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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/06/05
Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-md5 , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5 , tarantula-ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neumann AK50/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V2 > AM Excalibur IIs > Apogee Minime@16/44.1 > Powerbook G4 (FOB/ORTF); Sound Studio 2.1 > AIFF > xACT > FLAC; Taped & converted by Jeff Kennedy 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
April 6th, 2005
Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

One Set (Tarantula opened)

Disc One
01.  [08:58] - Improv >
02.  [13:02] - Improv >
03.  [04:49] - Improv >
04.  [07:53] - Improv
05.  [13:38] - Curtis
06.  [08:31] - Paris

Disc Two
01.  [10:54] - Pocket Knife >
02.  [11:20] - Open Improv > Sasa [@2:13] >
03.  [11:00] - Lonely Avenue* >
04.  [07:19] - Drum Solo > Intro to [@5:49] >
05.  [12:12] - Partido Alto
06.  [02:57] - Bass Solo >
07.  [04:17] - Swamp Road >
08.  [04:44] - Acoustic Epilogue**

* fire alarm goes off for about 30 seconds
** slight level adjustments at beginning & end of track

source: Neumann AK50/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V2 > AM Excalibur IIs > Apogee Minime@16/44.1 > Powerbook G4 (FOB/ORTF)
conversion: Sound Studio 2.1 > AIFF > xACT > FLAC
taped & converted by Jeff Kennedy

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April 6th, 2005
Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

One Set (opened for MMW)

1. ?
2. La Casa Bianca
3. Atlantic
4. Grazie Signore

Danny Bensi (cello)
Saunder Jurriaans (bass/guitar)
Gregory Rogove (drums)

source: Neumann AK50/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V2 > AM Excalibur IIs > Apogee Minime@16/44.1 > Powerbook G4 (FOB/ORTF)
conversion: Sound Studio 2.1 > AIFF > xACT > FLAC
taped & converted by Jeff Kennedy
Show Checksums
mmw2005-04-06d1t1.flac: 710a5c31b1ce7e69983194617b91e9f9
mmw2005-04-06d1t2.flac: 6784fbb312676544f8d0d87db3b9d859
mmw2005-04-06d1t3.flac: 55e28f4b2661266ca5603c463f09b7ed
mmw2005-04-06d1t4.flac: ed377b6d4a559d7bfeaa3a4314fe5088
mmw2005-04-06d1t5.flac: ec6b4cd8dfd01776bf4ba477688b942f
mmw2005-04-06d1t6.flac: 6169b364052b38e8fea836922f13f65b
mmw2005-04-06d2t1.flac: cdbdf2ef76955eaa989c822f6a987bc7
mmw2005-04-06d2t2.flac: c34fd099e92abc9e5811393728dbac3d
mmw2005-04-06d2t3.flac: 6ce15b9482b3d10db005c24f0c163690
mmw2005-04-06d2t4.flac: 1f3dcfdd6af1590878313cf3c8e49dce
mmw2005-04-06d2t5.flac: 7e9a3e73b922289051738ca920ad593a
mmw2005-04-06d2t6.flac: 10637702274a7eb526e435d96d485ef4
mmw2005-04-06d2t7.flac: 04bf3f4e327e709334dcb3d9072ea1ab
mmw2005-04-06d2t8.flac: 8ed3dc39cb5e48c53667a24aa7e81e3a
549f0c59bb32703ab18bc707e0bb0007 *mmw2005-04-06d1t1.flac
1a25e15b1103a5ba04465069294d7b42 *mmw2005-04-06d1t2.flac
72e34c9955a9cc3365ba3734b7f384a2 *mmw2005-04-06d1t3.flac
cc5d4da01f1ab5788a9724fef67608f4 *mmw2005-04-06d1t4.flac
3f278f48fbcc27046480a928b3846638 *mmw2005-04-06d1t5.flac
da338e8efdb143fffc8d8135cfd32cc0 *mmw2005-04-06d1t6.flac
d93302c31cd443e5e2b1d5caac0e2456 *mmw2005-04-06d2t1.flac
bef0bbf06b3eddd86debd6ff6663f505 *mmw2005-04-06d2t2.flac
19064516681bd5bce3c24cb7b6257ca1 *mmw2005-04-06d2t3.flac
0ec3fab97105266cf4ff92927637aa5d *mmw2005-04-06d2t4.flac
b49e03d35bb81de0ad45d9569e15623d *mmw2005-04-06d2t5.flac
a843d99d4598887c9eb2996b94354f94 *mmw2005-04-06d2t6.flac
baf6cc8c9180ecab26ab1a7d35ee2e62 *mmw2005-04-06d2t7.flac
0ac23b3f1c4be7166ddbd06c1983bb58 *mmw2005-04-06d2t8.flac
710a5c31b1ce7e69983194617b91e9f9 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t1.flac
6784fbb312676544f8d0d87db3b9d859 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t2.flac
55e28f4b2661266ca5603c463f09b7ed [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t3.flac
ed377b6d4a559d7bfeaa3a4314fe5088 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t4.flac
ec6b4cd8dfd01776bf4ba477688b942f [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t5.flac
6169b364052b38e8fea836922f13f65b [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d1t6.flac
cdbdf2ef76955eaa989c822f6a987bc7 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t1.flac
c34fd099e92abc9e5811393728dbac3d [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t2.flac
6ce15b9482b3d10db005c24f0c163690 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t3.flac
1f3dcfdd6af1590878313cf3c8e49dce [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t4.flac
7e9a3e73b922289051738ca920ad593a [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t5.flac
10637702274a7eb526e435d96d485ef4 [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t6.flac
04bf3f4e327e709334dcb3d9072ea1ab [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t7.flac
8ed3dc39cb5e48c53667a24aa7e81e3a [shntool] mmw2005-04-06d2t8.flac
3527502ae17b81cc0c33d23be5510b93 *mmw2005-04-06d1t1.flac
d714d829f7a9ca065a56a7fa7b9ee000 *mmw2005-04-06d1t2.flac
3ec6dd774a06ab51c22464438c1d38bf *mmw2005-04-06d1t3.flac
b9a1b2c546c3e29da9898c9643cca157 *mmw2005-04-06d1t4.flac
d4ccdbe0078426cf3d57ea50c583517d *mmw2005-04-06d1t5.flac
94357694949b3edfa9baee2a8d6676dd *mmw2005-04-06d1t6.flac
5d0f01b564463e3ebfa2beb938140ac0 *mmw2005-04-06d2t1.flac
a4002241e95ec89300b94d471e1d7d36 *mmw2005-04-06d2t2.flac
6f5290b04f45f6710907e1226787a851 *mmw2005-04-06d2t3.flac
54e8d0e2c1e3b9fbb749ee9ab4447aa0 *mmw2005-04-06d2t4.flac
698c0a8ed64d2604ba82ee3309d97d58 *mmw2005-04-06d2t5.flac
059476f40ac8ac1822740f6c860ce99f *mmw2005-04-06d2t6.flac
3bec8189e38706a171984acd63001b31 *mmw2005-04-06d2t7.flac
3ade648d69c94ffe904882f25c07ed1a *mmw2005-04-06d2t8.flac
Tarantula2005-04-06d1t1.flac: 399090801976039989957a5a82abaf01
Tarantula2005-04-06d1t2.flac: 45ca6bdb005b119f72374d57eb71049d
Tarantula2005-04-06d1t3.flac: Decd4c8ff76c8bec07fdc6a727976e3d
Tarantula2005-04-06d1t4.flac: 149f226fb7c16fff01b4f8e6d395de78

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flac16; Source: ADK... (2) flac16; Source: MG... (2)
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12/15/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

I also re-ordered the textfile to put the MMW show info at the top, rather than the opening band's show info -- this fileset circulated with both bands' performances.
02/14/2012 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates; its checksums are noted on this source entry.