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Grateful Dead 04/02/95
Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: A(tapers section):NAK CM300 Cardioid CP1 Caps>Sony TCD-D10 Transfer: D(48kHz)>ZA2(S/PDIF)>Samplitude2496>CD-r 
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Grateful Dead
Memphis, Tn
The Pyramid Arena

Source:  A(tapers section):NAK CM300 Cardioid CP1 Caps>Sony TCD-D10
Transfer: D(48kHz)>ZA2(S/PDIF)>Samplitude2496>CD-r

Set 1
Disc 1
1. Shakedown Street
2. The Same Thing
3. Althea
4. Memphis Blues
5. Tennessee Jed
6. Promised Land

Set 2
Disc 2
1. Here Comes Sunshine
2. Eternity
3. Crazy Fingers
4. Estimated Prophet
5. Drums

Disc 3
1. Space
2. The Last Time
3. Wharf Rat
4. Not Fade Away
5. Crowd

6. Unbroken Chain

There's a 2 second dropout somewhere in Memphis.

Thanks to Tom and Roger for the dats!
Transfer by Chris Larson ([email protected])
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82a728ea23852d3712c47d138ef0c44b *gd95-04-02d1t03.shn
5556513d2e9a5eb0ed723efaf8742623 *gd95-04-02d1t02.shn
f5a2012cbf93e79e192e974c065c2970 *gd95-04-02d1t01.shn
b4b9a95d25d78aaca0b6cae804afb15e *gd95-04-02d1t04.shn
c7d2ebe818dfe76de95178a6c58c81c3 *gd95-04-02d1t05.shn
69e2ca021d3c3a977c0a240d7a829142 *gd95-04-02d1t06.shn
b9f0d7248b4ad1e74a88fe3e40912e66 *gd95-04-02d2t01.shn
f1dea62d0b8b46903b919ef880d86f3a *gd95-04-02d2t02.shn
3047a4b5b2ac867baa5bca97920c26ae *gd95-04-02d2t03.shn
09affc47b03c7365804124c6d21b57c3 *gd95-04-02d2t04.shn
3f0f8373f4a10863a23fe7454570aad3 *gd95-04-02d2t05.shn
02d301b44986ec2fdc1165d0f926ce59 *gd95-04-02d2t06.shn
826ddb6d80fa3e10f5d5bde1ddeb2ab6 *gd95-04-02d3t01.shn
f712481c26dd3eee8911d313b8741b82 *gd95-04-02d3t02.shn
b6d456c599da407ed40518506a7b0af4 *gd95-04-02d3t03.shn
887b769e2a982ecf9077f2f71cba98ab *gd95-04-02d3t04.shn
6a5f305e706ce1e83841c0592fdfda18 *gd95-04-02d3t05.shn
9005a2bc07fb369941c241033a05f8d4 *gd95-04-02d3t06.shn
d620e7b4a6816520c715ed9864869bea [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t01.shn
8f91d37041954548e1edae53777f0f24 [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t02.shn
d910aa642b89a09f6c3949932c2d9f2f [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t03.shn
e64e6958558f399e79799569ec618214 [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t04.shn
abd716f9cb1c986b7e01f95c53c07258 [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t05.shn
6e44bdc97c59d4bffa0de3d5900360c6 [shntool] gd95-04-02d1t06.shn
5837d8ee0c2afe542db81351613825f1 [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t01.shn
277c2d3f43962f5cddc48145408312a5 [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t02.shn
493e850514f8099809814741d2d498b9 [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t03.shn
70a360147f4da72cdd3e8fa204dcbe74 [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t04.shn
505902c2afb03c4159a614ecfbd92b9a [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t05.shn
ec19064155cf30348ba05848c7cda274 [shntool] gd95-04-02d2t06.shn
ba5efa7b6d71c7a718d8ccecf9c75f76 [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t01.shn
2c045c38a7a450f5d20be3a0b313a6c8 [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t02.shn
6a78b527d2d083ff6f4bd0ce94af11bb [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t03.shn
c0f8bb75d8dc00ca2a31afcb2a4680b9 [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t04.shn
c01546ef3cce8eb8168749b2f14a209a [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t05.shn
1bb2236e1b5df926f3c1150d6b458af1 [shntool] gd95-04-02d3t06.shn

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DSBD?> liberated Bootleg... (0) SBD>DAT>CD; Seeded to etree... (3) flac16; Taper: Greg... (0) SBD (possible monitor mix)... (0) flac16; Lineage: SBD... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16/44.1 Source... (0) flac16/48kHz; Set 2... (0) flac16;... (1)
Date User Comment
06/27/2008 SteveSw Disc 2 has six tracks. The first track is crowd noise. The rest of the tracks are as named here, but bumped down one number.