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Robert Hunter 03/10/78
My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums shn
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary SBD > CM (Sony 158) > TDK SA90 w/dolby B > DAT* > CD; *DAT @ 48kHZ > Sony DAT deck PCM-R300 > coaxial s/pdif > pentium II 350 mHz via Turtle Beach "Fiji" soundcard > CoolEdit Pro > convert to 44.1kHz in CoolEdit Pro > Smart & Friendly CDR SCSI drive > CD; from ftp shn 
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Hunter-Robert, 3/10/78, My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, 3CDR

(77min+59min+65min), from etree, SBD > CM (Sony 158) > TDK SA90 w/dolby B > DAT* > CD; *DAT @ 48kHZ > Sony DAT deck PCM-R300 > coaxial s/pdif > pentium II 350 mHz via Turtle Beach "Fiji" soundcard > CoolEdit Pro > convert to 44.1kHz in CoolEdit Pro > Smart & Friendly CDR SCSI drive > CD; from ftp shn; excellent sound, a little hiss and humm/buzz at times;

Early Show: 1 Candyman, 2 Over The Hills, 3 Mountains Of The Moon, 4 Talkin' Money Tree, 5 Lucia, 6 Stella Blue, 7 Dry Dusty Road, 8 Brown-Eyed Women, 9 Scarlet Begonias, 10 Maybe She's A Bluebird, 11 Wild Bill, 12 Ariel, 13 Miles High, 14 Battle Of New Orleans*, 15 Jesse James, 16 Rum Runners, 17 Big Wind, 18 Hooker's Ball, 19 Friend Of The Devil > 20 Promontory Rider,

1 That Train Comment: Early Show, Comfort played for part of the set. *Rodney Albin starts to sit in on Fiddle. Late Show Set 1: 2 Terrapin Station > 3 Candyman, 4 Over The Hills, 5 Mountains Of The Moon, 6 Talkin' Money Tree, 7 Lucia, 8 Dire Wolf, 9 Yellow Moon, 10 Brown-Eyed Women, 11 Scarlet Begonias, 12 Maybe She's A Bluebird 13 Set 2: Tiger Rose > 14 Keys To The Rain, 15 Ballad Of Buddy Holly*, 16 Built For Comfort,

1 Alligator Moon Suite, 2 It's True, 3 It Must Have Been The Roses, 4 Rose of Sharon, 5 Cruel White Water > 6 Long Tall Sally, 7 Boys In The Bar Room, 8 Encores: So I'm Standing At Your Door, 9 Ripple > 10 Arizona Lightning Comment: Late Show, Comfort played with Hunter for the second set. *Rodney Albin starts to sit in on Fiddle.
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6764ff8a9231aec3d168c41c1fcd31c8 *Hunter_78-03-10_101_Early_Show_-_Candyman.shn
28c5b4ecdbc715c4468c36c6c99d6798 *Hunter_78-03-10_102_Over_The_Hills.shn
015e6e4e379f135d23b34dca2ce06ef4 *Hunter_78-03-10_103_Mountains_Of_The_Moon.shn
69860ade43800e59ed5ad3fcf87c139d *Hunter_78-03-10_104_Talkin'_Money_Tree.shn
37c14953e4342f9d98c9fe462da17300 *Hunter_78-03-10_105_Lucia.shn
c2ee4166ed20b238665ba3cf5dc2d090 *Hunter_78-03-10_106_Stella_Blue.shn
2b2cb2e9b06394a833ab84000c3e99db *Hunter_78-03-10_107_Dry_Dusty_Road.shn
83427d31822bef0d607451ad4d38e6fd *Hunter_78-03-10_108_Brown-Eyed_Women.shn
5138024f167c6f9c1bce868a8a1e4acf *Hunter_78-03-10_109_Scarlet_Begonias.shn
bb4277f1563fd625f362cd957918242e *Hunter_78-03-10_110_Maybe_She's_A_Bluebird.shn
1e57d457617625990e553425b5916e82 *Hunter_78-03-10_111_Wild_Bill.shn
69b24ac4203ad2d0f2b5caca840296b0 *Hunter_78-03-10_112_Ariel.shn
dbf7fb526891cc905ed0f7907f4029f2 *Hunter_78-03-10_113_Miles_High.shn
223f0a91f70c6e89c51a9228d2437f16 *Hunter_78-03-10_114_Battle_Of_New_Orleans.shn
7c22a1a3ff06c0896899aa690c806380 *Hunter_78-03-10_115_Jesse_James.shn
05d7920786af94324b103a8cd56d98c8 *Hunter_78-03-10_116_Rum_Runners.shn
849bdf25d5e35beca995b9950c9f9c14 *Hunter_78-03-10_117_Big_Wind.shn
81ebd2ac02936fe37c92177b65f5bb5a *Hunter_78-03-10_118_Hooker's_Ball.shn
8eada2bc6e0f910bc5d785b73bc199e7 *Hunter_78-03-10_119_Friend_Of_The_Devil.shn
2908d929e61c578f515b95bb3631ce1c *Hunter_78-03-10_120_Promontory_Rider.shn
40ce2bf705a464e1848cb4e829046fdb *Hunter_78-03-10_201 That Train.shn
38077db5173eacd0bd57b16af8363366 *Hunter_78-03-10_202 Late Show - Terrapin Station.shn
0095b4317c623010ece6a25583a203cd *Hunter_78-03-10_203 Candyman.shn
2e6663cb76df282689d021d243635f24 *Hunter_78-03-10_204 Over The Hills.shn
f1a4f5732f7d254762aba906ce2dc892 *Hunter_78-03-10_205 Mountains Of The Moon.shn
9f1908e1de92d2ef0e1bd08d834d4c2b *Hunter_78-03-10_206 Talkin' Money Tree.shn
15cd8220bd77e1be83d96652a73e4981 *Hunter_78-03-10_207 Lucia.shn
0b7abb6a009d8a02fefde06a8be4fc47 *Hunter_78-03-10_208 Dire Wolf.shn
1bd12e376b2167ef997b62e2d746fa2e *Hunter_78-03-10_209 Yellow Moon.shn
d47448e01e72705435a6f5997294efe6 *Hunter_78-03-10_210 Brown-Eyed Women.shn
f047d71d54b9aa8d54ae3ce519818d46 *Hunter_78-03-10_211 Scarlet Begonias.shn
94e99bce00aceae66f48638eeb215a6f *Hunter_78-03-10_212 Maybe She's A Bluebird.shn
d7002bfbc8bb0999cb5a065033bbc0e8 *Hunter_78-03-10_213 Set II - Tiger Rose.shn
cd069c069faebc1c2797ff1c5c282188 *Hunter_78-03-10_214 Keys To The Rain.shn
9fd36899d66cd2f43d4735dc99e6c8fd *Hunter_78-03-10_215 Ballad Of Buddy Holly.shn
d8aee07fc86a338757fd8f071a813db9 *Hunter_78-03-10_216 Built For Comfort.shn
5be7fd57649fac8d1ed371a4302d1fc4 *Hunter_78-03-10_301 Alligator Moon Suite.shn
880a71bff96f6688109a1f8c1649fac1 *Hunter_78-03-10_302 It's True.shn
b4b5356a6eb1996ddd9c732ca9379dc9 *Hunter_78-03-10_303 It Must Have Been The Roses.shn
a7069d466914149360801e4a13e440d4 *Hunter_78-03-10_304 Rose of Sharon.shn
2c7a984838352612f4be3169c34fd14e *Hunter_78-03-10_305 Cruel White Water.shn
7a3fdf13cd333c309af58c43518733e3 *Hunter_78-03-10_306 Long Tall Sally.shn
92a189228246c287657580b552c335f9 *Hunter_78-03-10_307 Boys In The Bar Room.shn
0f0b308f6559e63959a140f230344bec *Hunter_78-03-10_308 E1 - So I'm Standing At Your Door.shn
f3a70cdaf6acec5a9afd39cf37cc5ded *Hunter_78-03-10_309 E2 - Ripple.shn
e48c0c177d825f9c2098dab4beac8d1d *Hunter_78-03-10_310 E3 - Arizona Lightning.shn

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