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Dave Matthews (solo) 09/11/92
Delta Kappa Epsilon House, U. of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
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Entered by Andrew Knowles
Checksums dm92-09-11.md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary SBD->Cass(0)->DAT->CD-r EAC and SHN done by Andrew Knowles 
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Dave Matthews
September 11,1992
The DKE House(UVA)
Charlottesville, VA

Source: SBD->Cass(0)->DAT->CD-r
Taper: Unknown

EAC and SHN done by Andrew Knowles

01: Tripping Billies (Nature Intro) - 03:50
02: One Sweet World (Dave Cuts The Ending) - 03:12
03: Exodus(Tease)-> Lie In Our Graves - 03:07
04: Redemption Song - 03:27
05: So Much To Say - 04:21
06: Ants Marching - 03:33
07: Fenton's Penis-> Two Step - 04:17
08: Lover Lay Down - 03:33
09: Help Myself - 04:40
10: I'll Back You Up - 03:35
11: Once On A Wild Afternoon - 03:54
12: Satellite - 03:27
13: Blue Water - 04:07
14: Typical Situation - 04:58
15: Penis Song-> - 00:56
16: Dancing Nancies - 04:54
17: Spotlight - 04:57

Total: 64:55

Once on a Wild Afternoon(aka Destiny) was also played on 6-01-92
and was teased on 4.5.95, and 6.3.96. These are the only known dates.
It is speculated that the song was played twice on 9-11-92. Once by
Dave solo during this show and later that night by the full band at
"The Lodge."  

There is slight clicking at the begining of I'll Back You Up, before
the song starts. This show was liberated from the bootleg "Big Man On
Campus" and is believed to be straight from  the DAT converted from
the analog master.

Any Problems Email Andrew Knowles ([email protected])
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da1df0f5d69dc0aeeea35dae8f96c6d7 *dmb1992-09-11t12.shn.shn
ca75f9bb91c266d0fa5789900710e91a *dmb1992-09-11t02.shn.shn
a7ad8a49099643e6cb8017551e0284d8 *dmb1992-09-11t03.shn.shn
64d5fc17896b2bb1081ef6f33c3c839d *dmb1992-09-11t04.shn.shn
bf82b72bdaee326ed7df959a764fbf8b *dmb1992-09-11t05.shn.shn
974765e93149e8e6351cb57fd83867a5 *dmb1992-09-11t06.shn.shn
7c4c0c2ae490e45762fe494597776113 *dmb1992-09-11t07.shn.shn
13b034f6e9f00b5917f5c1bddd2da5a3 *dmb1992-09-11t08.shn.shn
8e09ffabc5fb0d6dd0c41ca9765ec700 *dmb1992-09-11t09.shn.shn
18105669714bd8736efc03bf602980ff *dmb1992-09-11t10.shn.shn
8d631f7f511447695984038ba8b2d2ce *dmb1992-09-11t11.shn.shn
47f520b0a6d2206bd168c05a4a76dc2f *dmb1992-09-11t01.shn.shn
ea23a897180cee9052127eec05467efa *dmb1992-09-11t13.shn.shn
74881801e6817f5d7f52d963c596d0e1 *dmb1992-09-11t14.shn.shn
4323ff4d32007dbdd09fde55548831e6 *dmb1992-09-11t15.shn.shn
d151929a375c20fda215f22a7453f0d6 *dmb1992-09-11t16.shn.shn
36a680a824f675d6c1f988295295bf9e *dmb1992-09-11t17.shn.shn

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