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Grateful Dead 06/23/90
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
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Source # 28690 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: SBD-matrix>CM>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHN; this is shn id 20695 with undocumented changes to d3t3 via Tol and LMA. 
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Grateful Dead
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon
Eugene, OR  

Source:  SBD-matrix>CM>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHN - see additional comments below.

01  deadspace  [02:10]
02  One Feel Like A Stranger  [08:40]
03  West L.A. Fadeaway  [10:16]
04  Me And My Uncle >  [02:21]
05  Cumberland Blues  [06:38]
06  Far From Me  [06:04]
07  They Love Each Other  [09:31]
08  Cassidy  [07:15]
09  Tennessee Jed >  [08:11]
10  The Promised Land  [04:59]
Total time:  66:07

Disc 2 - Set 2
01  Eyes Of The World >  [15:20]
02  Looks Like Rain >  [08:53]
03  Crazy Fingers >  [08:25]
04  Playing In The Band >  [10:57]
05  Uncle John's Band >  [09:19]
06  Playing Reprise >  [02:19]
07  Drums >  [07:59]
08  Space >  [09:12]
Total time:  72:25

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01  The Wheel >  [05:30]
02  I Need A Miracle >  [05:31]
03  Morning Dew  [13:39]
04  One More Saturday Night  [05:19]
05  Bill Graham's goodnight  [01:10]
Total time:  31:09

This is a definite upgrade over the previous SBD source which is either a really good FOB or an audience heavy matrix.  
This is recording is predominately SBD with drastic fluctuations in the level of audience in the overall mix - from almost no audiece during Space, Eyes, Stranger, to almost all audience mix between some songs, during the middle of Uncle John's Band, on cue crowd roar during the "lets get on with the show", towards the end of Cassidy.    In fact you can hear the level of the crowd being jerked around with a fader during the tuning/deadspace before the start of the show.  The panning of drummers and individual instruments is  exact and you can hear guitar pickup switches being changed/bobby spitting on the mic with reverb on it etc.  also there is nowhere near the phase present on the prior recording.  

Thanks to J.Powell for the CDR source.  DAE(EAC0.9b4, offset corrected, secure mode, QPS QUE 2410)>+2.0 dB gain in signal amplitude applied to entire show(SF6)>tracking(cdwav editor)>sector boundaries confirmed (shntool)>SHN(shorten 3.4) via C.Ladner.

Another installment of TMNSP, 11/03.
Show Checksums
a805553ca7e8af0e1c1597549d8bcd6b [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t01.shn
418172cb3b57c9b4a17a83683997cb74 [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t02.shn
3a5b906f21adb459e05037350ed72aff [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t03.shn
dd531be3caa6c680e3c3a4dad34e8a75 [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t04.shn
048e641c139a3f50b3815378355dc74f [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t05.shn
1871a4d90bb8b9a24206806a16253adb [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t06.shn
ce7f3a0f85fc88f870d24efd3e75df0f [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t07.shn
4d2060d2bf0baae1d8814bacfdb1662c [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t08.shn
b912625a36767dfa109683428b365c61 [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t09.shn
eb207ba86a4fc1fbe39a9c44a452094d [shntool] gd90-06-23d1t10.shn
3b88bd1f29aa304267f0d3bc3ec20433 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t01.shn
6967959cf48f2a491bdc95433e1bee19 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t02.shn
9ef99ad10050939a518e2b307a8d0446 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t03.shn
8855a8849891582a9a59420cad7def86 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t04.shn
91f72196a81b9a128efd431e8adba112 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t05.shn
f312ae187c415a008edc2639892b9e59 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t06.shn
bddf45e4ffa55d94cf5076df0db14632 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t07.shn
a0f36f8ddfee9b64682afece866aaed5 [shntool] gd90-06-23d2t08.shn
a7740a9a3405f20b9e86271e7f811c94 [shntool] gd90-06-23d3t01.shn
7ea2629d952e0a0ac28d75d772e62c10 [shntool] gd90-06-23d3t02.shn
65ca14b0f58ea73b9acfa1c2e20a0289 [shntool] gd90-06-23d3t03.shn
5f96871cb03ada349fd063f09cadfda6 [shntool] gd90-06-23d3t04.shn
a826db1c45b6137b97eab1116c2d4ed9 [shntool] gd90-06-23d3t05.shn
9bc96bb352c514a7cf1fdd2c537e8643 *gd90-06-23d1t01.shn
63d26c38110b4f4e1b9a124799147425 *gd90-06-23d1t02.shn
aea1ebc95afd97bd683f2dbf3ba29599 *gd90-06-23d1t03.shn
f3f9223df8558f31811813d6859791f8 *gd90-06-23d1t04.shn
106237a14388ae48d6e480402c4d3c79 *gd90-06-23d1t05.shn
26ac133efc729870389867f67e657e24 *gd90-06-23d1t06.shn
afa5ee361b0efbe59c882b22156128cc *gd90-06-23d1t07.shn
c2fff16af84c0e583d014bdb520cdbae *gd90-06-23d1t08.shn
66af8588aaab1da67a0497d154aabe38 *gd90-06-23d1t09.shn
5375eaeced952726daec2a8dc5deedbd *gd90-06-23d1t10.shn
27d442d4caed57a64b50d7f08cf04fad *gd90-06-23d2t01.shn
bf9a07361ce218ba2716eb0981a47b6a *gd90-06-23d2t02.shn
180f2da57e04d1817a33b28e3a9282f2 *gd90-06-23d2t03.shn
bdd5c03f3d08175ccd52dd643128de02 *gd90-06-23d2t04.shn
b606ca3c280cde2b624b51e02dfef3e9 *gd90-06-23d2t05.shn
7eb6524b715442e7806642a91070cd5b *gd90-06-23d2t06.shn
7a21d1e01195ede1a3f3d701d1eec9e7 *gd90-06-23d2t07.shn
34c57cc3f8d9aee573d1b460edbb8dd3 *gd90-06-23d2t08.shn
cb34959f13c81b47a54cbb79bd84d843 *gd90-06-23d3t01.shn
64110158fedf0881e232f7d27e995038 *gd90-06-23d3t02.shn
aa2ae8e050ddb83f3909fd14cfc95b34 *gd90-06-23d3t03.shn
ec95a5f57143e995b91a77a98559de6b *gd90-06-23d3t04.shn
756b4e9b68be1871c1944665eb1b22df *gd90-06-23d3t05.shn

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