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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/05/04
Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps cmc6/mk5 (card)> Lunatec V2> MiniMe (24/44.1)> Toshiba Portege 3440> Wavelab 4.0 (dithering and tracking)> Flac; Recorded, Tracked and Seeded By John Crouch 
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Medeski, Martin, and Wood- 11-5-04
The Crystal Ballroom,
Portland, Oregon

dithering and tracking)>Flac
Recorded, Tracked and Seeded By JOHN CROUCH

Disclaimer: This is a great sounding tape, the ballroom was absolutely
rocking that night and I really wanted to share this recording but
cannot figure out the track breaks, disc breaks, or the
songnames...Sooo, I know there is somebody on that can help
with this problem and for those that don't care, the show sounds great
and the track marks are reasonable for the uneducated MMW ear!!!

The show requires three discs!!!

Tracklist update:

DISC ONE (1:01:05)
Set I:
1. Improv > The Letter* >
2. Whiney Bitches
3. Shine It
4. Paris
5. End of The World Party >
6. Open

DISC TWO (42:04)
Set II:
1. Curtis
2. Bass Solo > Sasa
3. Mami Gato
4. Legalize It >
5. Legalize It (cont'd)

DISC THREE (52:16)
Set II cont'd:
1. Who The Fuck*
2. New Planet >
3. New Planet (cont'd) >
4. Anonymous Skulls >
5. Anonymous Skulls (cont'd) > Drum Solo >
6. Toy Dancing
7. Queen Bee

8. I Wanna Ride You

* PJ Harver cover
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mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 01.flac: 88ce61c3dda7f483929bf53921bc79b1
mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 02.flac: 5fd525e8a85591b40379df077134c780
mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 03.flac: bf6f43ee462d710d46caf5bf3b6a2e4e
mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 04.flac: 6853c9f5f4d0946e8bf7937bcb437f72
mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 05.flac: 6630ed339b85a0dcb171dc917f4818ea
mmw_11-5-04_set1_Track 06.flac: 4a3c6ac8b91655f2d1e5d9f5b91f177d
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 01.flac: f7e59083807e87baad3e34c6c8d715fe
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 02.flac: 66fd84a99b37bbdca666bd92b7047231
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 03.flac: 4b339623cae35712b158dea2f8882fce
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 04.flac: afb302693a8752ef6d6f34763e78cfc7
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 05.flac: 3fa0a3c7041ed90fe64e0d8f5fe6a0f1
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 06.flac: de5ca5195a421bcd0b2ba9d56e7af7f9
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 07.flac: 8fc68b81fbab66868ab64cf8daf094e6
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 08.flac: 203f50fffbb0cca92db961d1ad267353
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 09.flac: a0846a4ec3b269b376aca4b2bd7caf69
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 10.flac: dd993cc33914d57a2591646afd4c91da
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 11.flac: 846b4f91a9932fa4fd7f5ac204927a2f
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 12.flac: cdb49b6fd6e464105371a74dfa9dea80
mmw_11-5-04_set2_Track 13.flac: 63f7284426dd5d89fd521eaf1fa98464

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flac16; Schoeps MK5... (1)
Date User Comment
11/29/2004 Diana Thanks to Tom L. the txt from the bt and the ffp Tom generated are in place above. I can update the txt once someone figures out the tracklist.