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Ween 09/27/03
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary schoeps mk4>vms>sbm1>dap1 ; taped by pw 
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the catalyst
santa cruz, ca

schoeps mk4>vms>sbm1>dap1
taped by pw

1) Take Me Away
2) Don't Get 2 Close
3) Mr Richard Smoker
4) Wavin' my Dick in the Wind
5) Voodoo Lady
6) Bananas 'n' Blow
7) Happy Colored Marbles
8) Piss Up A Rope
9) Dr. Rock
10) Puertoricanpower
11) Stroker Ace
12) Roses Are Free
13) Summer Wind #
14) The Argus
15) All Of My Love *
16) Fat Lenny

1) Pandy Fackler
2) Buckingham Green
3) HIV song
4) Spinal Meningitis
5) Reggaejunkiejew
6) The Enabler
7) BigJilm
8) Poopship Destroyer
9) Ohio
10) Tender Situation
11) The Mollusk

# Frank Sinatra Cover
* Led Zeppelin Cover

Note: some level adjustment on d1t01
      dropout in d1t14 (@ 4:10) made less annoying
       (some milliseconds of music missing)
      white noise burst at end of d2t11 removed
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69f1ee32bc607aa8ac7974b7ffa12738 *ween2003-09-27d1t01.shn
528e2aa95843fc098b5992b23f0b69c3 *ween2003-09-27d1t02.shn
c30b5050458e46b46ff15fe70f348efd *ween2003-09-27d1t03.shn
50509aa95cb1ff5181df3d9f9b782e23 *ween2003-09-27d1t04.shn
0f3779c9559e06c5f32eb48149226fc0 *ween2003-09-27d1t05.shn
9edca932196ced1ba4da460b56ac717a *ween2003-09-27d1t06.shn
37a81929cf5197038340717226d18f01 *ween2003-09-27d1t07.shn
4f506bd74ac60423662f3cb70a2150cf *ween2003-09-27d1t08.shn
be518d1a4165b40ad4e3275b0285f714 *ween2003-09-27d1t09.shn
c097d6a97e12cd3e651bf3c5a316087c *ween2003-09-27d1t10.shn
2e99d99f37c23170e415485cac55c873 *ween2003-09-27d1t11.shn
21a4cddb8802067abbca5cab3ef0d788 *ween2003-09-27d1t12.shn
adac6878aaf15f83a6c9d34827344037 *ween2003-09-27d1t13.shn
7ee8a30933717bf843c726ddd84a2f45 *ween2003-09-27d1t14.shn
fd0dc5ada62850653dd2301237deed4c *ween2003-09-27d1t15.shn
373d5c6518d092e166a61e0e9a00cf3c *ween2003-09-27d1t16.shn
c98046c9f9e9e39cba7934ce2a3d6cee *ween2003-09-27d2t01.shn
236f04cfaa87ef9c1865e8d6fdbcfc89 *ween2003-09-27d2t02.shn
9c4dd78653b3c1428bf3d757de0da853 *ween2003-09-27d2t03.shn
78ed9fd7d6a5f0a8f74c3c0551c6fa46 *ween2003-09-27d2t04.shn
23a2a6b6de540bed2d4d3854c7d7a084 *ween2003-09-27d2t05.shn
b62a2c09aab665844d328c3ae2873a5e *ween2003-09-27d2t06.shn
dc7d452a8b79ea3922d81f1efc1a740d *ween2003-09-27d2t07.shn
b50b59eca8ff8ace286cc3aff7917fd5 *ween2003-09-27d2t08.shn
5ed02954405933efc92f156bbca55cb6 *ween2003-09-27d2t09.shn
e3abdc5b751570c832343dca865bd704 *ween2003-09-27d2t10.shn
99f4c89b0ebe376a22173d6388a1d0ee *ween2003-09-27d2t11.shn

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