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Phish 11/04/90
Fort Ram Nightclub, Fort Collins, CO
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Note: This is a complitation of several seeds/transfers; Source 1; Source 2 
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Fort Ram Nightclub - Fort Collins, CO

Compiled by John Beatty

Original Source: SBD -> ?

Main Source: DSBD>DAT>ZA2 (48kHz)>CoolEditPro (48kHz>44.1kHz)>SHN

Patch Source: Uncirculated comp source (see notes)

Disc 1:
Set I:
1. Carolina
2. AC/DC Bag
3. The Curtain
4. Bouncing Around the Room
5. Tube
6. Harry Hood
7. Funky Bitch
8. The Asse Festival
9. My Sweet One
10. David Bowie

Set II:
11. Golgi Apparatus
12. Rocky Top
13. Llama

Disc 2:
Set II (cont'd):
1. Mike's Song ->
2. I Am Hydrogen ->
3. Weekapaug Groove
4. Manteca ->
5. Caravan
6. Runaway Jim
7. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony ->
8. Suzy Greenberg *
9. Jesus Just Left Chicago
10. You Enjoy Myself

Disc 3:
1. Contact >
2. Highway to Hell

*With Caravan teases.


This set is a patched version of the set described in the Etree database at  This source claims to be a DSBD, but is really more likely a cassette soundboard transferred to DAT.  This source as originally posted had several songs with dropouts and also cuts at the beginnings of Carolina, Bowie, Golgi and Oh Kee Pah Ceremony.  The patch source is an uncirculated compilation I made from two other sources.

There have been a couple of circulating sources of this show.  The two in the Etree database appear to be from the same original source tape.  The earlier,  seeded by Caleb Epstein (, had several flaws, some of which are noted in the database.  Said flaws include a cut at the beginning of Carolina, missing samples in AC/DC Bag, Runaway Jim, Mike's and YEM, a cut, and some static and clicks in Golgi, clicks in Rocky Top and Llama, a cut and static at the beginning of Bowie and the beginning of Mike's Song was on the end of Llama and on its own track.  There were also some issues with consistency in volume during the first set and between the first and second sets.  The source mentioned above has the same cuts (the cut in Bowie is most likely a tape flip), but dropouts in mostly different tracks.  This suggests the sources are from two different DATs from the same original analog tape.

There was, at one time, another source on  This source was, unfortunately, severely flawed, with clicks and skips in many tracks, particularly Caravan and Contact.  It did, however, contain some of the missing material from the Epstein source, in particular the opening notes of Golgi.  I put together a compilation source from these, but did not circulate it for a couple of reasons, primarily the processing I did on it after patching the tracks.  I used this compilation source to patch the main source of this set.

Some of the cuts were common to all sources, notably the tape flip in the beginning of Bowie and the missing beginning of Carolina.  However, I was able to seamlessly patch all of the dropouts and a few of the other missing sections of the more widely circulated Etree source.  The following is a list of flaws I was able to repair:

- patched missing beginning of Golgi
- patched missing samples in Caravan (:54)
- patched missing samples in Runaway Jim (5:51)
- patched missing samples in YEM (4:36)
- patched beginning of Oh Kee Pah/crowd at end of Jim
- patched missing samples in Bowie (4:55)
- patched end of show (announcement after Highway to Hell)
- fixed clicks in Jesus Just Left Chicago at 9:04

Once patched, I ran the entire show through shntool to fix the track breaks.  The show can be burned as listed above on three 74 minute discs, or it can be burned on one 74 minute and one 80 minute disc by adding the encore to the end of disc 2.


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SBD; Transferred by Caleb... (2) SBD > DAT > ZA2 (48kHz) >... (2) Main Source: DSBD>DAT>ZA2... (1) flac16, 48kHz;... (0)
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10/24/2004 Bill Mitchell Very nicely done. This show sounded great, other than those dropouts and missing data. Now it sounds great...period.