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Phish 08/14/97
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
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Source Summary FOB AKG 460's (in hat) > Active Cables > SBM-1; D8 > Coresound > Prodif Plus > Samplitude > CDWav > SHN; Transfer and Encoding by Mike Fischer 
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Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien Center, NY

Source: FOB AKG 460's (in hat)>Active Cables>SBM-1
Transfer: D8>Coresound>Prodif Plus>Samplitude>CDwav>SHN
Transfer and Encoding: Mike Fischer ([email protected])

Disk I(80 minute cd)
Set I:
01. Ya Mar
02. Funky Bitch
03. Fluffhead
04. Limb By Limb
05. Free
06. Cars Trucks Buses
07. Tela
08. Train Song
09. Billy Breathes

Disk II
Set I & II
01. Run Like an Antelope
02. "Taper yelling" *
Set II
02. Chalk Dust Torture
03. Love Me**
04. Sparkle
05. Harry Hood

Disk III
Set II & Encore
01. Colonel Forbin's Ascent >
02. Merry Pranksters' Bozo Madness#->
03. Camel Walk
04. Taste
05. Bouncing Around the Room
06. Rocky Top

* The taper freaked out, a ball or something hit his hat almost knocking it off durning Fluffhead, and lets just say he was not happy :)
**For Elvis Week.
#This segment was dominated by the stage presence of Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters. Colonel Forbin doesn't meet Icculus this time but rather finds "Ken Uncle Sam Bozo Kesey" (or something near that). At this time Kesey, dressed as Uncle Sam, appears on the stage and accounces that the Bozos have been missing for two years but are on Phish tour now. He calls one by one the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Frankenstein (Phish breaks into "Frankenstein") to help him find the Bozos, which soon appear as four white things in costume. After singing about the Bozos which are doing interpretive dance, the Pranksters all leave the stage after Kesey hears the "Bozo Mockingbird". Trey comments that this is what happens "after you do too much acid 30 years later..." Phish had been playing background music (including McGrupp and Ghost teases) which had developed by this point into a deep funk jam. Trey announces that "we are supposed to start 'Famous Mockingbird', but the funk is too deep." The band continues the funk jam and eventually segues into "Camel Walk."
Show Checksums
a847edb8d6a0470b8db397fdd0fff595 *ph97-08-14d1t01.shn
9c2bafb57d4fa5f009db119d20ea993f *ph97-08-14d1t02.shn
92df9066cf16a8ea3733177f3c7ebe83 *ph97-08-14d1t03.shn
18a9ae6c81b7d075d38e0f30e73941af *ph97-08-14d1t04.shn
935aebc503a006e3d0b4866c3962453e *ph97-08-14d1t05.shn
e1cd9fd29718dd11205ac6763960b88b *ph97-08-14d1t06.shn
c23602ba80978237458cca90916b34e3 *ph97-08-14d1t07.shn
6cc6820f44648a51c83e8efa07ff7449 *ph97-08-14d1t08.shn
a435d65f78cc0e2db71e91063f6c9e98 *ph97-08-14d2t01.shn
a4b741278d7780fd75726c1ceb88d3f7 *ph97-08-14d2t02.shn
3def9bac3e2dd50e0705809ac28d7355 *ph97-08-14d2t03.shn
1989ca2d2b1c3476058b32a21c06cf26 *ph97-08-14d2t04.shn
e07f459d744d280b2759f2c056b87ac4 *ph97-08-14d2t05.shn
1740470c51c17476d7c02be01a27ae06 *ph97-08-14d2t06.shn
5391b2d3344f2bcf3e1180c81c091ce5 *ph97-08-14d3t01.shn
25f52347f082e41115782cac1de884c9 *ph97-08-14d3t02.shn
717403e72601eae3deb56fc9ad78c92a *ph97-08-14d3t03.shn
062e6b653aa66788e8e673bdd2c868be *ph97-08-14d3t04.shn
de202b09717c9cdcdbed04ff453d4e0a *ph97-08-14d3t05.shn
f2eb00e38e19d8f591767d6c5796241e *ph97-08-14d3t06.shn
0a9ac778bdaf4fe967912e724b5bff86 *ph97-08-14d3t07.shn

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slight bit of diginoise in... (1) B+K 4021 (mod. hypers) >... (1) FOB AKG 460/ck1 (in hat) >... (0) Sennheiser ME-80 > Teac... (0) flac16; Schoeps Mics... (0) flac16 48kHz Set 2... (0) flac16 48kHz OTS;... (0)
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