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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/04/98
Pine Crest School Auditorium, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: akg 391's +sbm1+ sony tcd8 18th row dfc 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
Pine Crest School Auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale FL
December 4, 1998
Source: akg 391's +sbm1+ sony tcd8 18th row dfc
taped and transferred by Unidecker.

[NOTE: this has circulated as an Unknown source until Feb 11/2009]

Disc One
1- Open  >
2- Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) >
3- Dracula >
4- Sugarcraft >
5- Hey Hee Hi Ho
6- Latin Shuffle >
7- Bass Solo
8- Olde Wyne >
9- Wiggly?s Way

Disc Two
1- Church of Logic >
2- No Ke Ano Ahiahi
3- Jelly Belly > Drum Solo
4- Gonzo
5- Combustication > Seven Deadlies Bridge  
6- Bubblehouse
7- Just Like I Pictured It
Show Checksums
1175b79c09295f8c997c411b51efc1c8 *mmw1998-12-04d101.shn
ef11175216d3c4383a50a85c6b761eea *mmw1998-12-04d102.shn
495b8193c783861c59d6b9eb2ccb9449 *mmw1998-12-04d103.shn
8d56fd77343fa58f2e06e1e1a4832b61 *mmw1998-12-04d104.shn
e5fd92ba92757ca57fd16bcea4e96191 *mmw1998-12-04d105.shn
38782895f79b76aedd88d725839a4727 *mmw1998-12-04d106.shn
5f5cdd675f7ff1255c8a226867cf76d0 *mmw1998-12-04d107.shn
793991927b08747b9d73ac713d2f508c *mmw1998-12-04d108.shn
8802b298b7f354ab98b088b53b4e2e46 *mmw1998-12-04d109.shn
18b236b83e13c80abe2aafc1a589b2de *mmw1998-12-04d201.shn
a3a163ceac73f0b4f14f4914d4d12c68 *mmw1998-12-04d202.shn
133870f74a3593cdd365df0cf90c6e3d *mmw1998-12-04d203.shn
c38d946501401c82b2a3b7fd5f103d51 *mmw1998-12-04d204.shn
13b4ade1b2930b0a5416ab703b8b7534 *mmw1998-12-04d205.shn
93de1927ccd9ad0bcb4ee93f6cc0d1c5 *mmw1998-12-04d206.shn
2e0eee8a4585b138774163f2859143ed *mmw1998-12-04d207.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; (FOB) AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
06/21/2005 twatts I have a set1 DAT labeled (FOB) AKG391>Oade>SBM1>D8>DA20 - thanks to Larry Fishman for the DATs...

Terry Watts
06/21/2005 twatts Nevermind on having Set 1 - I just saw it was a one set show - I have the whole thing...

06/22/2005 duggy So, can we assume this circulated source is the same as your DAT copy? Can you possibly do a comparison?

I'll add the info above if we can verify this in some manner.
06/22/2005 twatts No, I can't do a comp., I don't own a copy of these SHNs. I'm just passing on info that I have pertaining to this show.

06/24/2005 shackaholic I know of one other person who has this on DAT with that same source info as well.
07/23/2006 TWATTS I'll be seeding my (FOB)AKG source soon. Look for it on BT.ETREE.

Terry Watts
07/26/2006 TWATTS My (FOB) AKG DAT(c) cuts at the end of Bubblehouse and JLIPixIt is missing.

03/25/2007 011968 there were 3 sets of akg 391's at this show

one run fob by mikey k
one run back of room by ernie vogtlein
and one run back of house by david and sam
the one seeded an shared by larry fishman is from mikey k's dat master or at least should be. enjoy...
03/25/2007 011968 Also mikey k's dat was not cut as the prevoius sources because he used a 3 hour dat tape not a 2 hour one like the rest because he knew it was going to be a long show as this was the school that medeski went to school at and his music teacher was there to do announcments an tell small stories of the bad man john medeski :)
02/11/2009 duggy Added confirmed source info the textfile above.