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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/25/03
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: (FOB) Nakamichi 701?s> Apogee MiniMe(16/44.1)> Sony M1 Transfer: Fostex D5> HHB 830> EAC> FLAC  
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Ma

Source: (FOB) Nakamichi 701?s> Apogee MiniMe(16/44.1)> Sony M1

Transfer: Fostex D5> HHB 830> EAC> FLAC

Disc 1
1. Cryptical Envelopment
2. Jam
3. Crazy Fingers
4. Jam
5. Alligator
6. Alligator Jam
7. Jam> Midnight Train
8. Jam
9. The Other One

Disc 2
1. Set 2: Celebration
2. Tomorrow Never Knows
3. Jam
4. Broken Arrow
5. Mississippi ? Step

Disc 3
1. Jam
2. Dark Star (V1)
3. Jam
4. I am the Walrus
5. Dark Star (V2)
6. Here Comes Sunshine
7. Midnight Hour
8. donor rap
9. Patchwork Quilt
10.Bid You Goodnight

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605996748cefd916b32ba32b97cd381a *pf03-11-25d1t01.flac
2ff56a9377a29962c6449738ec8964b1 *pf03-11-25d1t02.flac
983d331d53bddb77b0736298c8e18e3c *pf03-11-25d1t03.flac
ba984d84801e9af9ba99d65052540d80 *pf03-11-25d1t04.flac
8ec4baf21f00aa3bd3233a305b0cf6cd *pf03-11-25d1t05.flac
cf4098b46591858cba55633acbdcad00 *pf03-11-25d1t06.flac
c1d598f904eca95e8a986524ebb7703e *pf03-11-25d1t07.flac
5d74266f7e559c55ce14b76568797d4f *pf03-11-25d1t08.flac
c261e0668f9d002d85d0fdf43db5426e *pf03-11-25d1t09.flac
e6726284961a5fc7b31ca03b024ccda0 *pf03-11-25d1t10.flac
55e4c1aec6f6eaa5da1967b80541bc54 *pf03-11-25d2t01.flac
a6c9a84b249442fc55a94fc075914c70 *pf03-11-25d2t02.flac
5c4c79d776d3fdc6fbeb837aca1f6d02 *pf03-11-25d2t03.flac
f12e2440817ec9d56bb173409a58cbed *pf03-11-25d2t04.flac
84fab699fccaa88f143b89352853741f *pf03-11-25d2t05.flac
9c609af7ebe4391576bdcfea2cbcbf39 *pf03-11-25d3t01.flac
a9f09f07120cad0a943bd539b59ce9c6 *pf03-11-25d3t02.flac
829f69b6b87f090b1e2128f8886251cf *pf03-11-25d3t03.flac
3ebbfa51047c529d541fceea2d3accc2 *pf03-11-25d3t04.flac
5f1ad8d3ca6f78d901b4f8bee1c22698 *pf03-11-25d3t05.flac
0a12985ff9e53cfb8e29a02ad331ca25 *pf03-11-25d3t06.flac
e8ad32a09ddf1be0c90527fa0c194d3b *pf03-11-25d3t07.flac
c13f932b7634e9654f2accf96dc0b54f *pf03-11-25d3t08.flac
2faa7322d8d2990ac21ad54768795ffb *pf03-11-25d3t09.flac
f83f433328297357e029394f7db7931b *pf03-11-25d3t10.flac

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