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Wilco 11/28/01
Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA
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Entered by Tom Wilder
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Seattle 11-28-01
Moore Theatre

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1. Intro
2. I am trying to break your heart
3. War on War
4. She's a Jar
5. Why Would You Wanna Live
6. A shot in the arm
7. Ashes of an American Flag
8. Radio Cure
9. Kamera
10. Pot Kettle Black
11. Misunderstood
12. Pick Up The Change
13. One By One
14. Jesus, etc.
15. Heavy Metal Drummer
16. I"m The Man Who Loves You
17. I'm Always In Love (Scott McCaughey)

Encore 1:
1. Sunken Treasure
2. Far Far Away
3. California Stars (Scott McCaughey)
Encore 2:
1. Red Eyed & Blue
2. I Got You
3. Outta Site (Scott McCaughey)
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73461f2464bf70e0153cce61f8b13df8 *Wilco-2001-11-28t06.shn
3471efcaabcdc104fa2d945af996411b *Wilco-2001-11-28t07.shn
cc7853441f617825f53daf3687ec7e4d *Wilco-2001-11-28t08.shn
9928aec57865b72f6b2317ba60eca049 *Wilco-2001-11-28t09.shn
ca80005340c093d8b7b42e3def37bd1f *Wilco-2001-11-28t10.shn
1fc7a077ab6509b020c37aad6de94e06 *Wilco-2001-11-28t11.shn
f5c21964a90977640802865e6477326e *Wilco-2001-11-28t12.shn
4a4ad1326349e43ce64744024c491877 *Wilco-2001-11-28t13.shn
cb7f23c48903f423a82a6f6e0561394c *Wilco-2001-11-28t14.shn
7def0c9361f6b5d1c06d3e3fc70f979c *Wilco-2001-11-28t15.shn
e25d76c33c36711d855361da63651372 *Wilco-2001-11-28t16.shn
f4790884aec7869ff462ec8db66f66a4 *Wilco-2001-11-28t17.shn
cef58880538f37af717959c8052f704e *Wilco-2001-11-28t18.shn
527115f435696bc3eacbd91e172f41f8 *Wilco-2001-11-28t19.shn
ed053f164e98698e27f6619674d83e0c *Wilco-2001-11-28t20.shn
d0a0e7ddc51cc1b998edfe7f1168b1eb *Wilco-2001-11-28t21.shn
0851b73b8637d26ea842df8b85226cf2 *Wilco-2001-11-28t22.shn
8f0c2e4e67ed8b225ff6c965368825e5 *Wilco-2001-11-28t23.shn

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