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Zero 12/18/98
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary Source: akg c61's w/ ck-1 cardioids (xy) onstage ---> Panasonic sv-255
Transfer: Nak 700>Sony D5M ( Mic Pre )>D7 onstage 
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12/18/98 Maritime Hall -
San Francisco, CA

here are the mics ran onstage for this weekend of shows...

akg c61's w/ ck-1 cardioids (xy) onstage ---> Panasonic sv-255
Patrick Cooper

Nak 700>Sony D5M ( Mic Pre )>D7 onstage
Robert Wagner

Onstage AKG C61 > DA-P1
Jim Stiefel

DAT>CDR transfer unknown

EAC (Plextor 48/24/48) -> MKW -> Shn;

Extracted and normalized at 100% range quality

while there are a lot of unknowns in the source and lineage of this show, its quality is exceptional and should be enjoyed by those who love zero!

Set 1:
Disc 1
1.Cole's Law*,
3.Horses >
5.Into the Mystic >

Disc 2
1.La Fiesta >
2.Outskirts of Town,
3.Tear Tags Off Mattresses > Natural Causes > Tear Tags Off Mattresses

Set 2:
4.Native American Fellow's Prayer/Introduction...
5.Tongue N Groove,

Disc 3
1.Chance in a Million  >
2.On Your Way Down >
3.Drums >
4.Use Me Up >
5.Papa Was a Rolling Stone >
6.Gregg's Eggs >
7.Sun Sun Sun

*introduction prayer by native american fellow. no encore that night.

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0bae6c6a2ba8e383424eec732a29c247 *zero98-12-18d1t1.shn
bd402fe771000e4e15cb738b760a6558 *zero98-12-18d1t2.shn
0945f98ea2194786aa258cd0b6f9c014 *zero98-12-18d1t3.shn
1dc3e3369e55c32ada92d4c80727b556 *zero98-12-18d1t4.shn
5f4659b58cc3fff4b7a4337645dccf47 *zero98-12-18d1t5.shn
0f8e9eeb9b770bd8716205e85ab09802 *zero98-12-18d3t6.shn
ecdb5cc6f97202391101036f456d6a05 *zero98-12-18d3t7.shn
8d232428c141e7c62e5a7f8339e1846e *zero98-12-18d3t2.shn
607f00aedad9419c5350da447de34fb3 *zero98-12-18d3t3.shn
cd05699a4304c232179548e10ac146a7 *zero98-12-18d3t4.shn
6b178c1bbcca85d30297c0d1c07b34a1 *zero98-12-18d3t5.shn
a4f305ad25d30d7cb96dcf6cbfa8edf9 *zero98-12-18d2t5.shn
93c15130c587b5e4abe0672b3af0deeb *zero98-12-18d3t1.shn
f2aedf61b4cfd9452b3752f2a6a00e4b *zero98-12-18d2t1.shn
a6e52e9b73cd6fbd20fddabb240ec1fa *zero98-12-18d2t2.shn
ada68efd98ad6e9f5ea3442c0158d66c *zero98-12-18d2t3.shn
c8cb0fb57b3e223ae5fb6aefaf133ffa *zero98-12-18d2t4.shn

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