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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/01/01
Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-md5 , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 976.37 MB (1023797323 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Source: FOB ADX50 (xy90) > DAP1 > TopperDAW > DP4.51 > flac 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX
May 1/2001

Source:  FOB ADX50 (xy90) > DAP1 > TopperDAW > DP4.51 > flac
Recorded By: Wildeyes
Transfered By: Wildeyes

Disc 1 (Set 1)
01.  [09:06] - We Are Rolling >
02.  [06:39] - Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus# >
03.  [10:21] - Coconut Boogaloo
04.  [09:24] - The Dropper >
05.  [08:19] - The Lover >
06.  [04:08] - Bass Solo >
07.  [12:11] - Shacklyn Nights > Open Improv [@9:18] >
08.  [07:51] - Partido Alto

Disc 2 (Set 2)
01.  [10:04] - Macha
02.  [07:08] - Note Bleu# >
03.  [05:34] - Open Improv* > Hermeto's Daydream* [@2:39] >
04.  [04:48] - Hermeto's Daydream cont'd* >
05.  [05:25] - Brigas Nuncas Mais >
06.  [14:05] - Big Time > Drum Solo [@8:20] >
Disc 3 (Set 2 con't)
01.  [10:56] - Toy Dancing >
02.  [06:04] - Crosstown Traffic >
03.  [08:14] - Hey Joe >
04.  [10:38] - Chubb Subb
05.  [12:33] - Bass Solo > Swamp Road

# begins at end of previous track
* with "Bad Ass" Dominick Placco on trumpet (bus driver)

It has been noted that this show was "w/ DJ Rodriguez" -- Billy announces him at the end of the show, when also mentioning Dominick having played trumpet mid-set, but NOT at the end of Set I so most likely the DJ plays in Set II, if at all. HOWEVER, after re-listening I do NOT hear a DJ present *during* the show. I think perhaps he just spun before/inbetween sets and that's what Billy is thanking him for -- Billy does call him a "special guest" who is on the road with Karl Denson though, so this would seem to indicate he played during the show. If somebody at the show can verify whether DJ Rodriguez actually sat in with the band, that would be great, but based on listening I don't hear him.
(note by dug)
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mmw_2001_05_01_d01t08.flac: fe1a157dc2af09cc21a6a8248fac78af
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t06.flac: 0e010968bc75fc104cda411f4520fa74
mmw_2001_05_01_d03t01.flac: 7dde2170201307e1af4062d8297b9cc9
mmw_2001_05_01_d03t04.flac: a28b5ec12fa3fe8c44a6dace30a335d7
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t01.flac: c7a5b484de4fbb0be224332ebff01e76
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t03.flac: d5ee8b0ed654988f3985985f781c312e
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t04.flac: d1a2ed10de501476d54a084622bb3e8a
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t07.flac: b9d19f1b4ae1c0be8c28dab4c29aec3b
mmw_2001_05_01_d03t02.flac: 4af975c1430db08ad909d85eefdd04a4
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t01.flac: b3bfe457f9aa52c32d71bd5fae6ea2f7
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t06.flac: 96e3c646476302daaa3351766bfd872d
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t02.flac: 5ba40b768599e6ddee9cf210dd4f7b6e
mmw_2001_05_01_d03t05.flac: f06dea646b060f5be4288708e351018e
mmw_2001_05_01_d01t05.flac: b683a6ba591e5e9696ac1e8fbc95869c
mmw_2001_05_01_d03t03.flac: 5725c47a619a50ee081eb2bbf5e5af11
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t04.flac: 9afa6ce8cfc932221471f59d50bf5b0d
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t03.flac: c32805182b203b9429eeb6d785c896a4
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t02.flac: 4a916953470b5cf0f7da3f06ff44a336
mmw_2001_05_01_d02t05.flac: 37239a15f5b17cddd433cdf0a016c338
c70bb44bc8b59be3da590b21db493326 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t01.flac
97d007bd8795ccbc548b19c5b2b96a8f *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t02.flac
1c68745cc010412be9a07eb0920fc3d6 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t03.flac
a269ce0cceb289afa0212352ac0f443e *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t04.flac
7c82557dad83337bccddd9d8dbdfe622 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t05.flac
4fe6b2d69261e6bee8f3ffb5f243bd47 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t06.flac
20c42391b14bbc1bea91c200a6b776f9 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t07.flac
5ee6323f46384258791c035556b5b4e0 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t08.flac
6de9cd6b016877744f51e9d26725f67c *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t01.flac
b182eeb2f713b343bf8a169b7e38f583 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t02.flac
6fcd9e1e99902c67a967556ef5ea5d07 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t03.flac
6e98f1232b0f9cecfaba47614ecee00d *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t04.flac
9472bd5fee1f057251dbdf9ff6a4448a *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t05.flac
9a16a50267d15afc73820db6f18f1799 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t06.flac
41cb9f0fc4ebdc6ea27c9c7880bc336f *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t01.flac
3ba133c10f57fca84c31e2f281cf86ce *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t02.flac
742b0beba091d511f4390691d145546d *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t03.flac
04357cdea658a047394bfbc2f890f49b *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t04.flac
e97f9ae369bdbd5a79a98f2bc3e174fd *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t05.flac
b3bfe457f9aa52c32d71bd5fae6ea2f7 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t01.flac
5ba40b768599e6ddee9cf210dd4f7b6e [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t02.flac
d5ee8b0ed654988f3985985f781c312e [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t03.flac
d1a2ed10de501476d54a084622bb3e8a [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t04.flac
b683a6ba591e5e9696ac1e8fbc95869c [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t05.flac
96e3c646476302daaa3351766bfd872d [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t06.flac
b9d19f1b4ae1c0be8c28dab4c29aec3b [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t07.flac
fe1a157dc2af09cc21a6a8248fac78af [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d01t08.flac
c7a5b484de4fbb0be224332ebff01e76 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t01.flac
4a916953470b5cf0f7da3f06ff44a336 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t02.flac
c32805182b203b9429eeb6d785c896a4 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t03.flac
9afa6ce8cfc932221471f59d50bf5b0d [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t04.flac
37239a15f5b17cddd433cdf0a016c338 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t05.flac
0e010968bc75fc104cda411f4520fa74 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d02t06.flac
7dde2170201307e1af4062d8297b9cc9 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d03t01.flac
4af975c1430db08ad909d85eefdd04a4 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d03t02.flac
5725c47a619a50ee081eb2bbf5e5af11 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d03t03.flac
a28b5ec12fa3fe8c44a6dace30a335d7 [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d03t04.flac
f06dea646b060f5be4288708e351018e [shntool] mmw_2001_05_01_d03t05.flac
161f9365b36b1ec1de58509dd31343f1 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t01.flac
1d3c74692cfe3f6b9c480d07f6e38829 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t02.flac
58e048c2d489ea76322d625d31b96b39 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t03.flac
5000780ba60d5f9d785e477dc95e5ee4 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t04.flac
17ac6f3c1d139487b94e72075a3483ab *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t05.flac
ace9a789298178b50fb7895bb5a9dce1 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t06.flac
463032dbf9a3e76bbf90a48281dcc169 *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t07.flac
d2e7fac713fdee1cdf80737089b1088c *mmw_2001_05_01_d01t08.flac
a494a48081bcef3c8bb7d3c0aaac4b08 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t01.flac
1da18c1a02f743a4250bad7e159db9c2 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t02.flac
43ffe023049c83176d3c805a583bb5c1 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t03.flac
96c6e5d5c38397055a9699722e3087fe *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t04.flac
8f5758b24b043d39ca76e6e5a86b376e *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t05.flac
d1be961eeba6968e88cbc0bc3a41a787 *mmw_2001_05_01_d02t06.flac
4700c30612370fc07e7bd7a8f45dad74 *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t01.flac
395587972737c6b6bb001280a444d53c *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t02.flac
b8ced32b3a56e64e62761e471d8e9ba5 *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t03.flac
ce4fbfad39f159cfb13a3bb3c112010c *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t04.flac
61872da3a39d108c6d290f9d9b8cf610 *mmw_2001_05_01_d03t05.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
shn; Source: Audix... (3)
Date User Comment
12/10/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

Of note: The original text file listed a 7th track on Disc 2 called La Femme D'Argent Jam, but there are ONLY 6 tracks on the disc and in the FFP, and there's nothing missing. Not sure if this was in reference to the ending portion of Big Time and just never got tracked out before seeding but all I hear is the ending of Big Time going into the Drum Solo that finishes the disc, and then Toy Dancing begins -- I repeat, NOTHING is missing here, there was just a non-existent track listed in the original track list.

Also, DJ Rodriguez was noted as appearing, and Billy does announce his name at the end of the show but I do NOT hear him in my sample listening -- I'll comb the show more closely and post back. Since Billy announces at the end of the show I would presume the DJ was not on stage during Set I, but perhaps he only spun before and between sets ?? I'm not sure ...
12/10/2010 duggy Actually, Ross' textfile for the other source did NOT note the DJ (I added it based off this source's text file). So, that might be a clue that the DJ did not actually play with the band.

Also, I altered the start of Disc 2 track 3's name from Illinization to Open Improv as I don't believe it's the tune; it's more of an open intro to Hermeto's.
11/10/2012 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.

I`ve added a more detailed note to the textfile above about whether or not DJ Rodriguez played that night.