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Phish 12/30/93
Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary DTS Audio 5.1 mix based on this source 
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Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME
December 30, 1993

DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 [12:23] David Bowie
02 [05:21] Weigh
03 [06:20] The Curtain >
04 [05:03] Sample in a Jar
05 [04:19] Paul and Silas
06 [11:55] Colonel Forbin's Ascent >
07 [06:31] Famous Mockingbird >
08 [06:00] Rift >
09 [11:09] Bathtub Gin
10 [04:16] Freebird
TT [73:16]

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 [03:27] Also Sprach Zarathustra >
02 [12:15] Mike's Song->
03 [02:16] The Horse->
04 [04:45] Silent in the Morning
05 [07:11] Punch You in the Eye >
06 [08:53] McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters >
07 [07:31] Weekapaug Groove (with Vocal Jam)
08 [05:31] Purple Rain >
09 [01:15] HYHU
10 [10:15] Slave to the Traffic Light
11 [02:22] Rocky Top >
12 [06:12] Good Times Bad Times
TT [71:51]


Source Info

Source: SBD > DAT > Cassette > DAT

Taper: Eliot Byron
Source: FOB Schoeps cmc5/mk4 -> Sonosax -> AD500 -> D10 @48K


Tech notes

I used EAC in secure mode to extract all tracks at 100%
no reported errors.  Cool Edit Pro 2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources.  CEP2.0 used to adjust the volume
for the SBD, AUD, center and LFE channels.  Surcode CD Pro
DTS was used to encode to DTS.
- Mixed by [email protected]
- Shn conversion done by [email protected] 9-JLY-2004
- Artwork by [email protected] 300dpi - For best results
print at the highest resolution onto glossy photo paper.
Design for use with a clear slim double jewel case.


DTS-Audio-CD Info

Front Left Left Channel SBD > DAT > Cassette > DAT
Front Right Right Channel SBD > DAT > Cassette > DAT
Center Mixed to mono -5db SBD > DAT > Cass > DAT
Surround Left Left Channel Schoeps cmc5/mk4 -> Sonosax
Surround Right Right Channel Schoeps cmc5/mk4 -> Sonosax
Sub/LFE Mixed to mono -4db SBD > DAT > Cass > DAT



Both sources were recorded quite low.  I raised the levels
on the SBD 3db. I raised the levels on the AUD 4.5db.

Fade in/outs applied to the start and end of both discs.

Missing 0:02.888 crowd on SBD source between Weekapaug Groove
and Purple Rain (cassette flip).  AUD trimmed accordingly to
match. This is smooth and most likely undetectable.

Missing 02:27.000 crowd on SBD source between last song
and the encores.  AUD trimmed accordingly to match with 10
second crossfade.  Smooth but ever so slightly detectable.


More On DTS

Today's audio standards are moving towards multi-channel
sound, like DTS and Dolby Digital.  While the Audio-CD
standard (Red Book) hasn't changed to accommodate these
new sound formats, it is still possible to go around the
specification and to put a 5.1 surround recording on a
regular Audio-CD.  To play a DTS-Audio-CD you must connect
your DVD/CD player via a digital cable (optical or coaxial)
to your DTS Dolby-Digital receiver. It is not 100% sure
that your receiver will recognize a DTS-Audio CD, so the
first time you're trying to playback a DTS-Audio-CD you
must do a test to determine if it can. Begin with the
volume very low, start the disc and raise the volume
gradually. NEVER listen to a DTS-Audio-CD through the
analogue audio outputs of your CD/DVD player.

Burning Instructions
Burn them the absolute same way as you would burn any
normal Audio-CD from .shn files.


More Info On the SBD Source

Source: SBD > Panasonic 3700 (master DAT);
Master DAT played back on 3700 > Tascam pro analog deck
(1st gen cass); Playback of 1st gen cass on Nak CR3A >
Sony DTC700 @48kHz Master (from Sony DTC700) used in
below transfer

Conversion: R500 > Canare Coax > Sek'd Prodif Plus >
Soundforge 5.0  (fade in/out/edits/48>44.1 at highest
setting[4of4] with anti-alias filter) > CD Wave > SHNv3
via Monkey's/md5sum.exe (shn files have seek tables appended)
**No DAE at all**

Transfer was done twice, then inverted over itself to
determine transfer errors. No errors were present or the
errors that were present were inaudible and due to differing
error correction on the DAT playbacks not transfer errors.

Detailed info: This was the seed for the tree in
early 1994; see google files (txt) contained in this file
set for more info. During this show there was occasional
distortion in one of the drum channels--due to either a mic
or mixer. This ispresent in all versions of the show, as it
came through the PA. This same noise is also present in the
8/20/93 Red Rocks SBD.

Minor Edits: Fades in/out beg/end of sets--5 sec in all
cases All of the below was done at the 48k level, so there
are edited
Show Checksums
643c971e98335133a29d50cb81d7996e *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t01.shn
2c66d2ad70ebe24c75b12288d9ae616f *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t02.shn
41bb5635dd54a5fc205fe0d502a080da *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t03.shn
85be4a168afebf8d8f1194fb73ae95ad *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t04.shn
a96bf2a0d5d2af9bbe21fe6b978e59d0 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t05.shn
5848244bb67528b88fbc7ffc5fa2d369 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t06.shn
6d76cb5bd7f4c8f667534277cb36b342 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t07.shn
dc4bb6562b5d3bbbd51264e35d76b8c1 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t08.shn
d5d77d1b84866e5442e881f83927de5d *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t09.shn
baa415a3365802f03ef766a7c16e48c4 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t10.shn
87dc034442d69ff0254c5475a899dc2f *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t01.shn
a5aa75f2eca0f408865e7b9b4c54ef4d *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t02.shn
eb18d1f8d362094839142a83f8e8fbea *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t03.shn
ed2bbff184824b40741c1226c2c856e1 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t04.shn
09b1dc644f95f715d54f51570ec087b8 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t05.shn
2341176cc701237e8801cf78725251c7 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t06.shn
ab26654c96117e69035ba4245711e1e6 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t07.shn
1aa0faf5b416409d143a9bc87a7e32cc *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t08.shn
8114b5f49d7b07f9ac7c63e54cdf87fa *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t09.shn
01be04c2df053c0b4e3367b4a79ac071 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t10.shn
afc96e83c2a14890ff129faf3d41bf50 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t11.shn
10a59130e2a9bae7102bb66598c57cf0 *phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t12.shn
42b0b48bd993e35daefe817a21a822d7 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t01.shn
3b2b459c0d810d24d60aa55130b84504 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t02.shn
b266d7c3a3c508cfd84b89936e209d7d [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t03.shn
fbebf895d028e4fe3ce26b06dda4eb4c [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t04.shn
18deb8042c520df433f9a92e7a6d31e4 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t05.shn
6349c340670bb723697c91519a90cd00 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t06.shn
8be50c3cd429f0bd4e0892175e825d0e [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t07.shn
15183c507b811ca458a023863f009ef0 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t08.shn
a2eebe825ec3e55ba4e84779bb450b67 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t09.shn
62825f70e2f2d47c0ad72a7c1c784525 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d1t10.shn
f3ee8e234c6224d6b7a6bb931251a8d3 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t01.shn
335bdd0c0bc330e346487f405b375bab [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t02.shn
ef13f1e0a236e81b6c64bdf3414c98a5 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t03.shn
850484bbdfb6f98850de8088c13c7b5b [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t04.shn
5c4bae315701a980086bbe856107989e [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t05.shn
fcd54abbc7a56e1af157cb876ee1860e [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t06.shn
f9920eb2a7f392b80f8f29ee514cc855 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t07.shn
3543beaa1ed542e4697fa6a951530a81 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t08.shn
a227b36244d81aab360434111ef2859c [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t09.shn
4891dd755a6f8ecfbfbed9390d30737a [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t10.shn
9a1861951b7c1eb8139b4859fd9f94de [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t11.shn
ff609cfa19434771edfadddc2a872e50 [shntool] phish1993-12-30-dts-d2t12.shn

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