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Phish 05/14/94
Montezuma Hall, San Diego, CA
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; Nakamichi cm300/cp2's > Sony TCD-D7 > ??? > DAT(c); DAT(c) > Technics SV-260A > ??? > CDWave > SHN; Source by by Robert Ward; Transfer by Linda Webster 
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Phish - 5-14-94
Montezuma Hall, San Diego CA

Welcome to my masterclone copy of this show.
*Unfortunately it has 1 minor issue.*
Disc 1 Track 1(Llama) has a slight hiccup
somewhere around 1:19-1:20.It is so minimal,
you will barely notice, but you will notice.
I usually would not seed an issued show,but for
this one I will make an exception for the
following reasons:
1}To my knowledge there is not another copy on
DAT available.
2}The issue is so minor and this is such a good
show,it does not deserve to be shelved.
With that said, don't shy away from this show
just because of a split second issue, the 2nd set
is VERY HOT!!!!!!!!

This show was taped by by my friend,
Robert Ward from San Jose CA.
Here's his setup:
NAK 300 Omnis>D-7>DAT.

I have no clue how he mastercloned it for me.

Their journey to SHN:
Disc 1 spent a little time in the Cool Edit
to repair the LLama issue,it was much worse
then the issue you will notice.
I have used the MKW audio compression tool.
These Shn files are seekable in your SHNamp.
Also,I have included the md5 for the wav files,
please use it to verify yours.
Please use the audio file provided when
trading in the audio format.

Linda Webster
My "Dat Only List" aka My "SHN Only List".

Disc 1 Set 1
{3}Down with Disease(7:17:74),{4}Fee(5:51:59),
{5}Reba(14:21:49),{6}Sample in a Jar(4:47:55),
{7}My Sweet One(3:31:44),{8}Ginseng Sullivan(3:43:19),
{9}David Bowie(11:28:33).
TOTAL: 61:03:62
*see note at the top of the page.

Disc 2 Set 2
{1}Curtain(5:41:70),{2}Mike's Song(12:21:36),
{3}Hydrogen(3:13:18),{4}Weekapaug Groove(5:13:60),
{5}TMWSIY(3:51:02),{6}Avenu Malkenu(3:00:39),
{9}Fast Enough For You(5:20:67),{10}Lizards(9:58:48),
{11}Cavern(6:46:24),{12}E: Bold As Love(4:41:01).
TOTAL: 68:46:41

Show Checksums
587b3815467c6085c35a7ba260463cdd *ph1994-05-14d1t01.shn
004bfb96aca92c786cd5325b084c777f *ph1994-05-14d1t02.shn
703287d21590a28ec64e5825a5c7bfd7 *ph1994-05-14d1t03.shn
9ab1311d2bf627bfe0ee4f3d9d05db94 *ph1994-05-14d1t04.shn
5142b1756436d94ff9c0bbb33b39b04b *ph1994-05-14d1t05.shn
a77c53980932a6de055b826ac44a347a *ph1994-05-14d1t06.shn
9e435ece2b3bfece1f5f510295b42ddf *ph1994-05-14d1t07.shn
86d93d6ffe7f29337332d5c50b91f15d *ph1994-05-14d1t08.shn
35e0ee987f1906854d6798ee55ff6954 *ph1994-05-14d1t09.shn
039aa76e2c93c0b148619fd907bb1053 *ph1994-05-14d2t01.shn
5a8d84e20fae0aad3600a146403c4275 *ph1994-05-14d2t02.shn
8be03c068e22ed5aeccc1e872ce91f7c *ph1994-05-14d2t03.shn
8a10cf3c023b226dbd51d1bf6727fa32 *ph1994-05-14d2t04.shn
1bf144badf2f8be308a2c95a27c3fde2 *ph1994-05-14d2t05.shn
8a4e46026e39a6ad7603fd36fbd34393 *ph1994-05-14d2t06.shn
0cad28178e78871542f6fd996d01c7dc *ph1994-05-14d2t07.shn
ab91df45d4a0c2059b9d4e5a4766a64a *ph1994-05-14d2t08.shn
ad0af8d2f7de03bdcbf684fa2d078e23 *ph1994-05-14d2t09.shn
508efbbb43f0f119ccd88ea51b963cc7 *ph1994-05-14d2t10.shn
2d4900a99db6af89b1dde521b94ee27f *ph1994-05-14d2t11.shn
9e58adcf8abb3837efb1a9d48692f4a1 *ph1994-05-14d2t12.shn
17f493405e436eae39c1a7537959826a *ph1994-05-14d1t01.wav
5ab251ea9303be68808c1d15a91d91a1 *ph1994-05-14d1t02.wav
b76dd530decc05518af1202d5bfbfeea *ph1994-05-14d1t03.wav
74d73689ed172ab495a46d5fb1002407 *ph1994-05-14d1t04.wav
3e2d54e16eed3d3617db6fb6683123de *ph1994-05-14d1t05.wav
665d3434af57cee4928610f715cb0570 *ph1994-05-14d1t06.wav
12b46606244f5f227b899c8eb96dac32 *ph1994-05-14d1t07.wav
d66aed73540e6ea8103009a02ec4b2ea *ph1994-05-14d1t08.wav
ef51affe2dfdb3bd4d8903e7752d88cf *ph1994-05-14d1t09.wav
76ccca6fbc101953da8914c9aa2f9b05 *ph1994-05-14d2t01.wav
12c4f85f828242c2ecfcfa4ce6f15e33 *ph1994-05-14d2t02.wav
0bc4bffa3f418c6398206e7148f47480 *ph1994-05-14d2t03.wav
235c07b2e26dbc5e3094d60fe90c01a1 *ph1994-05-14d2t04.wav
5dd24360ab7e5f87dd2a0c2d75f33b1e *ph1994-05-14d2t05.wav
0a2be1fc703e2542b91ed766cf3fe574 *ph1994-05-14d2t06.wav
e3d7c34e8676e287e960526ea2d2ac3d *ph1994-05-14d2t07.wav
bdae5baff816b21728bcc545b21f45b7 *ph1994-05-14d2t08.wav
3fa47944622356333f6edd76c16ccd59 *ph1994-05-14d2t09.wav
4f503809d3d1d7563480532a24def0bf *ph1994-05-14d2t10.wav
2bf3c4aeb7ee75250d9212eff10a6269 *ph1994-05-14d2t11.wav
ceac71772484be4b920c894584fc2a0e *ph1994-05-14d2t12.wav

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01/20/2004 Jim Raras How is the overall sound quality on this one? I have a 460 master>clone but don't want to xfer if this one's good.