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Gov't Mule 04/04/96
Club Toast, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary dsbd>eac>retracked(cdwav)>mkwact>shn 
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Gov't Mule
Club Toast
Burlington, VT

seeded and converted by ssdd/2djinn 9-23-04

notes;This is the sbd source via  

disc 1:
       01: Intro>Trane > Third Stone jam > Trane >
       02: Eternity's Breath jam >
       03: Thelonius Beck > St. Stephen jam >
       04: I Shall Be Released tease > Temporary Saint,
       05: Game Face
       06: Birth Of The Mule>
       07: Born Under A Bad Sign,
       08: John The Revelator >
       09: Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark,
       10: Mother Earth,

disc2: 01:Don't Step On The Grass Sam,
       02:Painted Silver Light >
       03:Presence Of The Lord >
       04: Mule

Encore:05:Goin' Out West,
       06:The Same Thing >
       07:Gonna Send You Back To Georgia > Come On In My Kitchen tease > Gonna Send You Back To Georgia >
       08:Young Man Blues >
       09:Good Morning Little School Girl > Les Brers In A Minor tease >
       10:Young Man Blues
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e981d3a899cbe67020dac14144bc40ef *gm1996-04-03-d2-05.shn
64c3c8334a8ca5461265e90b108589fe *gm1996-04-04-d1-01.shn
3c2d75abc4b71ee871449c16184d31f9 *gm1996-04-04-d1-02.shn
1be0927e8dda4a259210aa717c4c4509 *gm1996-04-04-d1-03.shn
21ac963690b5f4c56067941421b1d328 *gm1996-04-04-d1-04.shn
277a8a597820570be8b00acfdae53c15 *gm1996-04-04-d1-05.shn
0c46df90b84fe4d872ef74e9e356fa0d *gm1996-04-04-d1-06.shn
fe78eef36acfb557693b2a697ae4f2a2 *gm1996-04-04-d1-07.shn
ad4d2a147c681257bc43439b9525e4e7 *gm1996-04-04-d1-08.shn
a60b41a0afbe4ee5197662f92907831e *gm1996-04-04-d1-09.shn
5a305bac7406f58fedbc93638778dfa4 *gm1996-04-04-d1-10.shn
558ce522d659b3f912b5d1d1f4f5d52a *gm1996-04-04-d2-01.shn
dfae7a2c10bbf98697817a7c63b34bd7 *gm1996-04-04-d2-02.shn
9403257a65b5fa1c1a606d282844a1d5 *gm1996-04-04-d2-03.shn
9c14e597b3554992183b4821c9c07361 *gm1996-04-04-d2-04.shn
d6f3ca7b8206413c5dd2875555f03df4 *gm1996-04-04-d2-05.shn
86640eaf0edf2d84b3204c474e7cd3fa *gm1996-04-04-d2-06.shn
a39fda84c6b8a5b4aad4799f98d730b2 *gm1996-04-04-d2-07.shn
b5edf4a10387ddafd4d9ad7d14898a61 *gm1996-04-04-d2-08.shn
fa3c2f685418631fefe43344d0ac2747 *gm1996-04-04-d2-09.shn
af87e80765c3edd4f6edd960165da458 *gm1996-04-04-d2-10.shn
4d57224e66723239f1dc1378034fa497 *gm1996-04-04.txt

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