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Zero 07/08/99
McKenzie Ballroom, Springfield, OR
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: akg c-300 > sony mz/50 > md recorder > cdr
Transfer: Archive Aython SCSI Dat > Soundforge > CDR (?x) > EAC > MKW 
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McKenzie Ballroom - Springfield, OR

akg c-300 > sony mz/50 > md recorder > cdr

Transfered: Gankmore
Archive Aython SCSI Dat > Soundforge > CDR (?x) > EAC > MKW

Set 1:
1.Martin Speaks...
3.Our Love is Drifting,
4.The Core,
5.Tell Me All About It,
6.Baby Baby,
7.Straight Jackets

Disc 2
Set 2:
1.You're the One,
2.Riding with the King,
3.The Cockoo
4.It's Up To You,
5.Time is Tight,

Disc 3
1.End of the World Blues,
2.Richie's Rooster,
3.Mercury Blues,
4.E: Forever is Nowhere,
5.Listen Here
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72231fda3da1937c159d42765d125872 *zero1999-07-08d3t1.shn
4751678ba8e8ec8b9edf73ccb5b706b9 *zero1999-07-08d3t2.shn
c5421e498d77df5d2ea40750b6ef9c4a *zero1999-07-08d3t3.shn
39011e461626e0004e45cad8debf1560 *zero1999-07-08d3t4.shn
6a6d704aeadf30269d8e3ce4981fd7a2 *zero1999-07-08d3t5.shn
168936d2c25549a813556fa83095a1ef *zero1999-07-08d1t1.shn
1a53c00e0571100536a08212903b1060 *zero1999-07-08d1t2.shn
0798e386122ed6ff5040dbd727092e93 *zero1999-07-08d1t3.shn
6e22bb4acb00320741c0ca5b5c4c3b3c *zero1999-07-08d1t4.shn
6525a547c95fc41a73118c5498360421 *zero1999-07-08d1t5.shn
3006e8f22247ca4d47ee94bffccc5553 *zero1999-07-08d1t6.shn
5f47281c9446353d706681806967fd6e *zero1999-07-08d1t7.shn
ca937a8452d00a92392a8d72437bb9b9 *zero1999-07-08d2t1.shn
dc71fafc1c45b5b4b5fe7396a7c4db24 *zero1999-07-08d2t2.shn
963199e16caf59d7e008d2552dcc32ec *zero1999-07-08d2t3.shn
5370cec94abce4d871848a433b1d13dd *zero1999-07-08d2t4.shn
48637cde8faac05247030e67573640ff *zero1999-07-08d2t5.shn

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