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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/03/00
The Warehouse, Toronto, ON
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5 , d3shn-md5 , d1wav-md5 , d2wav-md5 , d3wav-md5
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Source Summary shn; AKG C4000 > Lunatec V2 > DA-P1 > D8 (@ 44.1 kHz); DAT>CD: via MAudio Dio 24/48 soundcard; Taped and converted by Blane Harvey; CD>EAC>SHN Conversion: Tovi Heilbronn 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
December 3, 2000
The Warehouse, Toronto, ONT

Source: AKG C4000 > Lunatec V2 > DA-P1 > D8 (@ 44.1 kHz)
DAT>CD: via MAudio Dio 24/48 soundcard

Taped and converted by Blane Harvey
CD>EAC>SHN Conversion: Tovi Heilbronn

Disc 1 - Set I
1. We Are Rolling* >
2. Third Stone From The Sun (w/ Drum Solo)*
3. Afrique
4. Philly Cheese Blunt
5. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
6. Moti Mo*^

Disc 2 - Set II
1. Jelly Belly >
2. Drum Solo >
3. Open Improv
4. Bone Digger >
5. The Dropper >
6. Dracula >
7. Bass Solo >
8. Shacklyn Knights

Disc 3
1. Big Time >
2. Note Bleu
3. Bubblehouse
4. Blue Pepper

* with Oren Bloedow (all of set II w/ Oren Bloedow)
^ tech troubles in PA during this song
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e813cfb89522545dba8f894da154c4d2 *mmw00-12-03d1t5.shn
4045b8eb4a2c46bad344a1e3a90d2550 *mmw00-12-03d1t1.shn
a60e144a9ff5e7b9874f2cbda63f282c *mmw00-12-03d1t2.shn
719ec2ebc4bd7733afd62825dce90c2b *mmw00-12-03d1t3.shn
b99ff28ef47db94d7405e81ff76b25eb *mmw00-12-03d1t4.shn
25b04b6fd5d084771051b0a293059ba5 *mmw00-12-03d1t6.shn

123260f55d343547688cc88a13d9936f *mmw00-12-03d2t8.shn
b024a3110e0ab746b97ec679107d9e4d *mmw00-12-03d2t2.shn
05d42379dfdf03435f5e3e23fb9cc0c5 *mmw00-12-03d2t3.shn
683f77c48eb301aa5188c1ac619ae09b *mmw00-12-03d2t4.shn
058ca48211537abc742f357ee3226d54 *mmw00-12-03d2t5.shn
fca484329c09aeb19e149d4189fe2706 *mmw00-12-03d2t6.shn
5cde6db75559802815e91a0cdae58263 *mmw00-12-03d2t7.shn
85a33ea0494ef3ad5736f05e78de4922 *mmw00-12-03d2t1.shn

192d41bd6950b646dfa812bff25d2108 *mmw00-12-03d3t4.shn
f37f8c1150f0bff9a7ce2c05aab5543e *mmw00-12-03d3t2.shn
d9c04d0b58b8d06fcd73425d3d04bb4e *mmw00-12-03d3t3.shn
78038dbead63695834a43f1b2586b994 *mmw00-12-03d3t1.shn

c83903fdc15c881ec5e87f5f2c4f5956 *mmw00-12-03d1t5.wav
aa23986328144f987851d4fa53da577e *mmw00-12-03d1t1.wav
bbc85e4862b79ee1a87039d4f318fe69 *mmw00-12-03d1t2.wav
78e88abe6c632293f692d99d30f40294 *mmw00-12-03d1t3.wav
55d72e5b194f18113f08a42e06c57cda *mmw00-12-03d1t4.wav
6203ed6fc9713e5339e2e720ea7e74f9 *mmw00-12-03d1t6.wav

4eae210f3e1720946afaef090191bd86 *mmw00-12-03d2t8.wav
b2ccbf429b922ca57dc27813092bed19 *mmw00-12-03d2t2.wav
fb9fec40793ac980c0fe5111e9a9598f *mmw00-12-03d2t3.wav
f7a84d4bcee59bb6860a5c2356367d2d *mmw00-12-03d2t4.wav
0e5535b3d41e8802eddf179bb85c605c *mmw00-12-03d2t5.wav
ab3c58119faec8d519a7f6f09be73df8 *mmw00-12-03d2t6.wav
adef2232700499e8f728f10ef8a56dc9 *mmw00-12-03d2t7.wav
e142ccc91cae740405fddb4bf1de0746 *mmw00-12-03d2t1.wav

8639cb18b6d21ac4d24f8862041012cb *mmw00-12-03d3t3.wav
8e88eaab3e3210c1c6c9f8015d00afd3 *mmw00-12-03d3t4.wav
2607a45b6b1559c3f2548cf9eb449776 *mmw00-12-03d3t1.wav
814828f1aaab64aecf46fba256d82b97 *mmw00-12-03d3t2.wav

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shn; Neumann KM184>... (1) Source:2X ATm31a > Sharp... (0)
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02/05/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.) based on other source.