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Grateful Dead 09/28/72
Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ
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Source # 26933 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Primary Source: SBD> MR> DAT> CDR> WAV> SHN; patches and missing track from Unknown audience > C > ? > DAT >WAV > FLAC (level 8); AUD material courtesy Uli Teute via Jim Powell; via Chris Ladner? 
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Grateful Dead
Stanley Theater  
Jersey City, NJ

Secondary source:  Unknown audience > C > ? > DAT >WAV > FLAC.

See note about alternative tracking below.

Disc 1 - Set 1
01  Truckin'
02  Loser
03  Beat it on down the line
04  Brown-Eyed Women
05  Mexicali Blues
06  Mississippi Half-step
07  Black-Throated Wind
08  Don't Ease Me In
09  Big River
10  Tennessee Jed
11  Promised Land
12  China Cat Sunflower >
13  I Know You Rider

Disc 2 - Set 1 (cont'd)
01. Playin' In The Band
Set 2
02  Bertha>>
03  Greatest story ever told
04  Brokedown palace
05  Me & my uncle
06  Ramble on rose
07  Tuning
08  El Paso
09  He's Gone >

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01  Drums >
02  The Other One >
03  Jam >
04  Me & Bobby Magee >
05  The Other One >
06  Wharf Rat
07  Sugar Magnolia
08  Not Fade Away > Going Down The Road > Not Fade Away

Original SBD source via previously circulated SHNs

Audience splice material provided by Uli Teute via Jim Powell.

d1t01 - Truckin' completely absent from all previous sources;  from audience.
d1t02 - muted vocals for 1st ~5:50 of Loser - on all copies.
d1t06 - missing 01:52 seconds of Half Step starting at "Across the rio grand-e-o... (04:00) spliced from audience source
d1t11 - splice from audience source completes the cut in IKYR.
d2t03 - removed short redundancy 05:23.4 - 05:45.7.
d3t05 - Fixed pop at 0:24.4 & 26.9 due to L&R channel inversion & dropout at 12:27.1
d3t06 - Removed 0.77 sec dropout at 0:48.3
Also the show is now tracked in order with the encore at the end of disc 3.

Even though the entire show can be burnt in order on 3 80 minute discs, it has been recommended by Jim Powell that it is aesthetically better to burn the shows on 4 discs.
disc 1 - unchanged.
disc 2 - last track ends up being El Paso (second to last track as above).
disc 3 - starts out with last track of "d2" - "He's Gone - and runs through Wharf Rat.
disc 4 - Sugar Mag > NFA > GDTRFB > NFA.

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    10:44.62     113747468     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t01.flac
     6:36.02      69859148     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t02.flac
     3:48.44      40322732     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t03.flac
     5:14.32      55464908     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t04.flac
     4:01.37      42599468     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t05.flac
     5:08.16      54368876     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t06.flac
     6:49.24      72204092     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t07.flac
     4:10.65      44252924     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t08.flac
     4:58.61      52710716     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t09.flac
     8:25.12      89110268     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t10.flac
     3:21.68      35616380     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t11.flac
     6:16.09      66347612     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t12.flac
     6:10.12      65296268     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d1t13.flac
    20:47.49     220086092     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t01.flac
     5:52.46      62201036     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t02.flac
     5:38.50      59740844     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t03.flac
     6:40.53      70684700     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t04.flac
     3:13.58      34181660     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t05.flac
     6:19.67      67013228     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t06.flac
     0:15.18       2688380     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t07.flac
     4:32.07      47997308     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t08.flac
    12:43.00     134593244     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d2t09.flac
     2:21.64      25022972     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t01.flac
    20:54.39     221297372     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t02.flac
     3:29.04      36877052     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t03.flac
     6:01.66      63835676     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t04.flac
     3:30.67      37201628     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t05.flac
    11:02.60     116917964     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t06.flac
    10:04.36     106630316     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t07.flac
    21:10.11     224053916     ---   --    -xx    gd72-09-28d3t08.flac
   220:25.14    2332924248 B                      (totals for 30 files)
Show Checksums
432c3c52805d81e89f3e3b9ff5ccfc2b *gd72-09-28d1t12.flac
2360cc880e63b18825649b84202a75df *gd72-09-28d1t02.flac
95fa75eb897c71cf22d140b492bd6722 *gd72-09-28d1t03.flac
1267f78f5f82a96a198410a3e6fb1f1c *gd72-09-28d1t04.flac
5d5de8640bab84d9a754f55621467c96 *gd72-09-28d1t05.flac
72d3a0d08f0cb12e782bc6bcc17242e2 *gd72-09-28d1t07.flac
b38a47e3fffa10ee02d0f450c9513124 *gd72-09-28d1t08.flac
59149904bb44c9ad3510c711638694fd *gd72-09-28d1t09.flac
da8ae07289d02b57677b9f97747affb2 *gd72-09-28d1t10.flac
cd6d6ce8efa612662af6e917722546ae *gd72-09-28d1t11.flac
564ccf2bbbb9faa84ed19e8a0730de95 *gd72-09-28d1t01.flac
10b00d7605c6a01ad6ce10637fd763b3 *gd72-09-28d1t13.flac
06fd2793912e2a3ce11e320eebbf53e4 *gd72-09-28d2t01.flac
ebc96a027b18212420db9ed032f63928 *gd72-09-28d2t02.flac
a19438136d885cab09eab56a7b1c4484 *gd72-09-28d2t03.flac
b6a838a7eb8b914dfc5a04beb4886915 *gd72-09-28d2t04.flac
7b86fbdf472d3619621c1b16007f0ffd *gd72-09-28d2t05.flac
9f9e21e9d922b56664766e7f45bbaf7b *gd72-09-28d2t06.flac
13f5884aef00bbc023718f7958c11ee9 *gd72-09-28d3t08.flac
a4ea20e75cf01acea21b87d60c2318cf *gd72-09-28d2t07.flac
f1c47cd630fd557199a1175c351a4f52 *gd72-09-28d2t08.flac
88b43e5105c2c77809b5fd0d48805387 *gd72-09-28d2t09.flac
156f018094c5553722ff56b4b909a912 *gd72-09-28d3t01.flac
f59aea36eeb3a8f838dbeb29801f420a *gd72-09-28d3t02.flac
b50c55667c138575decd03383e6b9200 *gd72-09-28d3t03.flac
5dddc066eec9ba53fb66707c6dc8a875 *gd72-09-28d3t04.flac
a933e0cbe70affd640c67501c3e4aeec *gd72-09-28d3t05.flac
ae73cab904fd3b9d370b9e89ed094371 *gd72-09-28d3t06.flac
5dab7d5963358661a7b45de0eefed363 *gd72-09-28d3t07.flac
b741977af8272b9059000a2ec45b6323 *gd72-09-28d1t06.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
set 2; master reel> pcm>... (3) SBD (probably... (4) SBD> MR> DAT> CDA> WAV>... (4) SBD>>MR>>DAT>>CDA>>WAV>>SHN... (0) flac16; Recording... (4) flac16; source: aud;... (0) flac16; Bear's... (0) flac16; Source:... (0)
Date User Comment
11/25/2004 Lewis/Klitschko See my comment here:

Some material perhaps should be patched into the "Other One," whether it be from the alternate soundboard or the audience, if my calculation was correct.
11/26/2004 Charlie Miller I listened to disc 3 yesterday andfound mny flaws that need to be fixed, which I guess I'll do soon. Also, as already mentioned, that cut in TOO is pretty bad and needs to be
11/26/2004 Chris L. i must've missed the cut in TOO - do you guys have a timing?

also Jim Powell who sent me 2 pages of explicit typewritten instructions on what to put where along with the DATs and Uli Teute missed it.

just because the other circulating source (via mike lai) has a different length on TOO doesn't mean that this one is missing something - maybe the other TOO is from a different date - it wouldn't be the first time.

i need some timings where there is a break in the music or interuption in the beat or some kind of glitch.

In upgrading the other source, I followed the explicitly described flaw listing given by Charles Wier that pertains to the this source and this source only -
11/26/2004 Lewis/Klitschko It's definitely not from a different date. It (157) is higher pitched and has, seemingly at odds, a longer running time.
11/27/2004 Charlie Miller I also found other flaws besides to TOO cut. I'll fix the whole show
11/27/2004 Chris L. > shucks, maybe someone should actually
> listen to THIS seed and find out themselves?


to be sure Jim Powell and Uli listened to the master DAT material they sent. Charlies Wier also appears to have listened to the show with a fine toothed comb and made extensive notes which I used as an initial guide in fixing the flaws with the show prior to splicing.

Similar to the process involved in the hundreds of other shows that I've encoded and seeded to etree, I always listen to the entire show at least once through as burnt onto CD and didn't hear any dropouts prior to seeding. Prior to tracking, I subjected the entire show to a search for levels less than -50, -40 anf -30 dB levels to look for any additional subsecond dropouts on top of listening. I just listened to TOO again cranked as burnt onto a cd and don't hear any disjunction in beat or a dropout, so I don't think I'm being unreasonable to ask for a timing on a flaw or particular glitch after i spent a good 26 hours working on it and checking it out.

But now i did just hear a quiet pop at 00:40 in the post-TOO jam track - my neighbors in the apt above me heard it too, so maybe i should listen to it like this all the time. I still don't hear any problem with TOO.

Hopefully CM can get an upgrade of the whole complete show in SBD.
11/27/2004 Chris L. from the opening phil bomb preceding the first TOO runup until the first piano tinklings of Bobby McGee is about: 00:24:13.43 - the way it is tracked on the this source there was a ~ 3 minute post-TOO jam track which for all practical purposes could've just been lumped with the rest of TOO. maybe that accounts for the timing discrpancy? otherwise maybe there's a redundant segment in the alternative speedy source. maybe someone with that souce can listen and compare since i've uploaded this one to tol.
11/27/2004 Joe Samaritano I'll dig out my Dat of this and see if there is anything different. Charlie, I'll call you if I find anything useful for the fix.
12/01/2004 uli teute hi folks

i provided my dat to jim almost a year ago.. i did nothing else than running my cassettes and they are 1st gen a fact already lost in the lineage, onto dat and sent them to jim he took an awful long time and finally handed them over to chris.. anthing what happened after i sent them is out of my doing i was not involved in checking splices and omitted parts on the sbd.. i myself then finally downloaded it from tol as neither jim nor chris gave me an idea of what they were doing
about a month or so ago jim contacted me .. but there was no need to send me anything as i already had my downloaded cds i also sent jim 1 st gen aud of the 26th
01/29/2005 Lewis/Klitschko Joe, Uli, Charlie, have been able to learn anything new? Can it be repaired? Is it a notion to be confirmed or denied? Thanks to all.
01/08/2006 Charlie, did you ever seed a new fixed copy of this show? I don't see any listings here on the db.
01/23/2006 Robert Goetz There is a cut at the 12:27 to 12:28 point of the Other One (d3t2).
07/10/2008 charlie miller I am working on an upgrade from a dat that came from dick. If someone can get me the aud dat for patching, we can get this taken care of.

btw, I think that all circulating "master reel" copies actually have a cassette or reel gen in them.