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Wilco 03/11/99
Tower Records, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Tom Wilder
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Source Summary FM - WXRT 93.1 (they do a really good job with live broadcasts!) / CONVERSION: FM > VHS > Cool Edit Pro (44.1 WAV) > FLAC 
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BAND: Wilco
DATE: 1993-03-11
VENUE: Tower Records On N. Clark St.
CITY: Chicago, IL
SOURCE: FM - WXRT 93.1 (they do a really good job with live broadcasts!)
CONVERSION: FM > VHS  > Cool Edit Pro (44.1 WAV) > FLAC


Disc 1

1. I'm Always In Love
2. Via Chicago
3. How To Fight Loneliness
4. She's A Jar
5. We're Just Friends
6. Can't Stand It
7. I Got You
8. Forget The Flowers
9. California Stars

This is a short, sweet and organic sounding 43 min. in-store promo set on the eve of the release for Summerteeth.
The sound and musicianship are fantastic on every track (She's A Jar is a real standout).  
However, its clear from stage banter and screams of pain from the audience in response
to sharp feedback, the PA is really loud with a stage monitor issue causing friction between Jeff
Tweedy and Jay Bennet.  Under nervous fake laughter Tweedy delcares the show "an unmitigated disaster".

Oh Well, their pain is our gain...  It sounds great!  If you're a fan of the Coomer/Bennet era, this is likely
to be a real keeper.

Note:  This is the complete show, the only edits I made to the tape was to  
remove the station ID's. I love XRT and have been listening for many years, but the ID's were much louder
than the music and was throwing off the normalization.  Plus, tweedy gives them plenty of props during
the show.

Artwork in the Word document. Turn your printer to lanscape mode, and everything will be just fine.

Have fun with this and please, please, please trade only.  Do not sell for profit.
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09 Wilco - California Stars.flac:59252c6434f09756f9cd5de06991b3d5
01 Wilco - I'm Always In Love.flac:b64502fb71f926d493d44298b36d6d52
02 Wilco - Via Chicago.flac:0f03912db9372efc933e258e993a845c
03 Wilco - How To Fight Lonliness.flac:11d4c52b7b865b118d5dbc696123a631
04 Wilco - Shes A Jar.flac:3ae3f3706098cf97c282de9e5222e708
05 Wilco - Were Just Friends.flac:ae034282b733041658132838d9f9418d
06 Wilco - I Cant Stand It.flac:f177119dfa78b66743ed23575bea0892
07 Wilco - I Got You.flac:e60d65ef2be4c2fe8b74305cb0914393
08 Wilco - Forget The Flowers.flac:b9a518aa6a36b58306f1685493e591c7

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