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Gov't Mule 12/28/95
Capt. Trips Rainforest Preserve, Utica, NY
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary source;dsbd>wav>ripped w/ eac>retracked w/cdwav>shn(usin mkw tool 
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Capt.Trips Rainforest Preserve
Utica, N.Y.

source;dsbd>wav>ripped w/ eac>retracked w/cdwav>shn(usin mkw tool

comments known flaws = d1t9 digi noise from 5.10>5.14 other then thet this is nice n crisp enjoy n please share
     1Setshow:disc 1
Mr. Big >
Temporary Saint >
Rocking Horse
Kind Of Bird,>    
Painted Silver Light,
The Same Thing >
Don't Step On The Grass,Sam,
Goin' Out West,
cd2 Grinnin' In Your Face >
Pygmy Twylyte >Blind Man In The dark
Come On In My Kitchen intro >
Just Got Paid > Who Do You Love?>
just got paid
Trane >
Third Stone jam >Eternity's Breath jam >St. Stephen jam>                       Young Man Blues>Good Morning Little School                    Girl>Young man Blues
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aab41420290814b940240e8f68b5b80e *gm1995-12-28-d1-01.shn
0d45c5bdd8ce6d06d39d05ab07d87388 *gm1995-12-28-d1-02.shn
6a5780ba8790a5ca93d28186c42aabcd *gm1995-12-28-d1-03.shn
12abb4806c59fc32e9ff80cdc9f096e2 *gm1995-12-28-d1-04.shn
713bd5c658180dbc41d0e7bff095157a *gm1995-12-28-d1-05.shn
43e02c5dd2ca640322a5132eca3db6d6 *gm1995-12-28-d1-06.shn
fb4b3385a8f4061efb4fd43d173f6bc1 *gm1995-12-28-d1-07.shn
dd62c9b90eb684313b0d93ee01736837 *gm1995-12-28-d1-08.shn
1135f83d5a55a0e036171a2a494f6481 *gm1995-12-28-d1-09.shn
be61a16c55125d8f6b5704cbce475135 *gm1995-12-28-d1-10.shn
89ce3b68c6ad4b27e5c41b88fa11d456 *gm1995-12-28-d1-11.shn
925a7a174ce7bb33672c24aecba6bba4 *gm1995-12-28-d1-12.shn
e7ef55ead0f5dd4886f808daa19e5f8b *gm1995-12-28-d2-01.shn
c5bdd5aa5bf21320714e030aaed8df7a *gm1995-12-28-d2-02.shn
0a93443e1bb339e3ddf234fdc2409375 *gm1995-12-28-d2-03.shn
884861cf1a3a143553c0071cb6e16625 *gm1995-12-28-d2-04.shn
39a9db9f593529bd0c072616d2e41a08 *gm1995-12-28-d2-05.shn
7653393cb4a28f0874a8cd3087c2de9d *gm1995-12-28-d2-06.shn
979a1bd13d12451a9e521119a13291c9 *gm1995-12-28-d2-07.shn

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