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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/14/05
The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac16-ffp , flac16-ffp-fixed , flac16-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neuman Km-140 > Mp-2 > Sbm-1 (w/ Oade 24b Mod) > D-7 @48khz; D-7 Coax > Prodif32 > Samplitude (48>44.1, Track Id's, Fades)>.wav>.flac; Taped & Converted By Chris Mescia 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
April 14/2005 (Thursday)

Recorded at the front lip of the bar on the step up 14ft ORTF
Neuman KM-140 > MP-2 > SBM-1 (w/ Oade 24b mod) > D-7 @48kHz
Converted D-7 Coax > Prodif32 > Samplitude (48>44.1, Track ID's, fades)>.wav>.flac

Taped, converted, and seeded by Chris Mescia [email protected] 4/16/05

Disc 1
Set 1
01.  [10:33] - Improv > Open Improv [@6:51] >
02.  [08:46] - Improv > Intro to [@8:03] >
03.  [08:51] - End Of The World Party
04.  [16:34] - Sasa > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus [@8:18] >
05.  [04:16] - What'd I Say Improv# >
06.  [07:03] - Paris
Encore (Filler)
07.  [08:16] - Olde Wyne

Disc 2
Set 2
01.  [09:43] - Moanin' > Tubby [@5:27] >
02.  [08:33] - The Lover >
03.  [09:17] - Open Intro > New Planet >
04.  [04:04] - Improv Intro >
05.  [10:58] - Curtis >
06.  [04:10] - Drum Solo >
07.  [09:06] - Pocket Knife >
08.  [07:30] - Reflector >
09.  [01:54] - Drum Solo >
10.  [05:11] - Reflector cont'd^ >
11.  [08:53] - Bubblehouse

# John is not really playing the melody, but the structure of this is *exactly* the same!
^ audience clapping carries into the band starting Bubblehouse on the next track

This show turned out great, with Chris's acoustic coming through loud and the show it was louder than his electric!  The band was in synch and playing tight grooves all night.

Billy Martin sings during d? t?

Bubblehouse was a nice 'rarity'.

several tunes off EOTWP, dracula, etc were played, but I cant get the whole setlist.
please send any help to [email protected] and I will repost with the corrected setlists.  If you get bumped off this torrent in next couple days, hit it again later and leave the folder as is on your drive.  It should pick right up with a new .txt file added with the full show info.  This was I can get it out to you quicker....


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b619706aadd55c430b1e994fb3499995 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t01.flac
1d7fabff5726322cf4dabc5f6f7654fb [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t02.flac
53fd6dcd9b29a4da80789f00a3a4b1d9 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t03.flac
3712e85b10726e633f180f08b544d4f7 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t04.flac
532c297635fed5337ed80b14de5d13cc [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t05.flac
fd9f63a8d0a2771480947277d3da46d6 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t06.flac
6d6d61cdc772a39bdec58317db5ce721 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t07.flac
c9be6e1ec92f021ec4d159773c7225a9 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t01.flac
367f145e838cb46cb74c12ec0eac6034 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t02.flac
db35dc525306d1f4cdb384a3ef6285d1 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t03.flac
9611f4225cac41488ddd5cb39e457a77 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t04.flac
1687efe6265e35af768f2468f1e050d5 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t05.flac
8f8d193cad918d9b8fe9450c6b9bf228 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t06.flac
99d3eaa9ce4823526ecc257dde871ed7 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t07.flac
0d01399759dddc6c298ef1b96359f3f9 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t08.flac
d5ad288b7c6361230348f39692e9f19a [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t09.flac
e00af69ec814af59b4cb1f05b0c46589 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t10.flac
07430a0223b8be21ba0024fe061d3fa3 [shntool] mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t11.flac
bdbdb686267e3a8ff55b01592e86c1e1 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t01.flac
36335d037b5b30773f0b0011b7e6d65b *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t02.flac
7377defadbac4a069001dbc1bec74fbd *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t03.flac
4a101d2a28ba06eb399aadbe2c0a3a9d *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t04.flac
c9414686d76bbafeac78b124d59b4057 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t05.flac
616f04e0888c0bd9e300446d180242b5 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t06.flac
0a42f75d3e881198eaaaa2aeb778f1c1 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d1t07.flac
876ac8cd298b3fa419980597a7705024 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t01.flac
d80197f64d51024f7f5ac4a0c7edc78d *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t02.flac
531a6c22ad964f6cf56a06fe382004f4 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t03.flac
b38a6f93e01abeb84a16980f9354d626 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t04.flac
e116683e885c802b6ebaf2391e30ca0c *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t05.flac
bd00d6a02ef55abff0a8142929698626 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t06.flac
446fb7071e8b26357ac9f06204ffaac8 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t07.flac
dd071e6623e63eacc190294bc37afcc1 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t08.flac
afff76b8973d9970920e0f6978d5519c *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t09.flac
98be90fbadc22d64958d9e3ca1e87dc9 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t10.flac
b710a45fc1bc6062130a8227fd53a3f8 *mmw2005-04-14.neumann-km140.29049.flac16\mmw2005-04-14d2t11.flac

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Date User Comment
06/16/2005 duggy d2t07 = Pocket Knife (NOT Afro Blue)
06/16/2005 duggy Sorry, should have included this:
d2t10 = Reflector (reprise) - it's just the return to the ending of the tune and this is one of the more interesting returns...slows right down....
01/30/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

Noted that d1t05 is like an improvisation built around What'd I Say -- but it's like they're trying to NOT play the actual tune! HA!

Also noted that the audience clapping out of the end of Reflector carries us into the set closing Bubblehouse -- sounds like a cool moment for being there!