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Grateful Dead 08/19/80
Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary set 2p; SBD > Cass(m) > Cass > reel > DAT; conversion: fostex d-5 > zoltrix nightingale > cdwave (resample to 44.1khz, tracking) > shn; upgrade in circulation 
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Grateful Dead
8/19/80 Set 2
Uptown Theatre - Chicago, IL
fostex d-5>zoltrix nightingale>cdwave>resample to 44.1khz>shn
15 minutes missing cut begins near end of Eyes of the World
and all of Drums>Space are missing as is most of Playing in the Band

1. Little Red Rooster
2. China Cat Sunflower>
3. I Know You Rider>
4. Estimated Prophet>
5. Eyes of the World/
6. /Playing in the Band>
7. Comes a Time>
8. Playing In The Band>
9. Around and Around>
10. Alabama Getaway
11. Crowd
12. Encore:Johnny B. Goode
Show Checksums
ee619f52fb1e1a06cc1e8497f76ff4a5 *800819-2-d1t01.shn
c52fe960080ce616969c2a37ed118c37 *800819-2-d1t02.shn
77d341fe1d58d4784f9703b6d28e6682 *800819-2-d1t03.shn
5d6386e7a78ddf275684e43e083fb3df *800819-2-d1t04.shn
1c878535b5aba09b4227f86f388f3b8f *800819-2-d1t05.shn
d413632c4af2f0cf4a77b5725a606f49 *800819-2-d2t01.shn
16b6c8c2274133823dc83ce1cd9451a7 *800819-2-d2t02.shn
df2cddd1c521630ba4cc1e95bd8f502f *800819-2-d2t03.shn
406f691536e2ab79043ca19db410fbbd *800819-2-d2t04.shn
e4d8268eb5d3274b2e2f9a5f9e2e5f40 *800819-2-d2t05.shn
5af294d6f736a78a1af6afcf3b573c75 *800819-2-d2t06.shn
e6d330d078774d51a66a7ac93f7ed6fe *800819-2-d2t07.shn
6d1c33ddbb58861d3035a1cb2582281d [shntool] 800819-2-d1t01.shn
ad41928e93069fda439db68a74480f7d [shntool] 800819-2-d1t02.shn
fa857243fe16f4d1b06a8ea0ac976c4c [shntool] 800819-2-d1t03.shn
436f7be71330c362f91a12a968160f61 [shntool] 800819-2-d1t04.shn
52fe7cc1befeb86406853e9b53e4305c [shntool] 800819-2-d1t05.shn
d043ad6f25ab17424f8b813b2f11d3c6 [shntool] 800819-2-d2t01.shn
9db57f02e14e455470d3e5f5bc3a38af [shntool] 800819-2-d2t02.shn
1173929ea2b2dbfa872f21a1a15d15d2 [shntool] 800819-2-d2t03.shn
d397b2c5cc065356c729368288e411b5 [shntool] 800819-2-d2t04.shn
cf7ae8a7c50270cccc4e9a760effbd5b [shntool] 800819-2-d2t05.shn
446d7cd239c7744ed40f681d161e4d24 [shntool] 800819-2-d2t06.shn
a15f98236a234fb33cab2bb9c9217d93 [shntool] 800819-2-d2t07.shn

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Recording by Dougal... (2) flac16; Recording... (1) flac24; Set 1... (0) flac16; Partial;... (0) flac16/48kHz; Set 2... (0)
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