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Grateful Dead 04/23/69
The Ark, Boston, MA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary MSR>C>D>CD; fix of shnid=70, by Sean Cribbs 
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Grateful Dead
The Ark
Boston, MA  

MSR>C>D>CD (fix of

DISC ONE [78:39]
set one:
01 [00:38] Introduction
02 [11:33] He Was A Friend Of Mine
03 [20:55] Dark Star >
04 [01:33] St. Stephen >
05 [02:06] It's A Sin >
06 [02:12] St. Stephen >
07 [01:58] Cryptical Envelopment >
08 [00:37] Drums >
09 [08:45] The Other One >
10 [06:26] Cryptical Envelopment >
11 [02:57] Sittin' On Top Of The World >
12 [18:25] Turn On Your Love Light

D1 fixes:
- Crossfaded the splice between St. Stephen (track 4) and It's A Sin (track 5).
- Removed 27 seconds of redundant material from the Cryptical Envelopment Reprise (track 10).

DISC TWO [23:51]
set two-a:
01 [10:14] Morning Dew
02 [06:19] Hard To Handle
03 [07:18] Doin' That Rag

DISC THREE [62:13]
set two-end:
01 [03:55] Alligator >
02 [04:47] Drums >
03 [03:08] Jam >
04 [07:29] The Eleven >
05 [01:43] Jam >
06 [02:12] Mountain Jam >
07 [01:46] And We Bid You Good Night Jam >
08 [04:17] Jam >
09 [12:46] Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) >
10 [02:50] Feedback >
11 [03:33] And We Bid You Good Night
12 [03:14] "More! More! More!"
13 [01:38] Not Fade Away tease
14 [08:48] It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

D3 fixes:
- Smoothed two splices during the jams following The Eleven.
- Smoothed the splice during Caution (track 9) and the splice between Caution and Feedback (track 10)

Edits by Sean Cribbs 2004
Show Checksums
26865985c22d54bd45eeff19d54a29b2 *gd69-04-23newd1t01.shn
baa5cd2333a3459cd881eb990ae6cb4c *gd69-04-23newd1t02.shn
7ebb1d1b7ed4ec1c5757e9424d8e5d7e *gd69-04-23newd1t03.shn
b39d4f81c6b1ae9356ec045fd6d7abe3 *gd69-04-23newd1t04.shn
0903ac50f7010f03e38e78c8fa58d7a7 *gd69-04-23newd1t05.shn
3b753505e8b508ed257073890a9f0ca0 *gd69-04-23newd1t06.shn
be889c3691b8bb5e6e5ee19ebe529efe *gd69-04-23newd1t07.shn
07dfad9ed941ed45ad6f1abadb0cb77f *gd69-04-23newd1t08.shn
de9e5ea599fd1c0346b8df39b0c9d223 *gd69-04-23newd1t09.shn
45157d877a95b462a3ed0d74648bcd34 *gd69-04-23newd1t10.shn
b1e9306ec21c60697e841ed65db2e431 *gd69-04-23newd1t11.shn
e4a62f5b94f9844ad233959d67d23215 *gd69-04-23newd1t12.shn
9fb4d81b9d3859e21074ffaa67cecddc *gd69-04-23newd2t01.shn
bbadd10eb23378d9f8e496b4ad83db74 *gd69-04-23newd2t02.shn
7b412a8a1e180eb1167ee082ca654f28 *gd69-04-23newd2t03.shn
8f6e0dea78a3e370bd72b2d21f9376b6 *gd69-04-23newd3t01.shn
c122829ff1b5ed168082b763bcdfd166 *gd69-04-23newd3t02.shn
752ca0c470d78580243955c9c4bb3f1c *gd69-04-23newd3t03.shn
15e4c5140210fc34d370b630f9781012 *gd69-04-23newd3t04.shn
5ce67f0cc9026d9b3c5f218e8bf25173 *gd69-04-23newd3t05.shn
9484e5fad9abd519b8ac708d463ee8dd *gd69-04-23newd3t06.shn
8e8513ef8c1c57984fbbe1635ae0a031 *gd69-04-23newd3t07.shn
bad65338c82d94f4de99634b27daf485 *gd69-04-23newd3t08.shn
97df0629669aa089522699b17c5e56a4 *gd69-04-23newd3t09.shn
5f18dc2767d7cc7b3e92cf6143c1d92a *gd69-04-23newd3t10.shn
ce133ef463128ec4cf7e553085d8fc2d *gd69-04-23newd3t11.shn
9d91206e744688fd3b14d5f6fbd98df1 *gd69-04-23newd3t12.shn
eb37e5afff76c83f25ba811cac78fca3 *gd69-04-23newd3t13.shn
b332059a6fe6a80f368c8263e2fe7679 *gd69-04-23newd3t14.shn
bc60eaa88b17a4c478ce796907ea1fcc [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t01.shn
108899a105113d2af57cae46fd01b861 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t02.shn
388158255f28803234f6d52368af0724 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t03.shn
50c7cc28ec9936c8c3d8bdbc68041397 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t04.shn
449e11f4bcc5197927d4c1441cc09942 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t05.shn
cd607b2a42a88fb9e975f689fafe17ac [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t06.shn
af70531537a05ceb034f0bbb4b362cfd [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t07.shn
cc1238abc0d6d866db3108fd36f4056f [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t08.shn
7a4a84338385cc77cfd4293a06332d84 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t09.shn
5f5f524a12a1b954e2a3e4cd2ef17b73 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t10.shn
15099833192385db4311fe8d0f1263c8 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t11.shn
d844e99844b503f9e360c4a5451c1bac [shntool] gd69-04-23newd1t12.shn
de3b6d59b5ab2bd0a4f22b185d06c093 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd2t01.shn
f5c5777c0e976f344aa2e0736b5c6103 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd2t02.shn
d1daa81fbc013167795e3d0fc462816b [shntool] gd69-04-23newd2t03.shn
2add5a58f259252bcb16027dd0e054d4 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t01.shn
24ee97f460a5e2e0b0bd895a34a7198b [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t02.shn
94b09e1d4999c487e8730f928cbe854c [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t03.shn
4df85b93186bd63aa626b046aec651d8 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t04.shn
48d73c3faaef62209afa47ca01eb071f [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t05.shn
66477274854b71887c5d8e2fbb46da81 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t06.shn
c1e0aff6a1176f09b3ac42c911d0e720 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t07.shn
0e89302d985dedf4bb18178215acfb50 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t08.shn
1a57b89362e7fc649be05b982da2626a [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t09.shn
15fa0a2ab31baaced3a35e694375d68b [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t10.shn
409fe1cc139fc88c01cf031d95d9bdc6 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t11.shn
901a76d5a3dc817f440fbef4715a2a73 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t12.shn
43aa56d34f7bba0aed6f166e1f0d6dbc [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t13.shn
bca79f4c6b72ca7fe973612df36648d0 [shntool] gd69-04-23newd3t14.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
MSR> Cassette> DATs> CDRs>... (2) flac16; Recording... (0) flac24; lineage:... (0) flac16; SBD ->... (2) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Recording... (0)
Date User Comment
03/12/2005 The crossfade of St. Stephen and It's A Sin which causes both songs to be playing at the same time is one of the worst "patches" I've ever heard. It ruins this otherwaise nominal upgrade. Pass on this.
03/13/2005 Sean Cribbs CAVEAT EMPTOR: You're right. It's terrible. An abomination in the editing world. My only defense would be that you can't polish a turd. I actually thought the other edits turned out kind of nice. I guess if you enjoy listening to repeated song passages, broken jam sequences, and dirty reel splices, then this upgrade is not for you.
03/14/2005 Peter Teitelbaum Not fan the flames, but if you're going to criticize someone else's work, at least have the cojones to post your name.