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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/17/99
The Ritz, Raleigh, NC
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary AKG 480/CK61's, FOB, center, about 12' from stage> Beyer MV100> Tascam DA-P1; Tascam DA-20> Digigram VX Pocket V2> NTrack> Soundforge> CDWave> MKW; taped and transferred by Will Foy 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
The Ritz
Raleigh, NC

Recorded by: Will Foy
AKG 480/CK61's, FOB, center, about 12' from stage->
Beyer MV100->
Tascam DA-P1

Transferred by: Will Foy [email protected]
Tascam DA-20->
Digigram VX Pocket V2->

MP3's of this recording may not be made, except for personal use only.
I'm sympathetic to those who want to listen to a show on an MP3 player, or put
several shows on a single disc to take to work, etc, but do NOT trade this recording
as an MP3. Do not trade MP3's of this recording under any circumstances.

All rights reserved by the artist stated above. This is their music,
not yours, do not sell it, auction it, or in any other way seek to profit from
another person or group's work.


DISC #1:
01. 'Crowd'
02. Thaw >
03. Partido Alto >
04. Shacklyn Knights
05. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus? >
06. Open Improv > Intro to [@4:48] >
07. Toy Dancing # > We Are Rolling [@6:28]

DISC #2:
01. Acht O' Clock Rock >
02. Felic >
03. Philly Cheese Blunt >
04. Everyday People >
05. Swamp Road*
06. Bubblehouse* >
07. Bubblehouse cont'd* >
08. Bubblehouse cont'd* > Ancora* [@2:49] > Bubblehouse* [@8:20]
09. 'Crowd'

10. Spy Kiss* >
11. Blue Pepper*

# w/ We Are Rolling teases/improv
*featuring DJ Logic, turntables.
Show Checksums
0b47b6f92894b2b3b6602cd299aaca7d *mmw19991117d1t01.shn
f1741e0342547fb004d94228ceeb4e9a *mmw19991117d1t03.shn
d1afe7f1260a7396afaca072d4a4ead6 *mmw19991117d1t04.shn
4aa1cf9237faf18868d284e959701164 *mmw19991117d1t05.shn
452dd40e470ac5d7af04ddc1169c6e34 *mmw19991117d1t06.shn
e2d5278f2060b0ac96380c1174348c96 *mmw19991117d1t07.shn
5c59962a272d3389760e94500ae5ee6f *mmw19991117d2t01.shn
58ceb9b47599094ddbead0e2d0dda020 *mmw19991117d2t02.shn
42b9c60fc151ae97d82b65220060a631 *mmw19991117d2t03.shn
5ed653ebbab70b58bf58281011e89452 *mmw19991117d2t04.shn
68b9b5bc08f0800c5668abd963a31f8a *mmw19991117d2t05.shn
0bcaa6b8ccb1b2d98b3d4917f2267ac9 *mmw19991117d2t06.shn
252cdfb58f5ad9e09453b306b51f1982 *mmw19991117d2t07.shn
f6bccd1133f1f5f4a238680f458d1e52 *mmw19991117d2t08.shn
83ac2be6cfc93372a695d1a7af131d89 *mmw19991117d2t10.shn
c17967314dc92b3f1bdaad939c1bb19a *mmw19991117d2t11.shn
a90d6b1dce712a000b2a3bb0ecb7fde1 *mmw19991117d1t02.shn
2604fed348bdd80f1ff5ed4573aa17dd *mmw19991117d2t09.shn

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