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Grateful Dead 09/19/90
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Source # 26081 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary amalgam of 2 previous seeds A and B, remastered by Tim Wiley; see info file for details 
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Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York


Source B: FOB-AUD(Scheops)>DAT>CDR>EAC(secure)>CD WAV>Cool Edit Pro>SHN(seekable)
Taper: Dave Brotman
Location: 15th row, center.

Remastering: SHN>WAV>WaveLab5.0>Steinberg Mastering Edition Enhanced>CDWAV>WAV>SHN

CD ONE [66:53.38]
01. Jack Straw [07:09.60]
02. Bertha [08:07.16]
03. Me and My Uncle-> [03:09.59]
04. Big River [06:44.29]
05. It Must Have Been the Roses [06:23.56]
06. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [10:49.25]
07. Help on the Way-> [03:16.46]
08. Slipknot!-> [07:31.01]
09. Franklin's Tower [13:41.46]

CD TWO [64:00.27]
01. Playin' in the Band-> [10:41.56]
02. Ship of Fools-> [06:32.00]
03. Playin' in the Band-> [02:35.41]
04. Uncle John's Band-> [10:38.62]
05. Let it Grow-> [11:59.41]
06. Jam*-> [11:30.31]
07. Drums-> [10:02.21]

CD THREE [43:31.00]
01. Space-> [09:17.60]
02. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad-> [07:35.41]
03. Stella Blue-> [10:24.66]
04. Around and Around [11:09.74]
05. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) [05:02.59]

* Jerry, Bob, and Bruce

Source A ID:

Source B ID:

Remastering Notes: WaveLab5.0 & Steinberg Mastering Edition Enhanced were both used to enhance the recordings to bring them to the best possible sound. All patches are done with cross fades and overlapping. D1t01(Jack Straw) first couple of notes were clipped and fade in, Source B was used to patch the missing section of track from 0:00 thru 0:12 Source A fades in @ 0:10. D1t06(Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again) Source A was missing 8:50 thru 10:48, Source B was used from 8:40 thru 10:48. D1t07(Help on the Way) Source A first few notes are clipped on Source A, Source B was used from 0:00 thru 0:09. D1t09(Franklin's Tower) last few notes on Source A are clipped @ 13:13 with a fade, Source B was used to patch missing section @ 13:04 thru 13:40. D3t01(Space) fade in and out @ 8:40 reversed and Source B was used from 8:38 thru 8:42. D3t04(Around and Around) Source B was used to patch missing section of track from 8:18 thru 11:09. D3t05(The Mighty Quinn) first few notes are clipped, Source B was used from 0:00 thru 0:10 digi pop on right and left channels @ 1:56.124 removed, digi pop on left channel @ 1:56.228 replaced with right channel.

The remastering of this show is deadicated to Brenden 09/19/2004.

Remastering done by Tim Wiley 09/29/2004.

Another Installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!

Show Checksums
782c0057819d16f9b8d2b86c805e6f90 *gd90-09-19d1t01.shn
4992f543f67cfcd2134888d9fb5b8ba0 *gd90-09-19d1t02.shn
760b76f53be9703c2277573ac73b7be4 *gd90-09-19d1t03.shn
0b825b2c0585c4d7fc2303f5dfca3aee *gd90-09-19d1t04.shn
7ee5b3fe11130e852dff7220e9032f53 *gd90-09-19d1t05.shn
3167a27a5378cedebf80b8b952caaef7 *gd90-09-19d1t06.shn
ecb9f9998a3a3e8ae68947dfaa3a2cf6 *gd90-09-19d1t07.shn
adb845d1d5dc43d5f0c6f84568d1066e *gd90-09-19d1t08.shn
c3f40c80395b6a132ba8bae4ee6169b9 *gd90-09-19d1t09.shn
4dd436e2c264aa02283b3832e8d9af18 *gd90-09-19d2t01.shn
d06852ef0f113dfbd8888b76dfdab573 *gd90-09-19d2t02.shn
79b5d11c4bc2502786cfded7c792de70 *gd90-09-19d2t03.shn
93931685f6f4c9fe364f3e3f2348cfd8 *gd90-09-19d2t04.shn
0f53c3a737f71fa9a01be375ef082015 *gd90-09-19d2t05.shn
decdebfcd74e84c8d97f4fc9102c3362 *gd90-09-19d2t06.shn
d6d5d9845a21131aa106fec4f21ed1b3 *gd90-09-19d2t07.shn
c03ec81ff88bdd2f169af46ed58ebf56 *gd90-09-19d3t01.shn
88ae6e4676c6d45d4f31539a78b2cc6e *gd90-09-19d3t02.shn
4498224a39744c729e200f09450a1873 *gd90-09-19d3t03.shn
bbb5449b928763c8258e0ca6157fc824 *gd90-09-19d3t04.shn
8d615ff94eeb3fe13a1bf55e87ffe244 *gd90-09-19d3t05.shn
490eb216cef3021db4ebab01d1ae7d77 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t01.shn
5a7c6ca24c55a1d16b4e177fbea5768f [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t02.shn
e1f39a462b53b4afdb91cbeb147694f0 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t03.shn
1b0b0d44b528959082888cb9d33ea928 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t04.shn
75da52165f62a470be152221c8ca7212 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t05.shn
635e3bf802f28632edba775f3ec057e2 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t06.shn
cfde7862bfb14b0e56634ae2fac21a8b [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t07.shn
6ab7175f5afe857ea0a7b87adfca5677 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t08.shn
d489420a76ff888087e5672cba234be6 [shntool] gd90-09-19d1t09.shn
74b0b07e361e8847b9e19da2c266446f [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t01.shn
d94a21a4d633825ec98c960849ad8413 [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t02.shn
4d367f3390396284f5730df5453b17de [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t03.shn
f4f6de22beaebdbed96e8fed5ce89e09 [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t04.shn
dfbd3b537f2d3199c5a0aa54d8074bdf [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t05.shn
a46ee3fd8aca12882ff85c5146abddc8 [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t06.shn
9b67fe9e5ca794d2044cd5db65698b50 [shntool] gd90-09-19d2t07.shn
99d67f36ff4221de6569ad68bf1dc549 [shntool] gd90-09-19d3t01.shn
4b6931878e99df2aec62ed061b924649 [shntool] gd90-09-19d3t02.shn
fdf12057d20ee827d84e87cc313ba2ed [shntool] gd90-09-19d3t03.shn
2470ad1daec8b4e73406a965932f8763 [shntool] gd90-09-19d3t04.shn
9d6b886f747c8b9a855a321325beccc0 [shntool] gd90-09-19d3t05.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Updated lineage: SBD> CM>... (2) MAD>D>CD; FOB B&K 4011's;... (1) Dave Brotman FOB(15th row,... (2) Jay Ashley remaster of... (3) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Ambient... (1) flac16; matrix of... (0) flac16; Taper:... (0) flac16; matrix of... (0) flac16/48kHz; MTX... (0)
Date User Comment
11/02/2004 Marcust Awesome work. Thanks so much.
11/03/2004 Charlie Miller This is from a cassette master.
05/10/2012 mayormarionbary This is not from a cassette.
05/11/2012 charliemiller Sorry, my post was referring to the sbd portion of this matrix.