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Grateful Dead 03/28/94
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AUD fob(in hat) Schoeps mk4> Reutelhuber p/s> Sony tc-d10 proII (modified), Recorded by Ace Cubby; Transfer: Panasonic SV 3700 > ZA2 (s/pdif) > Wavelab 3.03 > CDWav > SHN > WAV > CDR; transferred by Chris Larson 
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The Grateful Dead
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY  

Source: A: fob(in hat) Schoeps mk4>Reutelhuber p/s>Sony tc-d10 proII (modified) Recorded by Ace Cubby
Transfer: Panasonic SV 3700 > ZA2 (s/pdif) > Wavelab 3.03 > CDWav > SHN > WAV > CDR;  transferred by Chris Larson ([email protected])

Set One
Disc One
01.  LTGTR
02.  Bertha ->
03.  Greatest Story Ever Told
04.  West LA Fadeaway
05.  When I paint my Masterpiece
06.  Must have been the Roses
08.  Peggy-O
09.  Music Never Stopped

Set Two
Disc Two
01.  Rain
02.  Victim or the Crime ->
03.  Box of Rain
04.  He's Gone ->
05.  That would be Something ->
06.  GDTRFB ->
07.  Drums ->

Disc Three
01.  Space ->
02.  All Along the Watchtower ->
03.  The Days Between ->
04.  Lovelight
05.  Brokedown Palace

Thanks to Carrion Crow for the dat
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e69bd418ba3718d03811ab02996aea70 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t01.shn
4e4a8c5593a0569932ef9c7aa9c99386 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t02.shn
1f4d4119d4af1a66f84abdaed507989c [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t03.shn
80baabdb75f79a63091b7d19d53c64ea [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t04.shn
01b1cbca6fbf1ce6471b9115700de368 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t05.shn
dc5dd42d839be701cb14270926e6eca5 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t06.shn
7750c4c9278bd07c194fa2f5cf148205 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t07.shn
71b497c12832bdf6a9c1a37bd2cdf677 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t08.shn
404b37cb77c523d34b270833cb2c2ad2 [shntool] gd94-03-28d1t09.shn
ec440ebe77876a542c68ec3afe844e8b [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t01.shn
3d9bfeaddf86f7045f2dadf624c42dd0 [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t02.shn
82f350ebf1dc9cb52a8d499b3f1838b9 [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t03.shn
0a224d176ca9339d823ea926dcb67903 [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t04.shn
419e6c8a217761a2c371dceebb88765d [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t05.shn
e2ef0851d92bf9a2acaa29229c72d75b [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t06.shn
f2d5ab5466ca88717608eec0dba6f60d [shntool] gd94-03-28d2t07.shn
29ef3d5e70d5b884215ec0c92669c127 [shntool] gd94-03-28d3t01.shn
f044a287a42734b5b10d1f9c295030c8 [shntool] gd94-03-28d3t02.shn
4310765ad8affa052d8fcb81eb19ffb1 [shntool] gd94-03-28d3t03.shn
4d26831ca3926d7f6d7f5350ae99e28b [shntool] gd94-03-28d3t04.shn
dd7abe5ff9fcd5f478fc9526a67446b3 [shntool] gd94-03-28d3t05.shn
7620dae3c2cf1992fc3f3f268e2dc96d *gd94-03-28d3t05.shn
b6059e6f4a99e59fd78337675c16f089 *gd94-03-28d1t01.shn
1ed694ced5429dc794dd7a5f3177f951 *gd94-03-28d1t02.shn
edf5579107dda41a1fe85ad96b10843b *gd94-03-28d1t03.shn
db1f8aafdb8a130529434b6f787a7c5f *gd94-03-28d1t04.shn
518607016d451ceda78acb976ac0dcf1 *gd94-03-28d1t05.shn
5d29a315f5a12b681f3bbd8a4a1852ac *gd94-03-28d1t06.shn
c6553542d08ae75ccbcc3cd10d7aeccc *gd94-03-28d1t07.shn
827b58a89e990e5d857dde348a17fc6a *gd94-03-28d1t08.shn
6b5459b1e5ec399d73ec994557d6024f *gd94-03-28d1t09.shn
7b13cca4ec61543000dbe66937bdde96 *gd94-03-28d2t01.shn
2d087ca67488a9340a3d9f2b8191f28d *gd94-03-28d2t02.shn
880b6dbec7de33b26ac1d43661d03c04 *gd94-03-28d2t03.shn
85d704aecdd0323924f4d29e5c5cf90e *gd94-03-28d2t04.shn
44fb5b01b7c76b26e2cfd51b22b0408c *gd94-03-28d2t05.shn
eda0ea750695d319bb373970fd155ddf *gd94-03-28d2t06.shn
09fdbc12993cf3851ea776cddad05069 *gd94-03-28d2t07.shn
72836ffd789a7759822e58f09d2506cf *gd94-03-28d3t01.shn
ebc270eeae4544d76e2bd052ac954622 *gd94-03-28d3t02.shn
ce19ff77d3debfc916916f0f78b266d1 *gd94-03-28d3t03.shn
438618a64437b869df6385a8eac5ed2b *gd94-03-28d3t04.shn

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