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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/08/05
House of Blues, Cleveland, OH
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-md5 , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neumann AK50/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V2 > AM Excalibur IIs > Apogee Minime@16/44.1 > Powerbook G4 (right of SBD/ORTF); Sound Studio 2.1 > AIFF > xACT > FLAC; Taped & converted by Jeff Kennedy 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
April 8th, 2005
HOB, Cleveland, OH

One Set (Tarantula opened)

Disc One
01.  [05:03] - Moanin' >
02.  [04:10] - Olde Wyne >
03.  [04:11] - Caravan >
04.  [05:57] - Piano Intro > Brigas Nunca Mais >
05.  [04:55] - Improv >
06.  [09:08] - Improv > Bass Solo* [@5:42] >
07.  [07:08] - New Planet

Disc Two
01.  [08:49] - Open Intro > Sasa [@2:55] >
02.  [11:38] - Lonely Avenue >
03.  [06:28] - Drum Solo >
04.  [09:21] - Improv >
05.  [09:59] - Improv >
06.  [07:47] - The Letter
07.  [10:14] - End Of The World Party
08.  [08:35] - Paris

* Billy & John join in during last minute or so

Notes: chatty bar crowd, not an ideal venue for seeing MMW or taping by any means, but an amazing performance nonetheless. cleveland rocks, but the HOB sure as hell doesn't. enjoy

source: Neumann AK50/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V2 > AM Excalibur IIs > Apogee Minime@16/44.1 > Powerbook G4 (right of SBD/ORTF)
conversion: Sound Studio 2.1 > AIFF > xACT > FLAC
taped & converted by Jeff Kennedy

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mmw2005-04-08d1t1.flac: d35c95ec7a3059106d5ef812a69dfa2d
mmw2005-04-08d1t2.flac: b09994d1d22ad10c72cbb5207897f69b
mmw2005-04-08d1t3.flac: 8233d4d26b933d525e28d5f3440fab80
mmw2005-04-08d1t4.flac: 1ef832672a73482ef4ce14f85a683e34
mmw2005-04-08d1t5.flac: 84537aa88fa9f02ac02ab0942ab77a5f
mmw2005-04-08d1t6.flac: 9288a446cb78bf74e81a27b30dd2fdc6
mmw2005-04-08d1t7.flac: a6396dace41e6611df70280a1b978a0c
mmw2005-04-08d2t1.flac: dd5e5e05adaf7c9ea71d73ed241f72d2
mmw2005-04-08d2t2.flac: e5ecbeafdb7800e070924f6fdcb2e041
mmw2005-04-08d2t3.flac: 74d17ce4723dda5a08695263bdca5299
mmw2005-04-08d2t4.flac: 90aab4d9d3736e2d63ea2458ce1fef3f
mmw2005-04-08d2t5.flac: bae8ee4fa4c60dfed0a7ec39a6f7b71a
mmw2005-04-08d2t6.flac: f929ad26eb50318237a850a849d9c4c7
mmw2005-04-08d2t7.flac: 54dccdc512b932e1d00b01e53389418b
mmw2005-04-08d2t8.flac: 09333bd23a352bdc24207ce1d0517d41
d87e2133fe88aaf285807760fd401f53 *mmw2005-04-08d1t1.flac
0f802e6276334c34573db7ee8f99df0f *mmw2005-04-08d1t2.flac
b19c61bb5bf2d0c57f192ecce5d4f1d5 *mmw2005-04-08d1t3.flac
3cb3d3fc9d469e3999266fdf66038eef *mmw2005-04-08d1t4.flac
00e15464e8d33dd9fbc173af2c49e444 *mmw2005-04-08d1t5.flac
f977f807bab4abea607c30784b959e2f *mmw2005-04-08d1t6.flac
6dae6d938215ea42455f57b8ddde48f1 *mmw2005-04-08d1t7.flac
6aa04c68bd41fe1c7de56de29171109b *mmw2005-04-08d2t1.flac
c0ecce3d4441f8e16349f8a87c469215 *mmw2005-04-08d2t2.flac
1e296d014a716f6381991e5b3a9762a7 *mmw2005-04-08d2t3.flac
5394d986c5ad5c4c896fd9a6d49e2b03 *mmw2005-04-08d2t4.flac
43504df622c422515cb1239f2d9c0936 *mmw2005-04-08d2t5.flac
8159a2b52a603163bde8df9c18ca7a17 *mmw2005-04-08d2t6.flac
c2f2aefabcafa9ca8590a3a8da338274 *mmw2005-04-08d2t7.flac
b128dc9a9db0294f20cffe7ab80753a3 *mmw2005-04-08d2t8.flac
d35c95ec7a3059106d5ef812a69dfa2d [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t1.flac
b09994d1d22ad10c72cbb5207897f69b [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t2.flac
8233d4d26b933d525e28d5f3440fab80 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t3.flac
1ef832672a73482ef4ce14f85a683e34 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t4.flac
84537aa88fa9f02ac02ab0942ab77a5f [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t5.flac
9288a446cb78bf74e81a27b30dd2fdc6 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t6.flac
a6396dace41e6611df70280a1b978a0c [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d1t7.flac
dd5e5e05adaf7c9ea71d73ed241f72d2 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t1.flac
e5ecbeafdb7800e070924f6fdcb2e041 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t2.flac
74d17ce4723dda5a08695263bdca5299 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t3.flac
90aab4d9d3736e2d63ea2458ce1fef3f [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t4.flac
bae8ee4fa4c60dfed0a7ec39a6f7b71a [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t5.flac
f929ad26eb50318237a850a849d9c4c7 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t6.flac
54dccdc512b932e1d00b01e53389418b [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t7.flac
09333bd23a352bdc24207ce1d0517d41 [shntool] mmw2005-04-08d2t8.flac
f2c65f1859afbeca3bf96a4eea54dbef *mmw2005-04-08d1t1.flac
e5174049bf0db7c1f944a81f28c4ebaf *mmw2005-04-08d1t2.flac
159a06dde04082e14c3291fbef9b49eb *mmw2005-04-08d1t3.flac
9eced38d01bffe2a3dad4533bfa51c49 *mmw2005-04-08d1t4.flac
cc6fe5f64d91d92b42bdedb68ff9b54d *mmw2005-04-08d1t5.flac
1abebeb2ff45ad211b6a27f125b50f5c *mmw2005-04-08d1t6.flac
8b01e44fb93ff1806262481cf7de8b75 *mmw2005-04-08d1t7.flac
0af6072e6bef73efc9c8848b46adc3a5 *mmw2005-04-08d2t1.flac
5665c132df88f61e7e3e272a96906b67 *mmw2005-04-08d2t2.flac
e99c7642f06017704404771283a795fb *mmw2005-04-08d2t3.flac
0fd3dad3531651c1c1f3da615a9c3fb4 *mmw2005-04-08d2t4.flac
b4c34e4265b713395264e95d8bea9e27 *mmw2005-04-08d2t5.flac
ccd428259701f91b01e3c2e841558f50 *mmw2005-04-08d2t6.flac
7c1464cf6e08782c81b7585e6fc1fa44 *mmw2005-04-08d2t7.flac
9ea7d5a045d644b4192668867f14a87c *mmw2005-04-08d2t8.flac

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01/13/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)
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