track numbers.)


1. MUSICIAN OF THE WEEK: MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD -- Co-host Rick Karr hosts a performance chat with innovative jazz combo Medeski Martin & Wood. Emerging from the Downtown New York jazz scene, the group has consistently challenged the boundaries of jazz by integrating traditional jazz improvisation with funk rhythms, and most recently with hip-hop grooves. They begin by playing their tune "Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho". Keyboardist John Medeski then takes Rick on a tour of the vintage instruments in his sonic arsenal.Medeski Martin and Wood's most recent release is COMBUSTICATION, available on the Blue Note label. (10:30)

2. BLUE NOTE 60 PREVIEW -- We hear music by keyboard player Jimmy Smith -- long a fixture on the Blue Note Records jazz label -- in an example of music made with a Hammond brand B-3 organ. (1:50)

3. BLUE NOTE ANNIVERSARY -- This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of Blue Note Records, one of America's premier jazz record labels. Co-host Renee Montagne talks to Bob Belden, a producer for the label, about "the Blue Note sound" and the influence the Blue Note organization had on the development of jazz. (9:15)

4. MUSICIAN OF THE WEEK: MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD II -- Rick returns to our session with featured artists Medeski Martin & Wood for a performance of the classic New Orleans tune "Olde Wine" and a discussion with keyboardist John Medeski about the way the Blue Note sound influenced musicians hundreds of miles from the label's New York base. (6:30)

5. MUSICIAN OF THE WEEK: MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD III -- Rick continues his talk with the members of Medeski Martin & Wood. They open with a performance of "Sugar Craft", originally from their COMBUSTICATION album. They discuss the ramifications of working with hip-hop DJ Logic, who in turn demonstrates his style of turntable art. Members of the band then talk about their Hawaiian retreat -- "the Shack" -- where they recorded their 1997 release, SHACK-MAN. They close this set with a performance of "Night Marchers", which originally appeared on that record. (16:30)

6. CHARLES BROWN REMEMBERED -- We hear part of bluesman Charles Brown's performance of "When Did You Leave Heaven" from the 1996 album HONEYDRIPPER. Brown died on Thursday of congestive heart failure at the age of 76. (1:45)

7. ANTHEM ADDRESSES -- Renee tells listeners how to get in touch with us at ANTHEM. (:45)


8. LISTENING BOOTH -- Rick joins Washington DC music journalist and DJ John Darin Murph in the listening booth to sample some recent jazz releases. They talk about ANIMATION IMAGINATION, the latest release from trumpeter Tim Hagans and the first release from Blue Note Records this year; we hear the track called "The Original Drum & Bass" and another called "hud" They then listen to a track called "Love Dance" from REUNION, the new recording by guitarist James Blood Ulmer and the band Odyssey. They move then to a recording by the band Harriet Tubman, called "Where We Stand," from the album I AM A MAN. Finally, they talk about vocalist Jimmy Scott, whose voice has perplexed and delighted jazz fans for decades. Jimmy's new album is HOLDING BACK THE YEARS. We hear his version of Bryan Ferry's "Slave to Love". (12:49)

9. JAZZ POETRY -- Renee talks to Sascha Feinstein, a poet and the co-director of the Creative Writing Program at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is also the co-editor of the books "The Jazz Poetry Anthology" and its companion volume, "The Second Set;" and the editor of "The Bibliography of Jazz Poetry." They discuss the tradition of "jazz poetry"... a genre of writing that includes both writing about jazz and jazz musicians, and writing that tries to emulate jazz rhythms. We hear excerpts from poems by Langston Hughes, Jayne Cortez, and Michael Harper, and Feinstein talks about how jazz poetry has left a lasting mark on the tradition of American literature. The poems featured in this conversation are "Weary Blues" by Langston Hughes; "Bumblebee" by Jayne Cortez; and "Dear John, Dear Coltrane" by Michael Harper. (8:00)

10. SEKOU SUNDIATA -- Renee talks to spoken-word artist Sekou Sundiata (SAY-koo sun-dee-AH-tah) about the traditions of musicality in spoken-word performance. We hear a performance of his piece "Ear Training" from his latest CD, "The Blue Oneness of Dreams." "The Blue Oneness of Dreams" is available from Mouth Almighty/Mercury Records. (7:15)

11. MUSICIAN OF THE WEEK: MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD IV -- Rick returns to Magic Shop studios in New York for the last set of our session with jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood. They discuss their difficult relationship with the label "jazz", talk about the process that resulted in naming their group like a law firm, and demonstrate their improvisatory technique -- "going nowhere," they call it -- before slipping into an improvised groove. They conclude with a performance of "Bubblehouse" from the 1997 release SHACK-MAN. Medeski Martin and Wood's most recent release is COMBUSTICATION, available on the Blue Note label. (16:50)

12. ANTHEM CREDITS -- Renee tells everyone who's responsible for the two hours of radio we call ANTHEM. (2:30)

NOTE: numbers 6, 7, 9, 10, and 12 are missing, but they have nothing to do with MMW, so it doesn't matter

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e982a1a374942c4cccadc2fa759cce4b [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t11.shn
45bbe4741a632dce63231f6e9c74a0f3 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t12.shn
0dbf8172e79c49b25ecaa2cae50430b5 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t13.shn
a14d76e8c30885eb5dff6b5e8a31cb6a [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t14.shn
4d3e4217497125716229ccf958e8bcd6 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t15.shn
e0641382ba259675628fd0e3038fd322 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t16.shn
7f1197b7497c5ad2de9ddef1a65563c8 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t17.shn
f893d4cf25c0fbd964b91112c348c2a0 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t18.shn
0f2994666486968e85c90e1a7691b9a0 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t19.shn
deb56916e0f3920cfbe78d652c4788f3 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t20.shn
05b555e5c48ae41eca8333bdf98ac365 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t21.shn
1f7b8b5a1a9b639a8a99787de2637952 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t22.shn
2f95e784d1fbcc0301448b730f5d904b *mmw1999-01-23t01.flac
e7b20aed163235e12cbfce7856c05910 *mmw1999-01-23t02.flac
0561679215d13b28de955bb548540091 *mmw1999-01-23t03.flac
1c37b3a7945ed558203c485e9c2763c2 *mmw1999-01-23t04.flac
b6bd9931b2196e00b4061ecbdb7b0b05 *mmw1999-01-23t05.flac
04e0ed60f9b946cfdfad3c95af56f558 *mmw1999-01-23t06.flac
abe84969038852b658b494a3e9f8d86d *mmw1999-01-23t07.flac
6f4bbf7e9f3fe4f8122c383638448355 *mmw1999-01-23t08.flac
884b6cbec9459fa5b68c8f8f8b088a11 *mmw1999-01-23t09.flac
13a1c8846f8ef71c80f8d875022d2db0 *mmw1999-01-23t10.flac
800f3a8d3543da320d79d1ca66b5e80d *mmw1999-01-23t11.flac
854def76ffde2a67c9d8e52cf0025b9f *mmw1999-01-23t12.flac
da9c63921afa98cf6b7bfeda4aaa73b2 *mmw1999-01-23t13.flac
6742a2907793440604ae6c6bdd97187c *mmw1999-01-23t14.flac
52758f6d27497a64bbba78006bf4bb1f *mmw1999-01-23t15.flac
a3c5d181e6575883f6e928d94de030c4 *mmw1999-01-23t16.flac
257c99a6db6c67c618d547c73e71789c *mmw1999-01-23t17.flac
778013c06ca6d530e14396b9e712c879 *mmw1999-01-23t18.flac
b96341f368180d8ac8f2ba659a85201d *mmw1999-01-23t19.flac
f767af6caef1c8b27a39529beca32bdc *mmw1999-01-23t20.flac
5723ac5416b8f8314b9652fecd642ed0 *mmw1999-01-23t21.flac
cffa3c2b4cb93775373e1b813ba65dc9 *mmw1999-01-23t22.flac
f2612dc8b2266a279f23f36bc03a3c1a [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t01.flac
fc60099978967dde633a3841b33a49d5 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t02.flac
5da2dd4f14b16d8ce79fbae7caaae68d [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t03.flac
64327febde1298a5599582e6c9f19abb [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t04.flac
ce727081cdca48141a299a4fa9dd0b5f [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t05.flac
bc1e8f037ae421fd3eb4cdf9d1db3693 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t06.flac
b191aee55017029d3b53f7ca77fe6ce1 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t07.flac
8d4670e77627e257169555812c61fbfc [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t08.flac
be0c1e4d8bebdc7c4ca7a647cfbd4f42 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t09.flac
6897df66cb2f34b037c57fd60b8f074f [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t10.flac
e982a1a374942c4cccadc2fa759cce4b [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t11.flac
45bbe4741a632dce63231f6e9c74a0f3 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t12.flac
0dbf8172e79c49b25ecaa2cae50430b5 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t13.flac
a14d76e8c30885eb5dff6b5e8a31cb6a [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t14.flac
4d3e4217497125716229ccf958e8bcd6 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t15.flac
e0641382ba259675628fd0e3038fd322 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t16.flac
7f1197b7497c5ad2de9ddef1a65563c8 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t17.flac
f893d4cf25c0fbd964b91112c348c2a0 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t18.flac
0f2994666486968e85c90e1a7691b9a0 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t19.flac
deb56916e0f3920cfbe78d652c4788f3 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t20.flac
05b555e5c48ae41eca8333bdf98ac365 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t21.flac
1f7b8b5a1a9b639a8a99787de2637952 [shntool] mmw1999-01-23t22.flac

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