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Wilco 02/05/97
Harper College, Palatine, IL
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Entered by Tom Wilder
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Source Summary SBD Master > Cass > Cool Edit Pro (44.1 WAV) > FLAC 
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BAND: Wilco
DATE: 1997-02-05
VENUE: Harper College
CITY: Palatine, IL
CONVERSION: Master > Cass  > Cool Edit Pro (44.1 WAV) > FLAC


Disc 1

1. Misunderstood
2. Far Far Away
3. Thats Not the Issue
4. Forget the Flowers
5. Someday Soon
6. New madrid
7. Red Eyed And Blue -->
   I Got You -->
   Someone Else's Song
8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
9. Why Would You Wanna Live

Disc 2:

1. I must Be High
2. Was I In Your Dreams
3. Passenger Side
4. Hotel Arizona
5. Monday
6. Kingpin
7. Outtasite Outta Mind
8. Box Full Of Letters
9. THe Lonley One

As a first post, I thought this might be a good show to seed since I do not see it on a lot of folk's tape lists.
Will likely be a little on/off with seeding during the day, but will be dedicated overnights.

Show Notes:
- This is a quirky, fun, slightly twisted show - "This is the wierdest show we have ever played...
  I feel like I'm tripping on Acid" - J. Tweedy.
- Played in a college auditorium/lecture hall. It was a sellout, but lots of empty seats.
- Restless but appreciative crowd (no drinking/smoking allowed), lots of banter, joking and
  band/audience dialog - intimate/conversational setting.

Tape Story:
A friend who managed the A/V dept at Harper invited me to this show.  I knew of Wilco,
but had not heard them - ended up skipping out (roommate went,loved it, gave me the low-down,
told me I was a fool). Next week, same friend gave me the tape from the A/V dept., I threw it
into a drawer and forgot about it. Went to go see Wilco a few months later at the Riviera in
Chicago and became insta-fan!  Wanted to listen to the Harper tape but lost it.  Found it a few
years later doing some house cleaning. Here it is, enjoy!

Show Checksums
02d09 The Lonley One.flac:449862b184c503bff8abb21976ca8233
01d01 Misunderstood.flac:39d44ce950850485f26926bba715b707
01d02 Far far Away.flac:eae8f29cefca004876bc696545c9d49d
01d03 Thats Not The Issue.flac:ddf8718b06cd879accaf9eecd9989c28
01d04 Forget The Flowers.flac:66fa4ff5fe517a0a903d317c6e27f8eb
01d05 Someday Soon.flac:6cd6985209f3aea9850b279203a6a439
01d06 New Madrid.flac:1dc221712d1dd620f3fdf200f3ec3882
01d07 Red-Eyed And Blue - I Got You - Someone Elses Song.flac:f88ed886c7132439a71bbc7cc1b98d85
01d08 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.flac:38e7e7e4b404511520ecedb4b1b2e6df
01d09 Why Would You Wanna Live.flac:143dd4c743e030c048abcbdda27ad9b4
02d01 I Must be High.flac:bccd3ce150db074e17b6ed62d864b341
02d02 Was I In Your Dreams.flac:feb4111cca772321fc6507d319bce5af
02d03 Passenger Side.flac:ec4b5effea7226097da55bc4f0e34d8a
02d04 Hotel Arizona.flac:d81069c6d3fe228ac21a770cc0a45784
02d05 Monday.flac:5bb0b47136dbbd43ce7231281e5db9e8
02d06 Kingpin.flac:bf697eb4e133520a6d361ce848d5c152
02d07 Outtasite Outta Mind.flac:8f2653e69510aceb27f6756fb6ed1550
02d08 Box Full Of Letters.flac:bb8b28cba950fc0e127ccf25b0a1effc

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09/20/2007 med9 This was my old history classroom and I taped it as well - more to follow soon enough 20Sept2007 med9