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KVHW 07/17/99
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Source Summary Source: AMS ST250 Soundfield On Stage "Blumlein"-> AMS Control Box->Modified Sony D10 Pro II
Transfer: MDAT-> Sony D10 Pro II-> Sony PCM R500 via SPDIF; DAT(1)> D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude Project-> CDWav-> MKWAct-> SHN 
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7/17/1999 - KVHW
Wetlands Preserve - New York City, NY

AMS ST250 Soundfield On Stage "Blumlein"->
AMS Control Box->Modified Sony D10 Pro II

DATs used in transfer cloned from master using
same Mod. Sony D10 Pro II-> Sony PCM R500 via SPDIF

xfer via D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude Project->
CDWav->MKWAct->shn (seek tables appended)

taped by Ron Keyser
transferred to shn by Ray Brooks

CD #1 - Set I
1.) If You Only Knew
2.) Intro->
3.) Same World
4.) My Favorite Things
5.) Express Yourself
6.) Nine->
    Ring Around The Moon->

CD #2 - Set I cont.
1.) Tangled Hangers
-- Set II --
2.) Drums (Alan and John Morgan)
3.) Spring Water
4.) Broken String Blues
5.)High and Lonesome->
6.) Porn Crash

CD #3 - Set II cont.
1.) Kissing The Boo Boo
2.) Hillbillies On PCP
3.) It's Impossible
4.) E: Bad Hair*

Steve Kimock
Bobby Vega
Alan Hertz
Ray White
Terry Hagerty

* - Without Terry Hagerty
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a29115c86220020ec9307c5429f7bb8a *kvhw1999-07-17d1t1.shn
8b82670d96583565c4b9c9d5986ac303 *kvhw1999-07-17d1t2.shn
8fca853e2ecbbd7818bbedd8ef2850f4 *kvhw1999-07-17d1t3.shn
35b495ba9a789bad79d25eb5e1d4ac6e *kvhw1999-07-17d1t4.shn
b6715e5708b393b1531d9becab07010c *kvhw1999-07-17d1t5.shn
26014ff7d204c7e578d8c47861e8f899 *kvhw1999-07-17d1t6.shn
42826efd96d3cc5d7fa39e63d6da1b31 *kvhw1999-07-17d2t1.shn
fdd1f50e50b0b64fe9b03a35e586ac60 *kvhw1999-07-17d2t2.shn
9abeee61a225de24e81029ceeb9bb9ff *kvhw1999-07-17d2t3.shn
77f1fad6960b7166ff14aae8f42efa51 *kvhw1999-07-17d2t4.shn
737dd1c75de0028b1ebc91499dad93ce *kvhw1999-07-17d2t5.shn
7e4e7c1dbe1b08e32a348c27be9dbcc6 *kvhw1999-07-17d2t6.shn
3f7c59091cb342536a6e222ddbcc1e7d *kvhw1999-07-17d3t1.shn
8b6a9276718b843cae4615e5b8a1debe *kvhw1999-07-17d3t2.shn
482c09c806a1c3cacf511a68fc2c8abb *kvhw1999-07-17d3t3.shn
31f32e715eee922a661f60bfe7621f1c *kvhw1999-07-17d3t4.shn

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