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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/31/01
Umbria Jazz Festival - Teatro Mancinelli, Orvieto, Italy
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC641 (split) > Sonosax > Sony PCM-M1; Transfer: Sony R-500 > AES > Marantz CDR 631 > CDRW > EAC > SoundForge 5.0d > Plextor 16x > CDR > EAC > SHN; Taped & Transferred by Bill Mulvey; includes Normalization & Loud Clap Removal (channel mixing) 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Teatro Mancinelli
Orvieto, Italy

Source: Schoeps CMC641 (split) > Sonosax > Sony PCM-M1
Transfer: Sony R-500 > AES > Marantz CDR 631 > CDRW > EAC > SoundForge 5.0d > Plextor 16x > CDR > EAC > SHN
Taped & Transferred by Bill Mulvey. Normalization & Loud Clap Removal (channel mixing).

Notes: w/ Marc Ribot

Improv > Shacklyn Knights > We Are Rolling * > The Dropper > Note Bleu, Pappy Check, Nostalgia In Times Square / Angel Race (I'll Wait For You) > Hey Joe
Crosstown Traffic
* unfinished

TT: 79:58

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ce24ca6ffee8ba7347a3db25d6057fe8 *mmw01-12-31t05.shn
dfa8218d602e78036d6a89ba032d76d9 *mmw01-12-31t02.shn
a22a13b5ac41c842f473c503e681193a *mmw01-12-31t03.shn
95a145799390d1611766f5703445b745 *mmw01-12-31t04.shn
6920398acbd09100edea107cdabd47fb *mmw01-12-31t01.shn
e5bdd5754150bc494f04594984ac8bbc *mmw01-12-31t06.shn
51b379f103fbab2ec39a2030a8bfbb29 *mmw01-12-31t07.shn
46e7d91eef5e2b3c6ad614efb922331d *mmw01-12-31t08.shn
134093427c925929cc38eb2ea9ff8981 *mmw01-12-31t09.shn
e64525d00e4b83757a54d11bc57e2e0c *mmw01-12-31t10.shn

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B&K 4023 > V2 > AD1000;... (2) slight change to (1)
Date User Comment
03/10/2005 Ben Wirth I seeded this to ( with the following MD5:

d23aada4598d533b9ed4b4809c4c5a85 *mmw2001-12-31t01.shn
e70c4b5bd7f391714bc73f7440eaceb8 *mmw2001-12-31t02.shn
a2bb319d0d6d3c46bccef2912c034659 *mmw2001-12-31t03.shn
369b74b8f151483cb4a0d25355a3122a *mmw2001-12-31t04.shn
2b565090456a56d868431900d6ecffff *mmw2001-12-31t05.shn
41adea2728f571dd5fb085aebb67dcd2 *mmw2001-12-31t06.shn
5f25a654a41b52ef7c8101221fa84ca3 *mmw2001-12-31t07.shn
7d5baa362271ffc79fae996d3d39734e *mmw2001-12-31t08.shn
e95a559f3c825f8b1910ad144a9588eb *mmw2001-12-31t09.shn
02e2861067cb679c3c7589ddf0ad6620 *mmw2001-12-31t10.shn

Seek tables were appended to the original SHN files, and the resulting new SHNs were renamed to a four-year date format. No other editing was done.