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Phil Lesh & Friends 05/13/05
The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary 3 Nak CM 300's - All X-Y, with 2 CP4's (guns) and one CP3 (super Omni) direct to dat using a Tascam Porta 1 mixing board / mic preamp. Recorded by Art Cubed 
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Phil & Friends
Warfield, SF, CA

3 Nak CM 300's - All X-Y, with 2 CP4's (guns) and one CP3 (super Omni)
direct to dat using a Tascam Porta 1 mixing board / mic preamp.

Disc 1 - Set 1
1. Jam>
2. Here Comes Sunshine>
3. Mr. Charlie
4. Stagger Lee>
5. Friend of the Devil>
6. Big Boss Man
7. No More Do I>
8. Duprees Diamond Blues
9. Dancin In The Streets

Disc 2 - Set 2
1. Across The Universe
2. Eyes Of The World>
3. Love the One Your With>
4. Millenium Jam>
5. The Eleven,
6. A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing>
7. Man of Constant Sorrow
8. Sugaree

Disc 3 - Set 2 con't
1. Cryptical Envelopment>
2. Morning Dew>
3. The Other One>
4. Cryptical Envelopment>
5. I Know You Rider
6. crowd noise
7. Donor Rap,
8. St. Stephen>
9. Hit The Road Jack>
10. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
11. Band Intros

Phil Lesh
John Molo
Barry Sless
Al Schnier
Mookie Siegel
Gloria Jones & Jackie LaBranch
Phil & Friends
Warfield, SF, CA

Set 1:
Here Comes Sunshine>
Mr. Charlie
Stagger Lee>
Fried of the Devil>
Big Boss Man
No More Do I>
Duprees Diamond Blues
Dancin In The Streets

Set 2:
~Across The Universe
Eyes Of The World>
Love the One Your With>
Millenium Jam>
The Eleven,
[email protected] Song I Heard The Ocean Sing>
Cryptical Envelopment>
Morning Dew>
The Other One>
Cryptical Envelopment>
I Know You Rider
E: Donor Rap,
St. Stephen>
~Hit The Road Jack>
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Band Intros
Show Checksums
eee357ead97dcb1fd7e193d1bc035d15 *pl05-05-13Set1T01.shn
ff72f8f4fa25279bd826f0af907bee10 *pl05-05-13Set1T02.shn
379c78ea3e31829ff7ba66d9668259de *pl05-05-13Set1T03.shn
a13232557092e488f58b8523a0a277a4 *pl05-05-13Set1T04.shn
1945f22ea618167e088c6382c373b29a *pl05-05-13Set1T05.shn
92c834c7aca7455e31f2708458f7a950 *pl05-05-13Set1T06.shn
085f956ac3857693455846629dbcaee7 *pl05-05-13Set1T07.shn
0eaea0b5f852c0fb1ad4d84a22cb037c *pl05-05-13Set1T08.shn
c2cc5eea409e8655d63d56aa91f6dc34 *pl05-05-13Set1T09.shn
2bebe935583d7979562b83d641aca3f7 *pl05-05-13Set2T01.shn
7c5b0c2a1ce74c97afd46015a3667cfb *pl05-05-13Set2T02.shn
62d551e7ad68b2f1eee80ba9ee882ea1 *pl05-05-13Set2T03.shn
fd340eac2aeebeee95ce3aa3c806c439 *pl05-05-13Set2T04.shn
274a49ec1300489a547d3a330868bc23 *pl05-05-13Set2T05.shn
d54b89366814622b01b2c38fc79df9c0 *pl05-05-13Set2T06.shn
4c5fedc588f143aea42c87b47024c467 *pl05-05-13Set2T07.shn
183e7380739181b424c3b2e0af2ba61b *pl05-05-13Set2T08.shn
cfdba790b48a68571d474b98593776de *pl05-05-13Set2T09.shn
04ed599ce7e8a881cfad58f9d9941096 *pl05-05-13Set2T10.shn
6325f8c861bb37623e55d6d33cc87008 *pl05-05-13Set2T11.shn
dfdcb01179136d4e82e17ca1bffaa9ee *pl05-05-13Set2T12.shn
94a0876092f61bb53f48ef402dd3eea6 *pl05-05-13Set2T13.shn
f48aaf12dba063304801f53eb735c808 *pl05-05-13Set2T14.shn
5265f6b8f800e6ea48108e8ebfb998ef *pl05-05-13Set2T15.shn
103b3155ea63474f3bbe242bc1d28d5c *pl05-05-13Set2T16.shn
559e328b781454168c9a7a46ee94d704 *pl05-05-13Set2T17.shn
7901b0f5852a78a2dcfb19f86ad1b4ab *pl05-05-13Set2T18.shn
a73df88cd741abd63ddd1e3c66ddb4e0 *pl05-05-13Set2T19.shn
347fd74a975be6acee72646ca64f9e43 *pl05-05-13Set1T01.flac
e55368f9e26ce679e3bdf8c30d34a878 *pl05-05-13Set1T02.flac
28360fb9d9c72e2f2c53b58aef616eef *pl05-05-13Set1T03.flac
d2d2c2ec1d064870ce274e9843322018 *pl05-05-13Set1T04.flac
1509d1713686233486d80d37ff4dfb88 *pl05-05-13Set1T05.flac
fbbe7bc678311e1a1240a9c46760c46d *pl05-05-13Set1T06.flac
f2a97011a07447e4525548678ae8f470 *pl05-05-13Set1T07.flac
27d1c94e35ef69c18b5c272f4401a848 *pl05-05-13Set1T08.flac
7a2b04d9314ab928e5dbc29ad0a56785 *pl05-05-13Set1T09.flac
d518758505c69454f3ee05eb940d0aec *pl05-05-13Set2T01.flac
a4250d4ab3448a0e0137c824cb7c75d5 *pl05-05-13Set2T02.flac
3c21c0bb066acb84e32956a9fe6c26fc *pl05-05-13Set2T03.flac
8be91d59f8cc38a33373191bf009413d *pl05-05-13Set2T04.flac
ee36b22babbd208a490b639e352c89f2 *pl05-05-13Set2T05.flac
9db6ed6f1625740200ca12e76ccbebf4 *pl05-05-13Set2T06.flac
6a9fd5ed735bc6e408876fef18aa6b37 *pl05-05-13Set2T07.flac
cf2cf9588f624d2ce03958fb76789e0d *pl05-05-13Set2T08.flac
c47ff56c355f3fb0baa0a79129ccf8b1 *pl05-05-13Set2T09.flac
e368bd04f74f71f711959cbeee067839 *pl05-05-13Set2T10.flac
d0cc421044fba665b42cc3eccc3ead7d *pl05-05-13Set2T11.flac
4a74086dae2ac237a28fd5728b648cc1 *pl05-05-13Set2T12.flac
02655aba5a60dcee7df8caec8d1d8521 *pl05-05-13Set2T13.flac
dcf073f0445d055560f93c75e5660ee0 *pl05-05-13Set2T14.flac
70f054652f3cfb6ff0409dba02d13a99 *pl05-05-13Set2T15.flac
1964af56f0fd932cfccbc4a79bd877ed *pl05-05-13Set2T16.flac
1326e5369fcc58260c0e11c31103e5fa *pl05-05-13Set2T17.flac
045f8365152fe2a56cb8ab2fc3a8bd9c *pl05-05-13Set2T18.flac
ce628b1802fed0ebca81316d2bc22844 *pl05-05-13Set2T19.flac

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