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Medeski Martin & Wood 02/26/05
Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-md5 , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps mk41>kc5>cmc6>Lunatec V2>AD2K+>vx pocket>Toshiba 3490ct>vegas 3.0 (24/48)>Wavelab (resample and dither)>cdwav editor>flac by Scott Gordon 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
Higher Ground
South Burlington, VT

Source: Schoeps mk41>kc5>cmc6>Lunatec V2>AD2K+>vx pocket>Toshiba 3490ct>vegas 3.0 (24/48)>Wavelab (resample and dither)>cdwav editor>flac

Taped by: Scott Gordon ([email protected])


Disc 1:
01.  [11:15] - Improv > Open Improv [@9:09] >
02.  [07:26] - Improv >
03.  [16:12] - Improv
04.  [10:59] - End Of The World Party

Disc 2:
01.  [03:10] - Bass Solo >
02.  [10:27] - Bass'n'Drums Intro > Sasa [@3:43] >
03.  [15:13] - Think > Drums'n'Piano [@12:10] >
04.  [07:37] - Paris
05.  [10:29] - The Letter > Who the Fuck? [@4:49]
06.  [11:45] - Gonzo

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mmw2005-02-26d1t01.flac: 73f81770143cda4cbd9541d536f163df
mmw2005-02-26d1t02.flac: 41776f9c827955c6e80992c135afe02a
mmw2005-02-26d1t03.flac: d99ba23159336ee4d99c72cdd7fe5435
mmw2005-02-26d1t04.flac: c032c9c8ec13d57f5b7c6d45169b351c
mmw2005-02-26d2t01.flac: 26b610bc8dcfa0d33bf3ccacb388d1e7
mmw2005-02-26d2t02.flac: 5bdb6d6106fce8174c417d1f08d4efa9
mmw2005-02-26d2t03.flac: d7d354dbc60aca8ae44b845e8e93c545
mmw2005-02-26d2t04.flac: a1d3ef199561afeb3a65474b2fea263c
mmw2005-02-26d2t05.flac: 1a352f5bcd65f8047c39375c39183728
mmw2005-02-26d2t06.flac: c765c9f599352e9ce97a4d517e7ca9ae
7c8dbaedd1c271ec196b787f3cb1ce73 *mmw2005-02-26d1t01.flac
98d4d18235fe1dc4af0e5b199e24736c *mmw2005-02-26d1t02.flac
0deaac4daf92c20f22986b532246b66a *mmw2005-02-26d1t03.flac
1f47e85e08e11844945e72c0a930d33d *mmw2005-02-26d1t04.flac
33c1df661779f6460ff00343362c5db2 *mmw2005-02-26d2t01.flac
252851d819006d54be691e5531333811 *mmw2005-02-26d2t02.flac
f7b772346244accdcbe1af0f832832a4 *mmw2005-02-26d2t03.flac
ddf9038f42d8fd8c099a10d214bd987c *mmw2005-02-26d2t04.flac
478143fd45f26cedb5afd0fb805f5b46 *mmw2005-02-26d2t05.flac
cb312fe72ae1206d77f9cd346dcc319d *mmw2005-02-26d2t06.flac
73f81770143cda4cbd9541d536f163df [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d1t01.flac
41776f9c827955c6e80992c135afe02a [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d1t02.flac
d99ba23159336ee4d99c72cdd7fe5435 [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d1t03.flac
c032c9c8ec13d57f5b7c6d45169b351c [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d1t04.flac
26b610bc8dcfa0d33bf3ccacb388d1e7 [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t01.flac
5bdb6d6106fce8174c417d1f08d4efa9 [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t02.flac
d7d354dbc60aca8ae44b845e8e93c545 [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t03.flac
a1d3ef199561afeb3a65474b2fea263c [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t04.flac
1a352f5bcd65f8047c39375c39183728 [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t05.flac
c765c9f599352e9ce97a4d517e7ca9ae [shntool] mmw2005-02-26d2t06.flac
6fb34a68524e1cb534fd917e405777ec *mmw2005-02-26d1t01.flac
49646cf8fe377a1a9b0d31dbbf5bd74f *mmw2005-02-26d1t02.flac
2481f5b64263055a450f501157ea6967 *mmw2005-02-26d1t03.flac
e1753c4bcde12b4942d155f04b38e613 *mmw2005-02-26d1t04.flac
dfb7587ee9e75316eb028042fbd6433f *mmw2005-02-26d2t01.flac
4211ad6c543ff9dff796ab3081a3fdb0 *mmw2005-02-26d2t02.flac
3f83027552c0ebe8285aca823eda2bf3 *mmw2005-02-26d2t03.flac
52fb862a9dabebf88ef9c042b133c1cb *mmw2005-02-26d2t04.flac
d912a0e74a86814e290a579f78b4d7e3 *mmw2005-02-26d2t05.flac
7c4995d4a47c15adec1d09368479d1bb *mmw2005-02-26d2t06.flac

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12/12/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)
12/06/2011 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.