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Grateful Dead 07/07/78
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Source # 293 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD> MR> PCM> DAT, from Betty Board; DAT> CD> EAC> SHN conversion & upload by Adam Jerugim; known flaw: d3t02 d/o @ 10:14; note summary of Jason Palmer's and AJ's reports: This is not in stereo: the same channel is spread over both using a splitter technique. The channel that should contain Keith, half of Jerry, Billy, and possibly some of Phil, is missing; Keith is minimally audible. This the only SBD source available. If you have a superior source, please contact AJ. [Note: A shntool-fixed-by-set version also circulates]. ; upgrade in circulation  
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Grateful Dead
July 7th, 1978
Red Rocks - Morrison, Co.

Disc #1 (set one):  
Jack Straw
Me & My Uncle ->
Big River
Friend of the Devil
Tennessee Jed
Music Never Stopped

Disc #2 (set two):  
Cold Rain & Snow
Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire on the Mountain
Dancin' ->
Drums ->

Disc #3 (set two pt.2):
Not Fade Away -> Nobody's Jam -> Not Fade Away ->
Black Peter ->
Around & Around
E1:  U.S. Blues  
E2:  Johnny B. Goode

Updated info: SBD>MR>PCM>DAT, from Betty Board
[had been marked SBD>MR>?>DAT]

DAT>CD>EAC>SHN conversion & upload by AJ - [email protected] - 3/5/00

known flaws -
d3t02 d/o @ 10:14

Note summary of J. Palmer's and AJ's reports: This is not in stereo: the same channel
is spread over both using a splitter technique. The channel that should contain Keith,
half of Jerry, Billy, and possibly some of Phil, is missing; Keith is minimally audible.
This the only SBD source available. If you have a superior source, please contact
Jason Palmer and/or Adam Jerugim .
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5e452b4c493c30cc3d742512e7d82998 *gd78-07-07d1t06.shn
ed294c78119f61b5783a0c8171a4f230 *gd78-07-07d1t02.shn
d696b889e6705fa2b0977bb52e3fa396 *gd78-07-07d1t03.shn
2a988aa061a4c094fe0d4045a60e6364 *gd78-07-07d1t04.shn
b2444ceaf5d8abf20c11f603661fa3fe *gd78-07-07d1t05.shn
bc47d58df6dc1344c227d88baf1d9121 *gd78-07-07d1t01.shn
29c58ed15f7c2d6cf311120f0e1113e2 *gd78-07-07d1t07.shn
70ec52942fc0f67f67ac67108c32bb63 *gd78-07-07d1t08.shn
5f28d5e4c19fac144dc7da840659f7cd *gd78-07-07d1t09.shn
72836bea825ba64e17118a870dfaf557 *gd78-07-07d1t10.shn
df68768284d3b81357ee1cf69acbef5d *gd78-07-07d2t04.shn
b59dfc57b4ea0c5db0b2629e3879f9e8 *gd78-07-07d2t02.shn
02b18362a26a1fe08b7b8f2fe5d15018 *gd78-07-07d2t03.shn
61b72920057f09b2535bd406a0ccd3e9 *gd78-07-07d2t01.shn
541c773af4340b179e8dcb0192b6a84d *gd78-07-07d2t05.shn
62fd494f4fe8f39a7af5f9515c23ed64 *gd78-07-07d2t06.shn
008c962c0c5ef7f4ac01c052949015ef *gd78-07-07d2t07.shn
53acc822feb1a0807272786acf4a9a72 *gd78-07-07d3t03.shn
12b7d06dd288a11898fdfb98bd59068c *gd78-07-07d3t02.shn
ae82055e87e43b62b73bf368b15d40bd *gd78-07-07d3t01.shn
95005694803842ef1d16627e660448c5 *gd78-07-07d3t04.shn
b81dd1dd1e93efbc4b8ba7e9cc456202 *gd78-07-07d3t05.shn
51e24c39f999499a7e6f4ec045bbb8c0 *gd78-07-07d3t05-fixed.shn
17714815e5544353103ea0a1c07036f2 *gd78-07-07d1t02-fixed.shn
1132318fd9eb729874b88607a42f46eb *gd78-07-07d1t03-fixed.shn
ea1ec48a51d94331fb7e9cec4eb58b83 *gd78-07-07d1t04-fixed.shn
a8d5372ed246fd432f1cabf767bd6a19 *gd78-07-07d1t05-fixed.shn
8b450e8b881906927294a0f0036ad70f *gd78-07-07d1t06-fixed.shn
2b2782698f4d3862126f8ccd9b83a1bf *gd78-07-07d1t07-fixed.shn
b2a8db41c76cc269947ef181d331d003 *gd78-07-07d1t08-fixed.shn
70d890cfa7bfd149f9cde0c9b12e4199 *gd78-07-07d1t09-fixed.shn
9bb264129911af3bcc8a3d11faffd504 *gd78-07-07d1t10-fixed.shn
fb94963daa3da9eec14c8a613335b019 *gd78-07-07d2t01-fixed.shn
e25f0df21a76b9361b436986049d1623 *gd78-07-07d2t02-fixed.shn
86bcfa906f7203f3f9dcd4d1a1bce515 *gd78-07-07d2t03-fixed.shn
9308c2054ec4eca52cbe8fa0541e6936 *gd78-07-07d2t04-fixed.shn
1425d27a9b40c06b08c3f6fe17770305 *gd78-07-07d2t05-fixed.shn
5df9c00efab63c229dde25962748ee9f *gd78-07-07d2t06-fixed.shn
091db03c10a2d2724afe16753d095b3d *gd78-07-07d2t07-fixed.shn
e0e81929802b4bfb81e5438be8b5e9dc *gd78-07-07d3t01-fixed.shn
8456e9faf24025a03993872e16c15c64 *gd78-07-07d3t02-fixed.shn
3b157843e79c1f848416f163fe60838d *gd78-07-07d3t03-fixed.shn
6bdb598c1ede086e27625a06647273a3 *gd78-07-07d3t04-fixed.shn
af502185bbdf09c0d03a9d97998be932 *gd78-07-07d1t01-fixed.shn
60ed5b8fa60f3ab59e7d077523418202 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t01-fixed.shn
7db2680bfb4acec436164d01651ce79d [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t02-fixed.shn
93202a57d86d0988cdff87b30d1a8264 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t03-fixed.shn
0268a03661ea51ffc61f4ba453697709 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t04-fixed.shn
0c1f60720b167cb7b6ff18197287ba75 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t05-fixed.shn
1bf5e0f13089d02548122270b7d02a79 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t06-fixed.shn
ceb95fbc5dbde306d6dc1b15d543a4c6 [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t07-fixed.shn
adff36b4c673aa1cddfa205866fa3ded [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t08-fixed.shn
6e62ac50addbd981bdd1c2a3ce67eb0c [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t09-fixed.shn
4f682c7a843b48121409fb5746962adc [shntool] gd78-07-07d1t10-fixed.shn
e35b3eb510e8ddf49225cc0f1a7fcddf [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t01-fixed.shn
077e6239337c63d2b4679ef77d50f18a [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t02-fixed.shn
749c00224bae0e460d2a413015a13cbf [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t03-fixed.shn
5a74b27ca323cb2f81c4af714603672d [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t04-fixed.shn
bf264dd103b71b967b3de3c9a9b1982a [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t05-fixed.shn
8ccc911e7ae3ab1a4b23f64db4a71c8d [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t06-fixed.shn
cb1552f67945d83c8995c2df2e75528f [shntool] gd78-07-07d2t07-fixed.shn
dd1b5bfa6391ee1f104e0925f6debae0 [shntool] gd78-07-07d3t01-fixed.shn
fc537c69c5eca3b4db3dc5c275774414 [shntool] gd78-07-07d3t02-fixed.shn
31b60825f76964b636fe07e8ec571b23 [shntool] gd78-07-07d3t03-fixed.shn
936669b63ea8c61c9afda6a525ff3b32 [shntool] gd78-07-07d3t04-fixed.shn
824d98d3827050e19b7822424c86e53b [shntool] gd78-07-07d3t05-fixed.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source:... (1) Fix of shnid 293 - SBD> MR>... (1) flac16; AUD Source:... (0) flac16; MOTB... (0) flac16; 3-Source... (0) flac16; Mono... (0)
Date User Comment
10/22/2002 GDLIVE http download
from gdlive gd78-07-07
11/27/2004 Lewis/Klitschko Since people are complaining about this source on the torrent site, and the FOB is considered nice, stereo, and clean, perhaps this would be a prime candidate for a soundboard/FOB matrix? The notable experiments in that regard I'm told are 4/29/72, 6/26/74, and 5/8/77. Has anyone considered 7/7/78?
11/27/2004 Joe Samaritano Is this the Betty Board? I have a DAT clone from Dougal's master and don't remember any significant problems.
11/27/2004 Lewis/Klitschko I'm referring to the fact that it's mono, and the FOB is said to be a pretty stereo:

"The LAMA has a second source at

This source is identified as FOB-MAR>C>C>DAT>WAV>SHN

Having downloaded both, I prefer this one to the one seeded as I find the channel problems to be extremely annoying."

Wouldn't a combination of the mono soundboard and the stereo audience be peachy? They have apparently done that with 5/8/77 and 6/26/74, two soundboards which sound fine, and also 4/29/72 which is not so great a soundboard, but many feel was improved by the experiment.
11/29/2004 Joe Samaritano The "?" in this lineage should be PCM. This is from Betty Board fame.
12/01/2004 Diana Thanks Joe, I've updated the info here.