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Garcia 09/10/89
Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums flac , wav
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: MSC > Cx > WAV > FLAC. Transfer: Cassette > FLAC (playback on Sony TC-KE400S, dolby disabled > Sony PCM-R500 with Super Bit Mapping enabled > coaxial S/PIDF output > M Audio Audiophile 2496 > recording with Soundforge 6.0) > tracking (cdwav) > sector boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN by C.Ladner, 10/04. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Great Woods
Mansfield, MA

Source:  MSC > Cx > WAV > FLAC.
Transfer:  Cassette > FLAC (playback on Sony TC-KE400S, dolby disabled > Sony PCM-R500 with Super Bit Mapping enabled > coaxial S/PIDF output > M Audio Audiophile 2496 > recording with Soundforge 6.0) > tracking (cdwav) > sector boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN by C.Ladner, 10/04.
Splice source:  FOB(Schoeps CMC34) -

Disc 1 - Set 1
01  stage noise  [00:28]
02  Cats Under The Stars  [11:01]
03  They Love Each Other  [09:06]
04  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  [14:22]
05  Run For The Roses  [06:21]
06  Mississippi Moon  [10:01]
07  Hope It Won't Be This Way   [04:35]
08  Deal  [08:40]
Total time:  64:35

Disc 2 - Set 2
01  tuning  [01:18]
02  Second That Emotion   [09:03]
03  And It Stoned Me  [08:14]
04  Simple Twist Of Fate  [12:27]
05  Waiting For A Miracle  [07:13]
06  Evangeline  [04:40]
07  That Lucky Old Sun  [11:11]
08  Tangled Up In Blue  [11:00]
Total time:   65:07

Entire show with Clarence Clemons.  
Final performance of "Hope It Won't Be This Way, Always".

Overall this is a surprisingly clean SBD/low analog generation without any major tape/mechanical glitches beyond the flips and very little hiss.  The tape speed was slow requiring a pitch transposition of 1.0386.

d1t05 - audience source splice from 00:02 - 00:25
d2t03 - audience source splice from 02:42 - 04:06

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     0:27.55       4892204     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t01.flac
    11:01.47     116710988     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t02.flac
     9:05.53      96262700     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t03.flac
    14:21.55     152009804     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t04.flac
     6:21.41      67304876     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t05.flac
    10:01.15     106051724     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t06.flac
     4:35.42      48608828     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t07.flac
     8:40.10      91751564     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d1t08.flac
     1:18.44      13862732     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t01.flac
     9:02.73      95780540     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t02.flac
     8:14.23      87195740     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t03.flac
    12:27.26     131831996     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t04.flac
     7:12.50      76322444     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t05.flac
     4:40.21      49441436     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t06.flac
    11:11.32     118439708     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t07.flac
    10:59.50     116365244     ---   --    -xx    jgb1989-09-10d2t08.flac
   129:42.37    1372832528 B                      (totals for 16 files)
Show Checksums
230da00e5d3b34b7fef6b9d4fe7cbf80 *jgb1989-09-10d1t01.flac
8596a2ad057ec05f479b99696e41f565 *jgb1989-09-10d1t02.flac
2a301122826c93c574d7ff1946ee751c *jgb1989-09-10d1t03.flac
5dc20756ab8db9f4177b7ff76a5efbcb *jgb1989-09-10d1t04.flac
daefe86b3547e6aafaf10f140251dabe *jgb1989-09-10d1t05.flac
cf233f091c12ea7fc38089391c1b9be6 *jgb1989-09-10d1t06.flac
660ebab97dc4f21a7faf04e1da4c41e2 *jgb1989-09-10d1t07.flac
4e5760e155a911b107c7735bf4f0258b *jgb1989-09-10d1t08.flac
462e133430df1a1e7ddd763d2a28f383 *jgb1989-09-10d2t01.flac
6bf8cc4e5d7103f1dd1d796f80ff3167 *jgb1989-09-10d2t02.flac
56414f092452fb3ff5acc2cebfcc94c9 *jgb1989-09-10d2t03.flac
39776f6e1f668558780738a703c2cc8a *jgb1989-09-10d2t04.flac
2fbc87ab5aff27db4f1599eb79329403 *jgb1989-09-10d2t05.flac
d38dfc4546d00005949c123be9a0a4fe *jgb1989-09-10d2t06.flac
75d8f8b4593ea20c9ccf81fce46f59f7 *jgb1989-09-10d2t07.flac
008c1e483e7a2081f82a84c517ef27a6 *jgb1989-09-10d2t08.flac
2e12dfdab5544fff3b6686465638e84f *jgb1989-09-10d1t02.wav
5972fecfa57de49a81e513f5e3e23f2f *jgb1989-09-10d1t03.wav
bf06de09dd05ea215a030602c64c30be *jgb1989-09-10d1t04.wav
2c80565f164c562fa68c388959824b38 *jgb1989-09-10d1t05.wav
ed0a44c5ce5ad5273ed32e8c140a5186 *jgb1989-09-10d1t06.wav
9597d00677ed7564bb85e75b139edc67 *jgb1989-09-10d1t07.wav
027c304ea65965995dc2dca4e5b531a3 *jgb1989-09-10d1t08.wav
8dac96a67c4b926da645072153cbf6a1 *jgb1989-09-10d2t01.wav
715a35fa76fbbb519e884ecbad69ce95 *jgb1989-09-10d2t02.wav
a518128eade33f3d8be25b75f305f371 *jgb1989-09-10d2t03.wav
319cd436d9c27d99fc356aee5dc28285 *jgb1989-09-10d2t04.wav
23e7b89e43388ace45cb533eea1c61b5 *jgb1989-09-10d2t05.wav
5be0ab46e8d48de17a15d30d5b9cbd5a *jgb1989-09-10d2t06.wav
3c9245a32d044d0c493efdeb04aa0082 *jgb1989-09-10d2t07.wav
71ffa2083195010fee9bc143e1757ee4 *jgb1989-09-10d2t08.wav
d2829bb2082dcdd3e702b103d637686f *jgb1989-09-10d1t01.wav

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Date User Comment
01/29/2005 Andy L This is not a SBD, it is an In-House FM recording. I do not know the generation of this copy, but the best circulating copy is In-House FM Master Cassette>Cass.>DAT>CDR. The Master is no longer available according to the person who put the first gen. copy to DAT and CDR.
02/03/2005 Chris L. i haven't had a chance to update the lineage but the transfer is of an actual master cassette obtained from the soundboard operator. There shouldn't be an FM generation as it was recorded on a deck at the board. I'll ask Jay Ashley to confirm this but it doesn't look like there is any FM compression/contamination on the waveform either. I asked 3 people to trade me copies of their supposed SBD's of this show over the last year to compare and never heard back - but that was before the dude who sent me the tape told me that it was an actual sbd master recorded at the board. I'd still like to hear the other source to compare. The lineage reflecting this would be: SBD > CM > WAV > FLAC.
02/24/2005 Andy L The copy I have is, in fact, an In-House FM recording, made from my friend's 1st gen. copy of the In-House FM master (which is no longer available).

Nice to see another copy circulating though!
03/21/2005 john were you able to check if your copy is better than the one AJL is talking about?
03/21/2005 Chris L. I'm not sure which source is better - I'm sure someone can compare. Jay Ashley confirmed for me that there is no FM waverform signature on this source. The spatial imaging is relatively lacking.
09/03/2005 Gary Randall My bad on the last comment about set lists being the same I did not notice that there were 2 postings for the 9/9/89 show.Sorry
04/05/2007 charlie miller Great Woods did special in house broadcasts for the hard of hearing. I would think that this is from that broadcast. I'm pretty sure that they were mostly mono.
04/05/2007 charlie miller I guess I should have been more "politically correct" in my last post. I should have said "Hearing Impaired".

btw, the 7/1/98 Other Ones sbd that circulates is also from this same feed.