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Grateful Dead 10/09/89
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Source # 26235 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT x 4 > CDR AUD; FOB: Schoeps CMC641 > DAT; mixed by [email protected]; related matrix also circulates 
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Grateful Dead
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA
October 10, 1989

DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 [01.16] Tuning
02 [07.54] Feel Like A Stranger
03 [05.24] Built To Last
04 [09.29] Little Red Rooster
05 [08.07] Ramble On Rose
06 [06.43] We Can Run
07 [04.39] Jack-A-Roe
08 [11.26] Memphis Blues Again
09 [11.13] Row Jimmy
10 [08.07] The Music Never Stopped
TT [74.18]

Disc2 - Set 2                          
01 [10.55] Playing in the Band >
02 [10.43] Uncle John's Band >
03 [03.49] Playing Reprise
04 [12.08] Dark Star >
05 [07.23] Jam/Space >
06 [11.00] Drums >
TT [55.57]

Disc 3 - Set2 (con't)
01 [05.48] Space >
02 [08.52] Death Don't Have No Mercy >
03 [04.40] Dear Mr. Fantasy >
04 [03.50] Hey Jude Finale >
05 [10.23] Throwing Stones >
06 [09.24] Good Lovin'
07 [06.14] Attics Of My Life
TT [49.10]


Source Info

SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT x 4 > CDR

FOB: Schoeps CMC641 > DAT


Tech Notes

I used EAC in secure mode to extract all tracks at 100%
no reported errors.  Cool Edit Pro 2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources.  CEP2.0 used to adjust the volume
for the AUD source, center and LFE channels.  Surcode CD
Pro DTS was used to encode to DTS.  
- Mixed by [email protected]
- Shn conversion 8-SEP-2004
- Artwork by [email protected] 300dpi - For best results
print at the highest resolution onto glossy photo paper.
Design for use with a clear slim double jewel case.
- Special thanks to "For Your Eyes Only" for images used
in this artwork.


DTS-Audio-CD Info

Front Left Left Channel SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT
Front Right Right Channel SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT  
Center Mono Mix -5db SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT
Surround Left Left Channel FOB: Schoeps CMC641 > DAT
Surround Right Right Channel FOB: Schoeps CMC641 > DAT
Sub/LFE Mono Mix -4db SBD: PCM (analog out) > DAT



I performed a 'light NR' to the SBD source.

Disc 2 and 3 can be assembled seamlessly on longer media.

38:55.468 - 39:20.585 First verse of Jack-A-Roe missing on
SBD source.  Patched 25.117 using the AUD.  This patch was
EQ'ed & levels raised +3db.  Source change from SBD to
AUD is obvious to the listener.

48:42.358 - 48:42.758 Zizzle/pop/dropout in Memphis Blues
on right channel only. Corrected via channel swap using
.400 seconds of left channel.  The result is smooth and
most likely undetectable.

49:52.712 - 49:53.222 Zizzle/pop/dropout in Memphis Blues
on right channel only. Corrected via channel swap using
.510 seconds of left channel.  The result is smooth and
most likely undetectable.

50:02.412 - 50:02.525 Zizzle/pop/dropout in Memphis Blues
on right channel only. Corrected via channel swap using
.113 seconds of left channel.  The result is smooth and
most likely undetectable.

Between Jack-A-Roe and Memphis Blues the AUD was missing
37.221 seconds of crow cheer.  The SBD was trimmed to match.
The result is smooth and most likely undetectable.

59:52.730 - 59:59.107 Drums missing on SBD source.  Patched
6.377 using the AUD.  This patch was EQ'ed & levels raised
+3db.  The result is smooth and most likely undetectable.

1:31:48.154 - 1:32:54.219 A solo and a verse of Good Lovin'
missing on SBD source.  Patched 1:06.065 using the AUD.  This
patch was EQ'ed & levels raised +3db.  Source change from
SBD to AUD is obvious to the listener.

Billed as "Formerly The Warlocks"
Last "Dark Star": 7-13-84
Last "Attics Of My Life": 9-27-72


More On DTS

Today's audio standards are moving towards multi-channel
sound, like DTS and Dolby Digital.  While the Audio-CD
standard (Red Book) hasn't changed to accommodate these
new sound formats, it is still possible to go around the
specification and put a 5.1 surround recording on a regular
Audio-CD.  To play a DTS-Audio-CD you must connect your
DVD/CD player via a digital cable (optical or coaxial) to
your DTS Dolby-Digital receiver. It is not 100% sure that
your receiver will recognize a DTS-Audio CD, so the first
time you're trying to playback a DTS-Audio-CD you must do
a test to determine if it can. Begin with the volume very
low, start the disc and rise the volume gradually. NEVER
listen to a DTS-Audio-CD through the analog audio outputs
of your CD/DVD player.

Burning Instructions
Burn them the absolute same way you would burn any normal
Audio-CD from .shn files.


More Info On The SBD/AUD Recording

Any/all editing, fades, NR, hiss elimination, phase shifting
"time smear" correction, jitter elimination, and +/-2
Show Checksums
d600a5f18d9a910aeb1696cf49c0939a *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t01.shn
e0bb9bc5304a67863e3b28dab903cc1f *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t02.shn
effaa4c540a5f1af96b2aaa33b4337c3 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t03.shn
1b92d1950a46aa55436e4e1e8174bfe9 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t04.shn
9b23d12d0bd50046033dabcbf9f9270b *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t05.shn
6b3ebcaa0d7c6bfb871663d05ff4dab4 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t06.shn
9a3efcbf90543eed543b2e70b26df04d *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t07.shn
99b73ee0222b3e25e56639cb481be791 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t08.shn
e6ace61e3a23b434acf38b89efee29d7 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t09.shn
3fedd84287e61cc08e419711456f2125 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t10.shn
3906eb705ec99eda8c027d71e07b0f72 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t01.shn
eaa6725da88c4137f8ca33bf114633bc *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t02.shn
8ad80271237f1932495265453685e6b4 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t03.shn
415fd4551825aaa7863121484b080c81 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t04.shn
da972b92d7f6defd756533ed6dfeda56 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t05.shn
7af55359d86013732ff3cc79c3d45a9c *gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t06.shn
6f8bc9286576149b2a43d19115017f76 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t01.shn
b9b8919f309a5195ea31b25fa57f7c96 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t02.shn
1be090b074a305c104146317276c47bf *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t03.shn
33612a11dc0028a60626514bbb81f90b *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t04.shn
c432f0d56af209ef6ce9783d6ac58a54 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t05.shn
02d9449f8a6c9cc2824f193f17d40bc8 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t06.shn
c902504fa6b94ffc654412d184ed80d0 *gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t07.shn
941c887b0b66d395204a7a03155d9f9e [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t01.shn
82fcfc258a0630376b1ef0549a573357 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t02.shn
c57322b2f9b398cb481736c9b0efd5cc [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t03.shn
3f540cce7e13d8b0f8cd79364c389976 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t04.shn
3c49289bd00371efe54702e702db0b9b [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t05.shn
c5f24be802841c891393a1db5de5214e [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t06.shn
186f1f7c0cf77f5f6912cbf9bf5c81ce [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t07.shn
57e1f8291109d101cd000d17861d3feb [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t08.shn
9c5ee4e906b236331f16313667358291 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t09.shn
ac4eebf3e8b1169c932ea2a9f4835eac [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d1t10.shn
e7ea565d6c21a293c7ad1ec500d13f6c [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t01.shn
90b5601dd69a6792871baf57f25b98c9 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t02.shn
0690920056c14f42708a758925a0b335 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t03.shn
05fb4591f40be877686aa7c3e987bdbd [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t04.shn
cf7e24d42f9c8f136d969ae59899fcea [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t05.shn
d68480fa83445682e3bb8d6fd8188134 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d2t06.shn
c0dbbde62185c1210c7c36552fd645ee [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t01.shn
a056a08fb4673be0237c850ae172635b [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t02.shn
b06f5dbedcce1626cde30bd2dba7fb94 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t03.shn
5690f36a949df9efe52a23a4eb8f56e4 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t04.shn
0babba6021c9b32524e3d1d9d57347f0 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t05.shn
10c197c03765ccd01cda12f19a6a7be8 [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t06.shn
74aec1936524b5a2a446fef33f8b76bc [shntool] gd1989-10-09-dts-d3t07.shn

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01/26/2005 rob Info file incorrectly lists date as 10.10.1989.