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Man Or Astroman? 08/03/01
Jack Rabbit's, Jacksonville, FL
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Core Sound Binaural> Sony TCD-D100; Transfer: Tascam DA-20 MKII> Apogee 2 meter S/PDIF cable> LynxONE digital-in> Sound Forge 7.0> CD Wave Editor> MKW; (DAT(M) [48kHz]> WAV [Resampled to 44.1kHz]> SHN; Recorded / transferred by Mike Ziegler 
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Man Or Astro-Man?
08/03/01 Jack Rabbit's - Jacksonville, FL

01) intro
02) ????  (part of)
03) intro (restarted)
04) ????  (track 2; complete)
05) ????
06) ????
07) ????
08) ????
09) ????
10) ????
11) ????
12) ????
13) ????
14) ????
15) ????
17) ????
18) ????
19) ????
20) ????
21) ????
22) ????
23) outro (tesla coil)

Generation = DAT(M) [48kHz] -> WAV [Resampled to 44.1kHz] -> SHN
Source     = Core Sound Binaural -> Sony TCD-D100
Transfer   = Tascam DA-20 MKII -> Apogee 2 meter S/PDIF cable -> LynxONE digital-in ->
             Sound Forge 7.0 -> CD Wave Editor -> MKW

Recorded / transferred by Mike Ziegler.

Please DO NOT encode to MP3.

Note: I (Mike Coddington, [email protected]) had to adjust the file names of these files to get them to fit the etree naming scheme. So the original checksum file that Mike Ziegler, the original encoder, made no longer works. Take my word for it, I verified the files' integrity before renaming the files. Everything is on the up and up! I renamed the files to etree's standards, added this brief note to the end of the original info file, and generated a new checksum. Your audio files are unmolested.
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f5d7d6e0e549b2054be41aaa15b066c1 *moam2001-08-03t01.shn
c9660708d8063b0341c32ede368c8da8 *moam2001-08-03t02.shn
e3244e6a8e7401eac723e29d3231aa28 *moam2001-08-03t03.shn
dcce31f0718525814474a88a094af868 *moam2001-08-03t04.shn
d5ac5a97111b586f12c5602a551a93cb *moam2001-08-03t05.shn
68da89327dd47318db7aa3846c279458 *moam2001-08-03t06.shn
37527afb9ce297df451729c4224c2f4e *moam2001-08-03t07.shn
51601452246c81704919b272c9afe9b6 *moam2001-08-03t08.shn
449e7168aec6e99eb4c3a83243b94ad1 *moam2001-08-03t09.shn
a92362406d4e73d45bdb8b1fe74da20c *moam2001-08-03t10.shn
902901e856b98b6d06b90dbfab313a3b *moam2001-08-03t11.shn
ee3fa850c300cee58d9fa1b7b82c2c1a *moam2001-08-03t12.shn
d7b16c4620c2ec17850f903d6d98fcf9 *moam2001-08-03t13.shn
466b1cfc3fa4c66b17940d937e1f7c83 *moam2001-08-03t14.shn
1b4dd40f8cf80f5bcc54bd77f93f3eed *moam2001-08-03t15.shn
8d97bdfbf2c50e00f4f5e5a1ad698909 *moam2001-08-03t16.shn
923b9e73f65f397255a4d180ce1e3ff1 *moam2001-08-03t17.shn
9746db0d94b2ecc76b21e17ca38da323 *moam2001-08-03t18.shn
6bc49a633b920bc26e7e459acc5dfa3e *moam2001-08-03t19.shn
b9a6fdd7b31d8743320e7ad0c440dc5c *moam2001-08-03t20.shn
1b333e668da3a683ceaec45e9fbc0c8f *moam2001-08-03t21.shn
44de6a48d9ff57d9851c1575e30f9a9e *moam2001-08-03t22.shn
1686fbb30f40994dbb5408dae71caac6 *moam2001-08-03t23.shn

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