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Allman Brothers Band 05/21/05
Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, FL
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Source Summary Source: CM301>W/UA-5>D8 (lawn)
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Allman Brothers Band
Ford Amphitheater
Tampa, FL

From the Lawn  

  Disc 1
1) Southbound
2) Waisted Words
3) Statesborro Blues
4) Worried Down/Blues
5) Revival(extended)
6) Old Before My Time
7) Good Morning Little School Girl
8) Midnight Rider

  Disc 2
1) Black Hearted Woman
2) Melissa
3) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed>drumz
4) Jam
5) No One to Run With

6) One Way Out


  the sound from the lawn at ford amp. leaves alot to be desired, so this is echoey at times. plus there was a large group of rowdy skynyrd fans in front of me that shows up during the quieter moments. otherwise this is a very nice show.

[email protected]
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a6bf20db2b96fb70fd269cdcd89cb85c *abb2005-05-21d2t03.flac
557abe66e415789aa05bcf92dfd9a02c *abb2005-05-21d2t04.flac
fd3b1edd4560f8313b641e51a9247fe4 *abb2005-05-21d2t05.flac
9b27b95de09856ace1999063252c2e41 *abb2005-05-21d2t06.flac

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