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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/11/02
Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; FOB ADX50 (xy90) > DAP1 > TopperDAW > DP4.51 > flac 
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MMW 05-11-2002
Stubb's BBQ Outside
Austin, TX

Source:  FOB ADX50 (xy90) > DAP1 > TopperDAW > DP4.51 > flac
Recorded By: Wildeyes
Transfered By: Wildeyes

Disc 1 (Set 1)
1 $10 High
2 Open> First Time> Open>
3 Your Name is Snake Anthony
4 Big Time> Drums
5 Lifeblood>
6 Bass Solo>
7 Bemsha/ Lively Up

Disc 2 (Set 2- 80 min disc)
1 Blue Pepper
2 Wiggley's Way
3 Hey Hee Hi Ho
4 The Dropper
5 Fire>
6 Smoke
7 Uninvisible
8 Pappy Check>
9 Think
10 Shacklyn Nights
11 I Wanna Ride You
Show Checksums
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t02.flac: 7e0d6b87096dbdb626e27d83f0a2d12c
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t03.flac: f421857436b83d445b9672aec87b3974
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t04.flac: 4db3b82c4377d11323fe373c90dae818
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t06.flac: f132a7c013e7e7f6cc5c5a8f794a9ba1
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t05.flac: 1ab8010a32122f7373da1213cf1da8ef
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t07.flac: aa80ccf693424ed688ebde34874322fc
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t11.flac: d4e6b9f2ee7da2c5a29ed1b1d5241049
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t05.flac: d6e8af0397cf844f038a506834df1757
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t08.flac: b1550a7797ab684bf1892764ec0f8bff
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t09.flac: 9ad8ad6f6dcf801e857a869c8b537279
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t04.flac: 873e8139bb56a91dcec988b98d9b5644
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t01.flac: 00457634910167c55840fb835eada71f
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t01.flac: 795c127634ddc15476d3179427b4cb08
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t10.flac: 8e83bd3882966e5575a5625c48b85bd4
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t03.flac: 2a569a4c503c3df70df23fbccf7b6566
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t02.flac: 91f4e6134934acf7583689a6899eb8b3
mmw_2002_05_11_d01t07.flac: 7e867d6cfa2301e735a9bf87d6f98c4f
mmw_2002_05_11_d02t06.flac: ac731d71ad0ccc8340869a727e01de91

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