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Gov't Mule 09/18/96
Old Train Station, Tuscaloosa, AL
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Source: SBD Transfer: DAT @ 48 > Sony A6 > Audiophile 2496 (S/PDIF) > Sound Forge 7.0 > Flac (level 8) Transferred/Mastered/Seeded by kcmule January, 2005 DAT Eleven from the box-o-DATs 
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Gov't Mule
Tuscaloosa, AL
Old Train Station

Source: SBD

DAT @ 48 > Sony A6 > Audiophile 2496 (S/PDIF) >
Sound Forge 7.0 > Flac (level 8)

Transferred/Mastered/Seeded by kcmule January, 2005
DAT Eleven from the box-o-DATs

Disc one (70:00)
Grinnin' In Your Face // >
Mule >
Rocking Horse >
Temporary Saint >
Mr. Big
Game Face
Birth of the Mule %
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Presence Of The Lord >
Trane %% >
Eternity's Breath jam >
St. Stephen jam

Disc Two (45:40)
Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark > Drums > Blind Man In The Dark
Just Got Paid > Who Do You Love? > Just Got Paid

The Same Thing >
Young Man Blues > Good Morning Little School Girl > Young Man Blues

// The first few seconds are missing from the DAT.  Since
this show hasn't circulated until now, I didn't figure it
mattered that much.  Some additional editing to the master
DAT transfer was done for more enjoyable listening.

It appears that the boys were playing to loud for this venue
and were about to get shutdown if they didn't "turn it down
to a country music level or somethin'".  Then, game face.

Mulebase has these listed as (perhaps it will be updated)
%  Thelonius Beck
%% Birth Of The Mule

Flac fingerprints:

Mule 1996-09-18 D1T01.flac:6d3bc66db5b1d0e55727475b1ebee0b0
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T02.flac:122fa5341e6ac60e93df7f95800be70f
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T03.flac:6e55a0e45d423eadc3dfe6aed90a6145
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T04.flac:9e603b7876f0c9f3d7665e6d0bb0532b
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T05.flac:14f4e9617f4082ece7ff85a37429814b
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T06.flac:a5a806612c2b4fb32daff37a555de5b2
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T07.flac:ce2d0429bcaf8b829fc9ee938bdc9cbd
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T08.flac:698230c8a748ad8f73cf4889842f1333
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T09.flac:0ed19b3cee208f5fd208006f61e7cd19
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T10.flac:b5c577ff716c761c13b2917607f0d37a
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T11.flac:72add27bd79a68ffdb5005fe9e8c51c6
Mule 1996-09-18 D1T12.flac:16eb02421b21a316ef194ae42f3534bd
Mule 1996-09-18 D2T01.flac:6d00a4d914db504010dbbc13626dbab6
Mule 1996-09-18 D2T02.flac:c2247ca671688e117b046599e3cc269c
Mule 1996-09-18 D2T03.flac:275045a63969d8f3fbcce7db236ff294
Mule 1996-09-18 D2T04.flac:97b9db05bf2047947161c772f01dc5c1
Mule 1996-09-18 D2T05.flac:ae145cc7d344ce3e907b3441633e4551
Show Checksums
483085c2f6643ca50c6b7e6b6e4d7151 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T01.flac
09e0f07265be97b741be8d72eb326a17 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T02.flac
a16be7f354faa94a2dc8af4b690c29bf *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T03.flac
c5d9c93c1ea6cf4f82ce77fa50b14f06 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T04.flac
ef64d0813c3aef6dedb40aef28a2e564 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T05.flac
f987a438b718ad568b578fa5251e8857 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T06.flac
94e04609ad1f809a567ca7f23ea81350 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T07.flac
78c2459d515f80291334e7b227c5efc7 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T08.flac
ac6b2c434dd8313fdb21d49f0172b35f *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T09.flac
c0c33ba58dbefa8295b4e436dbca4e56 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T10.flac
7d5f0a85b73c2985fe987d7eb60bd4e4 *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T11.flac
b608bef12ca3d5ad8a3a08061d4a6cdc *Mule 1996-09-18 D1T12.flac
479dac564166a155166596fafca49b97 *Mule 1996-09-18 D2T01.flac
94cc311ca032bbc919fc1128d2e67317 *Mule 1996-09-18 D2T02.flac
4d9a038da66d6189e8a6b622294cb6d8 *Mule 1996-09-18 D2T03.flac
c721ff72fc6b5ce93fcd3f05d3d18e7b *Mule 1996-09-18 D2T04.flac
f06c2e43dcb622d2396d0bb43bd66881 *Mule 1996-09-18 D2T05.flac

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