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Phil Lesh & Friends 02/12/05
Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Marc Pujol
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Source Summary **24bit/96khz** FLAC version of MBho603a500hn(Hypers)->V3->Neundo 24/96 Audiolink Multiset->Sony PCG-C1VPK->Wavelab 4.0 Taped By: Marty S (JackRussel) Transfered By: Marty S (Jack Russel)  
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February 12, 2005
Mardi Gras Spectacular
Bill Graham Civic Center - San Fran, CA

Source: Mbho603a500hn(Hypers)->V3->Neundo 24/96 Audiolink Multiset->Sony PCG-C1VPK->Wavelab 4.0 24bit 96kHz
Dithering: Wavelab 4.0->Apogee dithering algorithm 24bit 96kHz > WAV @24bit/96kHz > FLAC24
Taped By: Marty S (JackRussel)
Transfered By: Marty S (Jack Russel)

Set I
01 Party~^
02 Playin' In The Band>
03 Carnival~>
04 Loose Loose
05 Life Is A Carnival~>
06 Cumberland Blues*>
07 Storms~*>
08 Cumberland Blues*>
09 Goat~*>
10 Uncle John's Band*
11 Do Right [email protected]
12 [email protected]

Set II
01 Carnivaltime~#^>
02 Iko Iko#^
03 Sitting On Top Of The World
04 New Speedway Boogie>
05 Hurricane~>
06 Below Radar~>
07 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away~>
08 Spacey Jam>  
09 Playin' Jam>
10 Playin' Reprise
11 Don't Ease Me In
12 Scarlet Begonias
13 Brown Sugar~
14 After Midnight^>
15 Midnight Hour ^
16 Donor Rap/Intros
17 US Blues*
18 Box Of Rain*

~1st time played
*Tim Carbone - violin (RRE)
*John Skehan - mandolin (RRE)
*Todd Sheaffer - acoustic guitar (RRE)
*Andy Goessling - sax, flute, dobro (RRE)
*Carey Harmon - percussion (RRE)
Gloria Jones & Jackie LaBranch - vocals (JGB)
^Theryl "Houseman" DeClouet - vocals (Galactic)
#with Dancing procession and parade of
floats from UBC, DNC and

Phil, Molo, Jimmy Herring (guitar)
Chris Robinson (vocals, @aco guitar)
Barry Sless (g, %pedal steel)
Steve Molitz (k, from Particle)
Show Checksums
ac55252322b0fff9eb601f6593da13e9 *pf2005-02-12d1t01.flac
bb8af7f74aa2c5068f3c91279506b63c *pf2005-02-12d1t02.flac
033a6a2403b54e3156484753beca47b2 *pf2005-02-12d1t03.flac
bd4586832288123c460b259972766395 *pf2005-02-12d1t04.flac
73d4a31ba3f0031a843b2b0a46f36b31 *pf2005-02-12d1t05.flac
929b10bd95b6236f3aa7915e02d10626 *pf2005-02-12d1t06.flac
d7c3043d47a54ed37e0bca9dff5d2ccd *pf2005-02-12d1t07.flac
4c1b332ddc26a7f7043bfe17ae390c66 *pf2005-02-12d1t08.flac
f464ba3f2e63f29952172c5ff554a026 *pf2005-02-12d1t09.flac
8fdf0def2edf1270c8efc4bb9fb1569c *pf2005-02-12d1t10.flac
f727053e2f5d9453f183ccdcf1a54c52 *pf2005-02-12d1t11.flac
d54205ffebeb68546a424981e8f7a5cb *pf2005-02-12d1t12.flac
c45fd3648dd80469a95702d8184cfe87 *pf2005-02-12d2t01.flac
3402c34a15ebb9aec94495da49dcf79c *pf2005-02-12d2t02.flac
ad8b882692c18ddfcd0d400a1ed14899 *pf2005-02-12d2t03.flac
5295ea188d1cfe60c94aa65a03596ed8 *pf2005-02-12d2t04.flac
cc6d7994a4df352c4210ec7466ffa859 *pf2005-02-12d2t05.flac
4ad317d0ac8b1856efd6bd5f3a4bf111 *pf2005-02-12d2t06.flac
e45c3aa727161faad256298a7453d730 *pf2005-02-12d2t07.flac
29cd8503ba805fc231576007683f4630 *pf2005-02-12d2t08.flac
d8891638e3809f0817f02f8a4f10f2b4 *pf2005-02-12d2t09.flac
527bc32e6bf4d262bb403f1ecce008d9 *pf2005-02-12d2t10.flac
28e4fa72746c8e226e0251b4f4e1427d *pf2005-02-12d2t11.flac
6a578e344d1d9aa4f28ff9771b69cc9c *pf2005-02-12d2t12.flac
f3a95c3f59ca5a46583cbfe22ca44f6e *pf2005-02-12d2t13.flac
8eecd90d8b299cdca0d096938e45746e *pf2005-02-12d2t14.flac
43dc9adc55f41f4add7c2b0ec29d918a *pf2005-02-12d2t15.flac
337838a430bb4182a461c82a9be9dced *pf2005-02-12d2t16.flac
979b05562732aee4523f931bc5e6aae1 *pf2005-02-12d2t17.flac
63f0327c2d2fb7940a17321e9625e968 *pf2005-02-12d2t18.flac

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