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Zero 03/16/96
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Maritime Hall
San Francisco, CA


SET 1:
1.Jam>Gregg's Eggs
2.Little Wing>
3.Highway 61
4.martin banter
5.more banter
6.Richie's Rooster
7.Rigor Mortis
8.She's So Heavy

SET 2:
Disc 2
1.La Fiesta*
2.Mercury Blues
3.martin banter
4.Forever is Nowhere
5.Shape I'm In

Disc 3
1.Tell Me All About It>
2.End of the World Blues
3.Chance in a Million**

4.Use Me

*martin gets his shorts (pronounced chorts, as in "check your chorts...") pulled down by wavy...this is in retaliation for martin pulling wavy's chorts down at a gig earlier that year.

** W/John Morgan Kimock

note: some almost inaudible digi pops scattered throughout the recording...this were on the my original cdr's. however, the quality of the music on this night, coupled with the relatively low circulation of this gig, lead me to seed it anyway! enjoy!

Steve Kimock
Bobby Vega
Martin Fierro
Chip Roland
Greg Anton
Judge Murphy
Bongo Lonnie
Greg Anton
Judge Murphy
Bongo Lonnie

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db5131b48aa0dcd18512890a8efd3510 *zero1996-03-16d1t1.shn
b963ca8f507144cc44ff84d28c644c4f *zero1996-03-16d1t2.shn
cad9f5beb82d4e27c2ccc6932d8ede83 *zero1996-03-16d1t3.shn
41e55aa76bedbfd690735f05f963faaa *zero1996-03-16d1t4.shn
96bdc3027bae7b6d24fca04390377a90 *zero1996-03-16d1t5.shn
c0927110bf7da88d61b358505a11b4fa *zero1996-03-16d1t6.shn
91beae2ff683ba3c9d215b798a961670 *zero1996-03-16d1t7.shn
de72266c508d7e284bbe2b031550f17c *zero1996-03-16d1t8.shn
ba4c8402fc88f833b64d0f2e4031f175 *zero1996-03-16d2t1.shn
d51918479032b04b0908112197e9f0e4 *zero1996-03-16d2t2.shn
3a150fe6d95a378af0987ef77809e1f1 *zero1996-03-16d2t3.shn
b49aa210ddf90617ce6cb2d75b6a5454 *zero1996-03-16d2t4.shn
b4cba9b0ea2b4c824a5e2d3241f9817d *zero1996-03-16d2t5.shn
655f7eee7bb74b373dfc673b30ebf60e *zero1996-03-16d3t1.shn
b8813b00d4953a83ae783773ec6c85cb *zero1996-03-16d3t2.shn
ebd90c67b209166081909c2e60a9ac12 *zero1996-03-16d3t3.shn
ca3449c9bbbb000e89b12de088e02697 *zero1996-03-16d3t4.shn

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