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Zero 03/29/96
Sweetwater Saloon, Mill Valley, CA
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03/29/96 Sweetwater Saloon - Mill Valley, CA

Set 1:
1. Cole's Law
2. Chance in a Million
3. End of the World Blues
4. This is Your Brain On Drums >
5. La Fiesta >
6. Blues Jam >
7. The Weight

Set 2:
1. Catalina
2. Golden Road
3. Tell Me All About It
4. Badge >
5. Gregg's Eggs > Badge > Riders on the Storm > Badge > Gregg's Eggs >
6. Home on the Range

7. Afro Blue
8. House of Bamboo

this show is incomplete...
missing "junko partner"and "did i mention" from the first set. and adds "use me up" as an encore, although i'm unsure if they did play it that night...
if anyone has these tracks, or a master dat, please email [email protected]
thanks and enjoy!
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1b7b4be27e6abefe3cb41561c0c21d21 *zero96-03-29d1t1.shn
62a720261a8e3f6a268e6e8531a25079 *zero96-03-29d1t2.shn
b1f1961f640d548b2e875fda63041d79 *zero96-03-29d1t3.shn
6aee987039b58c751670da67b3d967b6 *zero96-03-29d1t4.shn
c1be456194e1ce8b6d3b63052c9a594c *zero96-03-29d1t5.shn
db0ec23723e1721f4f0a4050829849a1 *zero96-03-29d1t6.shn
025ac4ec1761b4c97ca40c2e4601a8a7 *zero96-03-29d1t7.shn
a817a57de49ff6c0276e96a7f8525320 *zero96-03-29d1t8.shn

4a7be9fcd00ca011cbf098c02124822a *zero96-03-29d2t1.shn
7a53462029aaecfc215af121416d5a8a *zero96-03-29d2t2.shn
3165343468f896a1e26d645d02e81253 *zero96-03-29d2t3.shn
a4961748d7ee600dabcb9ef77efec922 *zero96-03-29d2t4.shn
c164800b1f6862fcfe97b7659ae6a2d7 *zero96-03-29d2t5.shn
0067b6e752392027b8b16b89a006ff54 *zero96-03-29d2t6.shn
a817a57de49ff6c0276e96a7f8525320 *zero96-03-29d2t7.shn
5c7b566ec5db1fa83fa9d19b78c240ee *zero96-03-29d2t8.shn

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