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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/18/98
Crowbar, State College, PA
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums both
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell M300 (100 degrees XY, front corner of balcony FOB)> Tascam DA-P1; Taped by Scott Cronin; Tascam DA-20mkII> Tascam CD-RW700> Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0> SHN; Transferred by David J. Burgbacher 
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Medeski, Martin, & Wood
The Crowbar
State College PA

Microtech Gefell M300 (100 degrees XY, front corner of balcony FOB)> Tascam DA-P1 by Scott Cronin
Tascam DA-20mkII> Tascam CD-RW700>  Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0> SHN by David J. Burgbacher

Set 1:
1. Africa
2. Chris & Tam
3. Lifeblood
4. Sequel
5. Gonzo
6. Improv

Set 2:
1. Improv
2. Dracula
3. Spy Kiss
4. Improv
5. Partido Alto
6. Improv
7. Just Like I Pictured It
8. Improv
9. Bubblehouse

With DJ Logic between and during sets
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6605b32d255d4970548a7758efb88d04 *mmw1998-04-18-d01t01_Africa.shn
81ac387d32ce5f104a4baf343c70d0ef *mmw1998-04-18-d01t02_Chris & Tam.shn
cde406b11e81c34dfd98c0f20287a56c *mmw1998-04-18-d01t03_Lifeblood.shn
0d8a3e2c6e65ffff113bc92ba9e6b891 *mmw1998-04-18-d01t04_Sequel.shn
cbd9c0ab57562e77cb68838a2d6ff116 *mmw1998-04-18-d01t05_Gonzo.shn
855d79f983c71edc9afe25a16fd81402 *mmw1998-04-18-d01t06_Improv.shn
b45fdcffa60c421b4a7b331e9fab06af *mmw1998-04-18-d02t01_Improv.shn
6a83e6ae591aa0a0111a7f3aab0584d2 *mmw1998-04-18-d02t02_Dracula.shn
3a21c3a082611b773b410f49de3ceed7 *mmw1998-04-18-d02t03_Spy Kiss.shn
df4c5bc06a32ca97e0b4969cbc9b1d3f *mmw1998-04-18-d02t04_Improv.shn
60c6126da7d821ff694a6f4740c9fb18 *mmw1998-04-18-d02t05_Partido Alto.shn
b66bf2593bf6c2a7c457e4e92b9cfa52 *mmw1998-04-18-d02t06_Improv.shn
0a7dc5b00888105ea8835e8ee7421792 *mmw1998-04-18-d02t07_Just Like I Pictured It.shn
3a457d8d7c4f048149b86a4f99faf89f *mmw1998-04-18-d02t08_Improv.shn
84c88325d8b27d5e9ead92654af256fc *mmw1998-04-18-d02t09_Bubblehouse.shn

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