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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/07/02
HIgh Falls, Rochester, NY
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) MBHO KA200n (ORTF)> actives> 603a bodies> Sound Devices MP-2> Midiman Flying Calf AD-20> Sony D8 (Dead Center, 30' from stage (Sweet Spot), mics at about 6' on stand); Sony D8> VXPocket> Wavelab (16/48>44.1)> Cdwav> FLAC; Taped/transferred by Mike Haley 
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Medeski, Martin, and Wood
Rochester International Jazz Fest, High Falls Site
Rochester, NY

Source: (FOB) MBHO KA200n (ORTF)> actives> 603a bodies> Sound Devices MP-2> Midiman Flying Calf AD-20> Sony D8

Transfer: Sony D8> VXPocket> Wavelab (16/48>44.1)> Cdwav> FLAC

Location: Dead Center, 30' from stage (Sweet Spot), mics at about 6' on stand
Taped/transfered: Mike Haley ([email protected])

Disc 1:
01 - 08:24 - Uninvisable ->
02 - 05:29 - Ten Dollar High ->
03 - 17:12 - LCTDT
04 - 06:16 - Pappy Check ->
05 - 07:29 - Partido Alto ->
06 - 04:22 - Fire ->
07 - 04:22 - Smoke*
08 - 06:14 - I Wanna Ride You
09 - 01:16 - Encore Break
10 - 09:08 - Bemsha -> Lively Up Yourself
Total: 70:12

* 3 second dropout on tape at 1:43

Stand leg was kicked right at beginning of Uninvisable.
The random pops heard are fireworks that went off during the show.
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mmw2002-06-07d1t01.flac: 024df16277e71d68e0c89515e9cab5bd
mmw2002-06-07d1t02.flac: 5bf448e2af45f2ef49bf6f79c85c2528
mmw2002-06-07d1t03.flac: 329797efa89612dfb68e8c3bf94a520a
mmw2002-06-07d1t04.flac: 6b715cce4205fe3c1748570cb31c5233
mmw2002-06-07d1t05.flac: d8cd6930e293ce670e06ab2910dd65e3
mmw2002-06-07d1t06.flac: 58b317ee899ab787a8454d02a8befba8
mmw2002-06-07d1t07.flac: 047f7e4022787b04182a66322f0c0aee
mmw2002-06-07d1t08.flac: 43d463115abf81afaf2884f7fbf428a2
mmw2002-06-07d1t09.flac: 5061a5ab6964f43b5dbb6e0dbb7a496d
mmw2002-06-07d1t10.flac: ccff3fcc41d2219fae1f1b88f75d1616

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Schoeps MK4/CMC6->MP-2->Mod... (3) flac16; AKG C1000s >... (0)
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02/12/2011 mikeloco41 how the hell do I download this?
02/12/2011 mikeloco41 where can i download this?
02/17/2011 duggy You need to find somebody with a copy, or ask nicely for somebody to share it -- db.etree contains ABSOLUTELY NO MUSIC WHATSOEVER!!! This is merely a database archiving show and source information, not the music.

MMW do NOT allow their music to be stored online.
02/17/2011 duggy Oh, I should also point out that we are running The Shack Project over on and this show will be seeded some time in the coming months as I make my way seeding shows, in order per year, from 2001-2007 ... I'm 6-7 seeds in on each year and trucking ahead.