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Phil Lesh & Friends 02/12/05
Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5
Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary Source: (Balcony, Row 1, DFC) Nakamichi 701?s> Nakamichi MX100> Apogee MiniMe(16/44.1)> Sony M1 Transfer: Fostex D5> HHB 830> EAC> FLAC 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, Ca

Source: (Balcony, Row 1, DFC) Nakamichi 701?s> Nakamichi MX100> Apogee MiniMe(16/44.1)> Sony M1
Transfer: Fostex D5> HHB 830> EAC> FLAC

Set 1:
Disc 1
01. (Houseman?s) Party
02. Playin? in the Band
03. Jam> Carnival
04. Loose Lucy
05. Life is a Carnival

Disc 2
01. Cumberland Blues
02. Jam
03. Storms
04. Cumberland Blues
05. Goat
06. Uncle John?s Band
07. Do Right Woman
08. Bertha

Set 2:
Disc 3
01. Carnival Time
02. Aiko Aiko (w/Mardi Gras Parade)
03. Sittin? on Top of the World
04. New Speedway Boogie
05. Hurricane
06. Below Radar
07. You?ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

Disc 4
01. Spacey Jam
02. Playin? Jam> Playin? reprise
03. Don?t Ease Me In
04. Scarlet Begonias
05. Brown Sugar
06. After Midnight
07. Midnight Hour
08. donor rap/ intro?s
09. U. S. Blues
10.Box of Rain

Show Checksums
721173d37b7c445268995e54dc7aaeb7 *pf2005-02-12d1t01.flac
ba6f471ccf59b8dc86483e93e7b1d5d2 *pf2005-02-12d1t02.flac
ecd91f355201eb801be98ee1fa50830d *pf2005-02-12d1t03.flac
e806b68c9e0c6990f3211abb8d447d64 *pf2005-02-12d1t04.flac
31ad3c9e72c16374189bb2baa4f67cd6 *pf2005-02-12d1t05.flac
2fe787b5134b762fcdfe995a1b0892b6 *pf2005-02-12d2t01.flac
aa2988e9d65848685a2d25eba4c3c049 *pf2005-02-12d2t02.flac
db8a920cf40067c68adaa27159878b95 *pf2005-02-12d2t03.flac
60978475cd025ce7f6917ef6946364a1 *pf2005-02-12d2t04.flac
edbdc908a8cbc2b54ee9747a52a60c1a *pf2005-02-12d2t05.flac
afb85bee04a5939ae4e594331fdc1e03 *pf2005-02-12d2t06.flac
d5de28ad1939f9ce3f710c7037ea834d *pf2005-02-12d2t07.flac
3b1df84c301531455f5a811a92140593 *pf2005-02-12d2t08.flac
7a3642c8a5e499eab30b9caf9937a1be *pf2005-02-12d3t01.flac
e67956753cef7be0c11c92038667c93a *pf2005-02-12d3t02.flac
befec4c8d70416a872e751c85983fe12 *pf2005-02-12d3t03.flac
0179c396dddd82fb4563185a0d59df83 *pf2005-02-12d3t04.flac
3e032829d38204f70099e96e6fa4c5ff *pf2005-02-12d3t05.flac
66856f0e2a42ebd9aee3550c459b4531 *pf2005-02-12d3t06.flac
6f5c58c51315e2db9014fae049bd3765 *pf2005-02-12d3t07.flac
02c69950f11fcecab9fb80624a8f059f *pf2005-02-12d4t01.flac
fce85ee4ddbe06fdc3913da68feb9d4b *pf2005-02-12d4t02.flac
1ea04989d8c5a1a0d8ab8126f18d2ebd *pf2005-02-12d4t03.flac
1d7a444335659b7ad082e04705d452c3 *pf2005-02-12d4t04.flac
8e98c4eddc209e2809330b9c08abcb97 *pf2005-02-12d4t05.flac
e811aea28bf09cadebd6d65a226347cd *pf2005-02-12d4t06.flac
096b5ce5f9ee528483a4d2a0a3ce53f6 *pf2005-02-12d4t07.flac
23829d8b60af14bfa18c7d071446270b *pf2005-02-12d4t08.flac
efd97ca5df849ec1489bfb0eb627db3f *pf2005-02-12d4t09.flac
0aef83b772332b6e550e169b427577ed *pf2005-02-12d4t10.flac

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