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Phish 07/08/98
Zeleste Discotheque, Barcelona, Spain
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Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums FLAC MD5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; Neumann km-140's > EAA PSP-3 > Sony SBM-1 > Tascam DA-P1 > DAT(c); DAT(c) > Fostex D5 > VX Pocket 440 > Wavelab > CDWave > FLAC; Transfer by Greg Lance 
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Barcelona, Spain

Neumann Km 140's > Eaa Psp-3 > Sbm-1 > Da-p1 @ 44.1k > Clone

Fostex D5 @ 44.1k > Vx Pocket 440 > Toshiba Protege 3480ct >
Wavelab 4.0 (Normalized;w/Fades) > Cd Wave > Flac

Transfered & seeded By:
Greg Lance
[email protected]

Disk I/Set I
01. The Moma Dance
02. Bathtub Gin
03. Punch You in the Eye*
04. Beauty of My Dreams**
05. Frankenstein
06. Guyute
07. Run Like an Antelope

Disk II/Set II
01. Wilson^
02. Birds of a Feather
03. Dirt
04. Piper
05. Sleeping Monkey^^
06. Ghost >
07. Johnny B. Goode
-Encore: -
08. Julius

*Trey teased "Freeride" before "Beauty."
**False start of "Frankie Says" before "Frankenstein."
^With heavy metal jam.
^^At the start, Trey started yelling "Ole" and then told how the band
met a woman (Beatriz, aka Betty) from Chile the night before at a
Brazillian bar (where folks were yelling "Ole" in celebration of Brazil's
place in the World Cup soccer finals). She had come all the way from Chile
to hear this, her favorite song. Trey brought her on stage and crooned to her,
and she danced while they played.

Show Checksums
fa837d801d3f96c974e32a0351c35dfc *ph1998-07-08d1t01.flac
dba80c693c9ddb224c3f07a5a0dc6ffe *ph1998-07-08d1t02.flac
3858fb66dbf1f1babb1eb53d5fa23fb1 *ph1998-07-08d1t03.flac
1aad44ea518c98caf6538f0764a36ba5 *ph1998-07-08d1t04.flac
2b7d623148e3c4a8a01c071936f99f90 *ph1998-07-08d1t05.flac
c5081753092d55478367a21219d058c9 *ph1998-07-08d1t06.flac
04014002a1a8ec071a35382ad1cf6246 *ph1998-07-08d1t07.flac
1d8ed7b7a6ac0ee5ee3e84fbe9ca5442 *ph1998-07-08d2t01.flac
e1aaeef31eb5a01c9c833e2c31ac2464 *ph1998-07-08d2t02.flac
318e1f57335f2582e5c55db56861c8f4 *ph1998-07-08d2t03.flac
fdf8bbad67970e06c617b187b30c05d7 *ph1998-07-08d2t04.flac
9fbf775b5dd81156bede0f8ace2c3d23 *ph1998-07-08d2t05.flac
1e4a44d09f63ac545a3dbe1184d9766d *ph1998-07-08d2t06.flac
70e7a77429522141dbf7d1c525a11da1 *ph1998-07-08d2t07.flac
c4f29e9535f86d6a0c4d9add259825df *ph1998-07-08d2t08.flac

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