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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/22/04
Café du Nord, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary flac16; Set 2 ONLY (Incomplete); Source: DPA 4023 (ORTF) > Lunatec V2 > Benchmark AD2K+ (@24-bit/96kHz); sr converted with Secret Rabbit Code 0.1.1, and dithered with tpdf 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

SET II only

ORTF DPA-4023 > Lunatec V2 > Benchmark AD2K+ @ 24/96
sr converted with Secret Rabbit Code 0.1.1, and dithered with tpdf

My homebrew HD recorder crapped out this night after five shows in a row with no troubles. I didn't get the first set at all.  Track 3 cuts abruptly and there is a gap of several minutes where track 4 begins in the middle of another jam.  Someone was patched out of the V2 for the second set and there was a pair of Neumann KM-140s in the back.

Thanks to Dr. R0denstein for letting me use his phatty B&Ks and Benchmark!

SET II (Incomplete)
01.  [10:13] - Improv > Improv [@7:32] >
02.  [10:03] - Improv > Drum Solo [@7:55] >
03.  [13:58] - Improv > Improv* [@7:01] //
04.  [05:24] - // Improv > Drum Solo# [@2:55] >
05.  [06:16] - Improv >
06.  [09:23] - Improv
07.  [02:41] - 'Billy/Crowd'
08.  [07:19] - Curtis

* recording cuts out and then resumes part way into another Improv with track 4
# John minimally joins in at end

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24465f244164d5b43f5305f07974ae98 *mmw20040422s2t01.flac
7bc3b54a2e8c88b181e152ecbada7e0a *mmw20040422s2t02.flac
64f4753779be3b33ab39d29bc79e120a *mmw20040422s2t03.flac
87b5cf4154a1fd3a1a245e9a9a2a74d9 *mmw20040422s2t04.flac
7e4843feec33ebc23a17ea68ac0ae66c *mmw20040422s2t05.flac
20b7da865b56991d17f1cf9894673706 *mmw20040422s2t06.flac
b53fe6beeecd1975f3207ba005a2c1ad *mmw20040422s2t07.flac
9f074c6b11567d075dccfd973c15c635 *mmw20040422s2t08.flac
32ab4a45c52f28ec95d704e905298d12 [shntool] mmw20040422s2t01.flac
12603846758a2e9edf356e2555acbd9b [shntool] mmw20040422s2t02.flac
709e8294fb05965356d877a0afd8ef57 [shntool] mmw20040422s2t03.flac
5f21ec0cd144224aeb1890e1478a8872 [shntool] mmw20040422s2t04.flac
7569002d02320d155d1d636c4967654f [shntool] mmw20040422s2t05.flac
571c9363b8f239bf814e3e65454938b8 [shntool] mmw20040422s2t06.flac
8aa72fc944c7c5ba4c6405ce9d59b21e [shntool] mmw20040422s2t07.flac
be24558f2e1ec12fa6f8feda5a68c9ea [shntool] mmw20040422s2t08.flac
1fee7ff1f2df65d24c2aee61e1ca52ff *mmw20040422s2t01.flac
e3d60e25e5c8a3ccb6b6f6eebb9a9475 *mmw20040422s2t02.flac
c74a7443fd39920ca3d926bd9624b34d *mmw20040422s2t03.flac
908cd72d9e1ab37f82b78824ca855336 *mmw20040422s2t04.flac
ed8e24f9310a6a0f86d0961b59d5ab56 *mmw20040422s2t05.flac
741fc7fbb38e8a17909c99d511f6d653 *mmw20040422s2t06.flac
2e632e4289515b7ea103cafff5dcd2e6 *mmw20040422s2t07.flac
f159a03efb815a2f6ca719b65d56fdd5 *mmw20040422s2t08.flac

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02/04/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)
02/14/2012 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates; its checksums are noted on this source entry.